Monday, November 19, 2012

One Thing And Another

It's So Hard To See Clearly.....

There is not much to show that is New, Dear Readers, in the Tree House Library, and what little has been added is Difficult to Show! To begin with, another panel of the Divine Blue Ceiling has been adorned with stars. I am not gluing the panels in place just yet as that makes it SO difficult to access any of the interior parts of the room.... I want to hold off as long as possible! So you can see the gaps where they don't quite stay in place. But even though looking Up at the ceiling requires bodily contortions... I think it is worth it and is starting to look the way I imagine it should! From the very beginning of this project I have Imagined making this room a "Cabinet of Curiosities" .... filled with objects that a Victorian collector would find interesting.... or a Naturalist would collect.... So I have Begun to assemble a few pieces of this collection....

But here I am afraid you will have to stretch your Imaginations if not your bodies.... 
because the results are not as perfect as I would like..... 
The First exhibit is supposed to be a Glass Flower....
 an orchid, perhaps....
You can see the beginnings below....

And it is displayed under a Bell Jar....

Which makes it kind of hard to see.....
And it is a trifle Large for the scale......

(Made from a Gelatin Capsule..... I want to find smaller ones...!)

And when you put it in the Library.... it all but Disappears!!! 
(Well.... it IS a Glass item inside a Glass Jar!!)
Unless you shine a Glaring Light on the back of the room!

And even then it is so easily overlooked.... 
I want to make some more of these...
And there will be other "Collections" too....
But they are So hard to see!!!
One other thing that I managed to make this week I almost decided not to try....
I wanted a Gothic Candelabra to sit on the Library Table.....

So I started with some wire and jewelry findings and beads....

I forgot to take any pictures until it was mostly assembled....

I started to paint the candles white.....
But then decided the color was wrong for this room....
Besides.... they are beeswax candles......

So I painted them a lovely ocher color....
And when I had trimmed the wires to the right length, I tried it out in the Library.....

And I had to add my Favorite Glitter Flames to the candles.....

Can you even See the glittery parts?
(These are SO hard to photograph!!!)

Or now... can you see the Burning Flames...???

Or when we try it in the Library..... Can you see them Now???

Or Closer..... 
(And can you even see the Invisible Bell Jar Behind the Candles...?)

Or shine an additional Light into the room......

Or move the Bell Jar closer......

Where it Might even get Noticed......
If you look Really Carefully!

So that's my week......
One thing and Another......
Really hard to see!


  1. The things we do for things that'll be hard to see or not even seen! But we resonate, you and I. We are totally in sync with what's necessary (transparent bell jars) and what's not important (that it may not be seen) :). What to do when you belong to an eccentric group of passionate people? I applaud your perseverance and rally you on to continue what you do because who knows what making all this will lead right?

    I don't agree that the belljar is too big, by the way. I am seeking a huge one IRL for my "Dead Car" project so no, yours is not too big.

  2. I can't see the bell jar. It seems you have really challenged yourself, to actually fill the library with the kind of Victorian gew-gaws such a room would house. They're just too tiny. Although I COULD see the candle flames in the very first picture of them.
    Carry on - be encouraged when you think of the amazingly tiny complex ball-within-a-ball, etc., the artists used to carve out of ivory and jade!
    Love, Mom

  3. Love it! Very visible is your endless imagination and loving soul in everything you create! Very inspiring.

  4. Hi Betsy,

    Invisible Curiosities just add to the mystery and magic of this special room, The fact that you make anything so small is amazing! With a little searching I could see it, and the candle flames too. I think as long as you know something is there, it doesn't really matter if people can see it, but it all adds to the final effect you want to achieve. I'd love to see some more tiny knick-knacks in this room, and how you made them. Half a gel capsule for a glass dome, pure genius!!!

    Andy xxxx

  5. Hi Betsy, I can see it all very clearly!! I enjoy watching these tiny and wonderful creations and little creatures of you :D! Your imagination is fantastic, it also is a great source of inspiration for many of us, thank you for sharing "your magic world of little creatures" with us, dear friend.
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. I like the flower under the bell jar.
    Bye Faby

  7. Betsy, I applaud your inventive talents! All the details are amazing, and inspire me to
    want to try creating accessories, as opposed to buying them.
    Thank you,

  8. Hello Betsy!
    One more time you have dazzled me to distraction! I am in awe of your ability to create these tiny marvels.........
    Though some may be difficult to see, they must be there to make the scene it certainly is!
    Can you tell I am a "Fan"?
    Good wishes from Ray

  9. Hello Betsy,
    Every time I see your pictures i am transported into another world. It is so wonderful. I thinkt he items you made are wonderful. On one hand it is a shame that elements don't show much, but ont he other if you just get a little glimpse you realize they are there and it makes the rooms o perfect and true. When looking at a miniature I think a certain amountof contortion is to be expected...especially when there is artwork such as your celing to see...totally worth it. It is all these incredible touches that make your miniatures so icnredible and so unique.
    Big hug,

    1. I don't think it matters that other people can't see some tiny minis, it's important to us that WE know they are there but on the other hand, can you imagine the scene if you didn't put any of them in - there would be nothing to see at all! (If all that makes sense!) The orchid is an amazing piece and yes, I saw the flames on your candles.

  10. Wow! Again! lol! I am in love with your orchid and candelabra!! Yes! It does glitter! Betsy, you always always know how to surprise me! FANTASTIC!!

  11. I was able to spot both the glittery flames and the jar - because you told me were they were. And I think that's the important thing, they are there and even if they can hardly be seen they add to whole project, giving it detail and credibility. And even in 1:12 scale you have the problem that you can't spot every little detail of things in the background once the project is finished. Btw - I don't think your jar is too big... even in real life we have tiny things or bigger thing, don't we?! A fantastic job as always, it's always so much fun to see your progresses!


  12. The fact that you shined a light on your work (which might otherwise go unnoticed) simply means it is now appreciated by your throngs of fans, Betsy. YOU know it's there...and now WE know it's there, too. And it's all brilliant.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  13. The candelabra was the first thing I saw when looking at the photo. Everything looks amazing Betsy! As long as know what is there is all that matters, I love the Bell Jar!

    Big Hugs,

  14. i think every little detail, even if it;s hard to see adds to the magic of this room!!! The candelabra is beautiful and so is the glass flower...without them, the room wouldn't be the same!!!