Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Scary Tale - Part Two

Time Is Running Out....

Beatrice was Not at all sure she was feeling well, Dear Readers, because when she opened her eyes she saw a small creature dressed in a very nice Green Velvet Coat standing at the bottom of the stairs. He was staring at her so she stared back. Then she remembered her Manners and said, "Hello, my name is Beatrice... Who are you?"

To her surprise, he nodded his furry head and said in clear plain English "My name is Samuel. Samuel Whiskers, that is." And he cleared his throat and tried to look Important. "Is this your House?" asked Beatrice, still not sure she should be conversing in English with a Tiny Creature.... no matter How well dressed he was! " The House belongs to my Aunt and Uncle who have gone to Town for the Season," he explained. "But my Wife Anna Maria and I are looking after it while they are gone..." he added a trifle nervously. There followed a moment of awkward silence. Beatrice finally recollected that She was sitting Uninvited in Their kitchen and started to apologize and was about to squeeze back out the door... when Samuel Whiskers spoke up suddenly to say "Welcome to our Home.... please make yourself comfortable..." And he tried not to notice that her head scraped the ceiling and there was nowhere for her to turn around! Then he added hastily "If you will just excuse us... My Wife and I have something to attend to.....!"  And then he and Anna Maria, who had been hiding in the corner just out of sight, whisked up the stairs and disappeared. Now Beatrice was SURE she wasn't feeling well at all... she just wanted to go Home... so she closed her eyes once more.....

Samuel Whiskers and Anna Maria ran out of their Tree House and dashed across the Countryside until they came to the Cottage where the Old Ladies Resided. They needed to ask for help in removing the Human Child from their Home!

They marched right up and knocked on the door! One of the Old Ladies answered.... she seemed only a little surprised to see such a small guest at her door!

"Begging your Pardon, Ma'am," he began.... 
"There seems to be a problem... and we need your help!" 
"Oh..?" said Hazel.... "And what problem is that?"
"There is a Human Child in our Tree House.....!" said Samuel. 
"This will not do at all! We can't have Human Children knowing about our house like this... 
they will tell tales... we will be found out....!" he stammered, getting quite agitated.
"She seems quite unwell" added Anna Maria....
"She looked feverish to me!"
"Oh, Dear!" said Hazel, a concerned frown on her brow....
"Agatha!" she called loudly.... (Agatha is a little hard of hearing)
"Agatha,  what can we do to help this child...."she hollered. 
"There will need to be a Memory Charm at the very least! 
Do you know how to do a Memory charm, Agatha?"

Agatha, who had been watching the Little Creatures quite intently, just shook her head and said "I was never any good at Memory Charms, Hazel..." Then she nodded her head wisely and said "I think we will need to call for help, Hazel.... we can't have the Children finding out about all this.... that would not be a good thing at all...!" And she shook her head again. "We need Old Meg!"

But Deep under the Foundations of the Castle, In the Crystal Caverns, 
Old Meg had already woken the Wizard!

They would need to make a special potion that the Tiny Creatures could give to the Child....

With Water drawn from the Spring of Dreams.... 
that poured from a Crevice into the Obsidian Basin....

And could Only be Touched by Those Who Dared To Dream.....

Never Knowing whether those Dreams would be Filled with Light.....
Or the Denizens of the Deep..... 
Nor for How Long One Would Sleep....

The Wizard dips his hands in the Water.....
And begins the spell....

Meanwhile, Dark has fallen and the Children have not returned home! This is not the First time this has happened... but nevertheless, Clarence is Uneasy. There is a Storm brewing. He can feel it in his bones! The children must be home before the storm breaks!

Clarence is afraid of neither the Storm nor the Dark! He has spent too many dark nights on the Stormy seas to be afraid of what the Night holds! But he is afraid for the Children... especially Beatrice who is still so young...! His heart quakes at the thought of what She might be fearing in the dark! And Caroline too... for all she is so practical that she never imagines terrors in the dark.... but still... they are so young...! He grabs his lantern and sets off into the Night......

With Snowy bounding quickly by his side......
Together they will find the Children and bring them safely Home...
But they need to hurry....
Time is Running Out......

To Be Continued....
Weather Permitting!


  1. I love your Tiny Creatures! Can't wait for more story.:) I like the sentence of those who dare to dream:) So very true, never know what you'll get when your dream come true.;)

  2. Betsy, your creatures are so tiny:Wow!! I love the story, but I hate it when I'll have to wait for the rest ;)!! I guess you're all well after the hurricane?
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Great story! The scenes are incredible! I want to see more.
    Good thing the storm did not hit you. :)

  4. Great story and fantastic scenes. I'm waiting for more.
    Bye Faby

  5. Hello Betsy,
    Thank you for starting my day with a great big smile. I can't really decide what you are better at: Making wonderful miniatures or telling wonderful stories? All I know for sure is that I love, love, love the world of magic you've created and am always spellbound and happy to here about what goes on there.
    Big hug,

  6. I remember reading about children missing and a wedding :):) and frankly , only in your world do I feel a sense of adventure when the children don't come home. In the real world, I will be the Clarence who must surely be worried sick ! See how caught up we are in your world?

    Did you make up all those scenes just for this story? You are amazing in so many ways, Bets. And I see so many new dolls....with new spanking costumes..

  7. What a great story! I think you have a future in children's literature. I always did think so...
    Can't wait to read the next installment.
    (It was a dark and stormy night...)
    Lots of love,

  8. I'm not sure what I would do if I came home one dark and windy night and found a large child in my sitting room! But a memory potion would be very helpful, I will admit. For me as well!

    It's like you're turning the hurricane and embroidering the real into an intricate mystery tale, the tiny people reenacting our deepest fears, of getting lost, of coming storms, of losing children. Just like the best of the story tellers do. You are truly one of them.

    I hope the Superstorm has spared you it's worst?

  9. Reading this post makes my heart light and happy because of two reasons: 1. it means Sandy didn't cause enough damage at your place to keep you away from blogging and 2. this post was pure beauty, illustrated prosa. That part with the wizards... simply art. My deepest bow of amiration to you - and I can't wait how this will go on. Please don't let us have to wait too long!


  10. Well done with the story and all the little scenes - marvellous photos too. You really do put a lot of time and effort into these scenes.

  11. Enchanting :) I can't wait to see the happy ending. I love the picture of Samuel on the porch.

    Happy Halloween,

  12. Cute story! You have a wonderful imagination. Your scenes are atmospheric which goes well with the situation at hand!

  13. This should be a book, Betsy! I love how you use both your story-telling skills and scene-setting artistry to weave a fascinating web of mystery, intrigue and pure romance. I am relieved you seem to have weathered the storm and look forward to the next charming chapter of your story...Happy Halloween!


  14. Beatrice is enormous in the treehouse LOL
    I love Samuel and Anna Maria, the look very kind!!!
    I hope everything will be allright with the children!!