Monday, July 23, 2012

So Little To Show

Moving Up, Ready Or Not!

I have had to Wrench Myself away from this Tiny Room this week, Dear Readers, in part because there were things needing doing in my RL house...(Imagine That!).... and in part because while I really would like to stay in there Forever, admiring the Shadows on the Ceiling, and listening to the tiny Harp...., there ARE only a few more details to add before I must proclaim it Done! One of these Details is proving Very Challenging.... the Statue for the Niche just doesn't show up Anywhere... and I've been Searching! I may have to admit defeat and Sculpt one myself.... we shall see...... I find that a daunting prospect! Another one of the Tiny details I Have managed to build....... it is a Tiny Oval Table to match the Demi-lune Table I had already built. Here below you can see the Table all done.....

 I was so happy with the sparkly "Feet" on the Demi-lune Table 
that I copied them on purpose for the Oval Table!

And then I had one of those Really Nutty Ideas for what to put ON the table....
I wanted to show some Tarot Cards......

So I Made some REALLY TINY cards...........!

First I took a picture of the Cover of a book about Tarot that had lovely cards printed on the cover....
From standing on top of my step-stool....... 
so they would look as Small as possible...

But when I printed the picture out the cards were still too large for the scale.....
So I took a picture of the picture.......
Like this....
(Yeah, I need to learn how to manipulate them in the digital world....)
I know... pretty silly.... you can barely SEE them!
But when you cut them out.......
And glue them onto the Oval Table....

They are ALMOST recognizable......

If you zoom in Really close.....
Or maybe it's just one of those things you have to Pretend.......
When you glance into the Salon....

That you caught someone in the Middle of a Reading....
But they hurried away when they heard you coming....!

Meanwhile, the painted Domed Ceiling has been firmly glued in place.
I decided not to change anything on the painting....... 
So Hera is Forever Fleeing an Ardent Zeus....

(If you get down low enough to look up and see them...! )

I'm having Such a Hard time dragging myself away...!

But Like it or NOT I have moved on to work on the Next Level of the Tree House!
And have so far accomplished very little.
The floor of the Next Level is the top layer of the Salon Ceiling....
which you can see here from the outside.
I have filled in with cardboard around the Lunette Window...
which eventually will have a layer of paper mache over it.

And I have scored "Floorboards" onto the floor surface and stained them.....

I am drilling holes in the corners of each floor from here on up 
and sliding them onto the vertical wires for an added layer of structural support.
It makes it very easy to raise or lower the ceiling 
while you are testing the fit of the parts of the room!
So I have also positioned the Ceiling for this next room..... Temporarily....
Along with the walls... which makes it so much easier to Visualize the space....

And there is already a little Door in the back wall where the stairs come up....
just waiting for the Tiny hinges....

And from the outside you can see the extra layers of cardboard 
glued onto the exterior of the Salon in preparation for the next layer of paper mache.
And I have also labeled the wires for each of the lights 
so I know which wires go to which fixture.... 
because as I add the paper mache the wires get buried.... 
and I want to be sure to keep them properly identified!

So here is the Beginning or the Third Room.....

Not much to show... 
but Definitely Moving Up!


  1. Que gran trabajo con las cartas del Tarot! Ö
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación!

  2. Not MUCH to show....???? :)
    o. i love looking at all the tiny tiny beautiful!

  3. I love it!
    Well done!! You can really see how it is progressing now, especially with the pictures of the whole project. The ceiling looks great by the way.

  4. I love how you made the tarot cards, too funny! But hey, it worked!
    The small suite of furniture is gorgeous. Great detail in the whole room!

  5. I love your idea of making photo of a photo to get the right size!:D The result is as always fantastic, Betsy!Can't wait for the next floor. By the way: how many floors are there going to be?;)

  6. I like the tarot cards on the table.
    Bye Faby

  7. Hi Betsy,
    It's all just so enchanting! I love the way the room turned out. The tarot cards are a great idea and the end result is lovely. Who cares how you made them, as long as you succeeded with flying colors...yet again!
    I think this is one of the loveliest rooms you've really fgeels liek a magic worl.
    Great job betsy, you always impress.
    Big hug,

  8. Definitely do not have enough adjectives to your project. ;)
    What amazing work!

  9. Not much too show... good joke! This was again so much fun too look at, a little glimpse at the near future how your stunning project will continue with the next storeys... And I really love what you've done on the facade so far, although the paint has yet to come it already looks like a tree "skin" and the windows look great peeping out of it. And the tarot cards - this is so much you *grin* But you're right, we all know they are there now...


  10. Hi, Betsy!

    Your little table(s) are enchanting, especially sprinkled with your Tarot cards, which do lend a certain air of mystery to the space. I would never had thought to suspend the floors like that with wire but it is an ingenious solution. All of your solutions to your design dilemmas are so clever and makes me think I need to be less linear in my thinking --so next time I'm in a jam it's WWBD? for me!

  11. Hi Betsy, finally I am back after the crash of my pc! You've done a lot of fantastic work. You're working like a train on full speed, my friend :D!! I have to read a lot, so this comment is a bit short, I am sorry!
    Greetings, Ilona

  12. Better late than never -
    The tarot cards make me think that maybe the tree house should be the home of a medium, magician, witch, or whatever. Somebody magical. It sure is a magical place. I have to take the upstairs rooms on faith, as I can't visualize them at all!

  13. Hi Betsy,
    I can inderstand why you hate to leave that wonderful room with its incredible ceiling and interior design! Everything is so perfect.

  14. Betsy, I have to say, your idea for making the trot cards the right size was incredibly inventive! I love how you found a way, and it was much more clever and interesting than if you just, say, made it smaller in Photoshop. Hurrah for invention!

    Way before HGTV, I used to watch a lot of This Old House, where, instead of the 30-minute rebuilds and renovations they bombard us with now, (I wonder why my attention span has gotten so short!)--- it took weeks and weeks to recreate the house. At the end of the season, you felt so close to the house and its skilled craft persons. I feel like I'm watching This Beautiful Treehouse, every week it gets more intricate and inventive and magical. And I get to appreciate all your labor and creation and invention and artfulness. I'm on the edge of my seat!

  15. ..and I meant tarot cards...someday I will A.Learn to type, and B.Proofread my comments.

  16. I am gone for 1 week! Only 1 week! And that tree house is as tall as the other twice its scale!

    Tarot cards, of course! No detail too small, my friend! :):)

    I have wind on my blog and with your birds and this music, we are a perfect match :):):)

  17. It all looks marvellous and well done with your patience and the tarot cards.