Thursday, November 29, 2012

First Snowfall!

Please Pardon Me.... For the Empty Post....

Dear Readers, I was experiencing some technical difficulties having to do with No More Room in my photo storage account, which produced a certain degree of Panic in my heart! And in the process of being educated (by the Wonderful Tech people where I work...) about What to do to fix the Problem.... I accidentally posted a Post that wasn't a post! At the time I really didn't have any material to post about or the Time to fix it.... so I left it where it was... a Non-post post! But I wasn't happy with that... so here I am, belatedly attempting to turn it into an Actual Post... but it will just be a Short post... like a little Intermission show.... because you have all already checked this post and found it empty!
And what more fitting subject for such a Post than the First snowfall of winter... because if you didn't look quickly you would have missed it! Anna Maria and Samuel Whiskers were out early on Saturday morning... in the gently falling snow the First day of December no less...!

It was a beautiful, gentle snowfall.... just enough to coat the ground.... 
and remind everyone what season it really is.....!

They have ventured out into the Garden in search of seasonal supplies.....

You must be careful where you walk out here.....!!!

But Anna Maria knows just what she is looking for....

They have found the perfect branch....

And Samuel Whiskers will haul it home.....

But if you were not up early.... you would not have seen them at all!!
And by Sunday afternoon the Snow was gone too!!
But we all know it is the season of rushing out to shop for the Holidays.....
with far too much to do and far too little Time to do it....
So I hope you will Pardon me for this Post that Wasn't a Post....
And Enjoy this First Snowfall of Winter!


  1. It's a cute little scene with those two walking in the snow and Anna Maria's little hooded cape trailing behind her. Perhaps the branch that Samuel Whiskers is dragging will be tuned into a little Christmas tree?!!

    1. Thanks, Lucille! I hope they will find things to decorate it with!

  2. I love your snowy post!
    And the spiky Christmas tree for the tiny rats - some year out here we'll have a big century plant, dried & gilded. A lot of people do that instead of plastic Wallmart trees.

    1. Thanks, Mom! I think the spiky tree will look like the primitive "feather trees" that were used as artificial trees Way back when! But I might not be able to fit it into the Tree House....!

  3. There has been a spate of similar storage space problems. Many of you must have started blogging at the same time :). I got a little worried myself and looked at my own storage and am relieved to see that I have only used 12% so far. I sized down all the time and have taken to sizing the photos even smaller now to 600/800. For a blog that uses so many photos, I am surprised that I have only used 12%.

    By the way, those winter clothes for the Whiskers are wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Sans.... you have no idea how quickly I had to rush to make the clothes when I woke up and saw the snow! I hope someday they can have more elegant outer wear!
      As for the photo storage problem.... I was just not paying any attention to the concept of limited space....! Too busy just using it all up I guess! Now I am going to learn how to edit my photos better... and maybe use fewer... but I do like being able to enlarge them to see the details... So I will have to compromise.