Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Playing With Fire!

Tiny Progress....

Forgive me, Dear Readers, If I claim once again to have made but little progress! I find myself beset with Impatience while working on this Room! It is because I know what it is I Wish I had already accomplished... and all I have to show of it is a tiny little bit! So many other things have gotten in the way... and the project has demanded that I make things.... only to realize they need to be a tiny thirty-second of an inch narrower.... so I make them again! I refer here in particular to the doors for the cabinets.

The cabinets on the side wall have three sections, each with a door. Of course, I want ALL the doors to open and I measured Very carefully and Thought I was allowing enough room for each to open. But in the end, one of my doors was too wide. It needed to be 14/32nds  rather than 15/32nds of an inch. So I made another one. Here below you can see the three doors correctly fitted. I still need to add the door pulls.

And here you can see the cabinets in place..... and the other cabinets too.... 
although their doors are not the correct ones.... 
I'm using my cast offs to get a feel for the overall look....

And here you can see the cabinets with one of the doors a little open.....

So you can see I have made a little bit of progress....!

I have also been making some progress on the Fireplace.... 
although it is still Far from done....
I started by painting a little bit more detail in the "stonework" .... 
but I am not sure I like it the way it is so I might still work on that... 
Then I added my favorite glittery gauze for the "smoke effect" in the chimney flue.... 
although it looks terrible up close and in full light!
And I added the painted "flames "... 
made by painting a scrap of plastic packaging with acrylic paints to resemble flames.....

And I painted the Dragon Andirons mostly black so they will look soot-covered....
But the real Magic Moment came when I added the tiny battery operated  LED light.....
 and turned it on....!

Of course, it is too well lit to look like much in this photo......
It is a bit better in this next photo.... 
although the white bulb casts an eerie back-lit effect....

But it is best seen in place in the Tiny Room.....

Or even better with a closer look.....
And you can even pretend you see the sparks flying up the chimney....

It is not yet finished... 
but Oh there is something awesome about adding firelight to a room!!!

And that is not all Dear Readers! 
I must confess that I was unable to leave the Tiny Books alone...
I had to try to make some more.... even Smaller!!!

 Even Belle is astonished at how Tiny it is!!!

 It barely fills the palm of Her hand!

 I made more than one... they even have different illuminations.... 
This one is from the "Hours of Mary of Burgundy".... one of my All time Favorite Miniature books.....
Here below you can see them with one of the ones I made last week.....

Last week's Tiny Wonder is the Big one on the Left!!!

And here they are added to the shelves on the door.... 
where they are visible up close.... 
They really do make the first ones look Big!

And I must confess there are still a few more things I want to try....
Just a Little bit of progress......
Agonizingly slow.....
But I am having Fun!
Playing with Fire!


  1. love the fireplace! what a nice photo!! :)

  2. Hello Betsy,
    Looks to me like you accomplished quite a lot. I just love the cabinets and the whole room is stunning! THe detail in the leaded doors is just perfect. I love the books as well, but I have to say your fire illusion beats any other one I've seen. It looks wonderful and you can almost feel the heat just by looking at it...you did such a phenomenal job...What do you say: we have hot chocolate in your gothic room and Tea at the Chinese room in dewell manor...deal?
    Big hug my incredibly talented friend,

  3. Hi Betsy
    it's really coming on well. I love the cosey feel the room has, the fire is wonderful!
    And as for those tiny books!!!

  4. The fire really does have a great effect in low light. Nice work! :D

  5. I am in love with the first photo, it an AWESOME atmosphere there. No one could think how teeny tiny it is! Great work, Betsy!!

  6. You're doing such an amazing job with this tiny property and a big pat on the back for getting to grips with the eeny weeny books. You must have the patience of a saint!

  7. This is so funny - I really wanted to write exactly the same things Ewa has already written... ;O)


  8. Hi Betsy!

    I agree that it seems like you got an awful lot accomplished. I am loving your fire --it does look very realistic. You have such a talent for creating a mysterious atmosphere. Can't wait to see what kind of story you will tell when everything is complete!

    John XO

  9. Love the fire! I don't see how how you make those books so tiny. The cupboards look great and so tiny :)


  10. Hello Betsy!
    I continue to be dazzled by your imagination and ability to create such tiny objects............so beautifully.
    This project is such fun to see evolve and I anxiously await more.
    Warm regards from Ray

  11. I, too, am entranced by the first photo. I want a room like that in my house! Your cupboard doors are amazing, too, and the fire! Wow. Now, who's going to live in the tree house?
    Lots of love,

  12. Un trabajo excelente. Un saludo, Eva

  13. You know what, if you did nothing but tiny fireplaces with flames and embers you would have my everlasting awe. I can almost hear the snapping and cracking of the wood, and that wonderful smokey scent, which I miss more than anything else, living so long in a warm warm place. See, if you can awaken past memories in someone by working in miniature, you have really mastered something.

  14. Playing with fire???? Please, don't Betsy, because everything of your beautiful work can be burnt!!! ;)
    You've done a lot of work in your house. I love that tiny fire place with the very realistic fire in it, great work!!
    Greetings, Ilona

  15. Wow,el fuego es realmente perfecto.
    Todo me parece precioso

    Un trabajo maravilloso,felicitaciones

  16. This doll house was fantastic. I appreciated the effort you've put to make this blog excellent. You did a great work. Thank you.

    Zummi@dmci homes for rent

  17. A miniature miniature book!!!!!! You are officially CRAZY! LOL

    Bets, I am just jealous :). You are nothing but amazing with your pursuit to make this little house mind blowing! :)