Monday, February 4, 2013

Extending The Framework

The Boring Bits....

It was a Beautiful, sunny, (if Cold!) Saturday morning, Dear Readers, just perfect for photographing the Tree House in its proper position on the base of "The Folly" to give you an idea of the relative scale of this House! And of course, you will want to see it with the doors open and the morning sun shining into the tiny rooms!

 I had Visions of accomplishing great amounts of decorative progress, but Alas, the Fun stuff had to be postponed in order to get the basic Framework of these newest Rooms completed. And here I refer in particular to the Dressing Room! I must confess that this Dressing Room is a complete "After thought" .... After I had decided that the stairs, which on all the other floors of the house were accessed by going Through the room, making it very public, on the Bedroom floor and subsequent floors the stairs would need to be accessed directly from the corridor leaving the Room itself more private. And so where the stairs were in the lower rooms suddenly became an "unused space" on the bedroom floor.... and That was when it occurred to me that I Could make it into a Dressing Room... with it's own little door opening on the other side of the Tree....!!! and so you see what Trouble I have gotten myself into....!

You can see in the above picture, the beginnings of adding the Dressing Room. It was easy enough to extend the floor a little way further than the other floors.... the idea is that there is a "Gnarly bump" on this side of the Tree........ But the difficulty comes in with the necessity of making the Door wall curved! The Hinged side of the door needs to attach to the same structural wooden "post" as all the other doors. But the interior of the room would be too small without the extended "bumped-out" floor... which is curved! So I built a Door with an angled surface.... you can see the beginnings below.....

Of course, I forgot to take a lot of pictures of me cutting and re-cutting and gluing and fitting and swearing when all the pieces fell down for the hundredth time and cutting some more..... 'cause the really hard part was fitting the Framework that the door rests against when closed... the outer edge of the Dressing Room wall....! Which you can sort of see mostly Completed below.... Oh and did I mention that I Found another one of my Marbles!!! It is now the Dressing Room Window!

And here the Dressing Room door is open....

I apologize for the blurry photo... by then it was Quite Late and Dark...!!!
And you must Not look at how rough and uneven my saw cuts are.... !

And another view of the Dressing Room "Bump" from the side.....

And Another view.... see I promised you some Boring Bits!

And since I have Detoured the stairs.... 
I thought I had better show you where they are going up now...
But brace yourself... they are Really rough and un-finished...!

The Plan is that they will twist in a Spiral Staircase up the back corner of the Tree House..... 
Starting off the corridor at the back of the Bedroom.... 
where the stairs come up from the floor below.....
and using the wire at that corner for the anchoring post.....

Of course, it will create a bit of a "bump out" on this corner of the Tree... 
but I will not have to build a Door to access them... 
they will be essentially hidden from sight... 
but I will know they are there!!

As for Progress on the Rest of the Bed Room..... 
I added the window in the wall beside the Fireplace...

And started the Framework for the Bed.... 
Really just so I could figure out the space it needs in this little room...

But Anna Maria had to come along and have a look.....
I think she was imagining something a little more Ornate.....

Perhaps it just needs some Decoration..... Like This!
But meanwhile.... while we are making up our minds....

It is good enough to give an idea of how it fits in the Room. 

 And even if we didn't get to any of the Fun Decorative Projects... 
I made good progress on the Boring but necessary 
Extending of the Framework!


  1. Oh Betsy! It sounds silly but I had completely forgotten your scale was so small!! With the level if detail you aheive it's hard to believe!!!
    I love the bed and the green is very soothing. The little stairs are so adorable.
    Much love
    Si x

  2. Boring? What boring??? It's Amazing!!!The bed is so pretty! I am sure whatever decoration you both decide it will be splendid! Can't wait for more of boring bits!!!!!

  3. BORING??? Reading your blogposts are never boring Betsy, they are very interesting. And how did you come up to all those plans: it is very creative thinking!!!
    The whole Tree House looks fabulous so far, so is the bed. I love the idea of the marble in the door, great find.
    Warm hugs for a cold Betsy, Ilona

  4. I like the 'framing' part of this hobby as much as the more glam 'decorating' part, so it's not boring at all! I hope you'll consider a few windows in that stair well to get a glimpse of the steps. Your creative process is always so fascinating, Betsy --and that bed it too cute for words!

  5. Hello Betsy,
    I could go on and on about your incredible work!
    More then anyone your projects have a unikeness about them that is so special and enchanting! Just the curves and shapes of the structure you have created is an accomplishment in itself, but your sens of style and the minis you make are just incredible. Your talent is so great it's scary!
    Big hug,

  6. I love that stairs! And that green and that marbled window! :)

    You know you are "talking" to a group of people who will find the building process totally interesting, right? Please,do keep posting what you call the "boring" bits cos we love it! :)

    Bets, you are always working so fast and furious. I can spend one whole day just deliberating and then shaving some toothpicks to hopefully turn them into paintbrushes. Just shaving, mind you, can tire me so bad that I need a break for 2-3 days ..hahaha.

  7. Hi Betsy, WOW freaking awsome!!!! It's really inspiring to see other people's progress there is nothing boring about it! gr. AM

  8. Up up up - what's next?
    I like the stairs on the outside and yes, the dressing room needs privacy. Now I'm wondering about the tree itself. Obviously it looms enormous over the little folly; I wonder if you might have as a final "floor" a platform, like a kids' tree house, above all the living spaces like a "deck" for Anna Maria and whatsisname (what is his name?) to sit upon and enjoy the sunsets?
    Love, Mom

  9. Blogging is really educational... today I learned that there must be a double meaning of the word "boring" I didn't know so far... looks like it can mean quite the opposite of what I thought it stands for... *grin* - Okay, let's get serious again, this was absolutely exciting, following your progress was really fun. How I envy you that you're able to do all those miracles... and I am sooooo glad you found one ouf your marbles again. Now I'm really waiting for the next steps because I'm curious to see a bed being created by two ladies of taste and style like Anna Maria and you... ;O)


  10. Betsy,

    I join the Chorus of Protest in saying that NOTHING about your blog is boring! I love seeing what you have created, and you write in a way that demonstrates your thought processes when building your miniatures. It's not at all boring but quite fascinating!!

    The dressing room with 'escape hatch' door is pure genius! I would deliberately chose a flat door to make life easy, so working on such a tiny door and making it curve is worthy of much praise! I admire your creativity and your patience!

    The bed is going to be divine, as will the whole room, it looks quite glamorous already, I do love the colour you chose! I'm imagining a touch of Hollywood in this room, fit for a starlet!

    I agree with John, some windows on the stairs would be good! Can't wait for the next installment!

    Andy xxxx

  11. I like the stairs. The little bed is so cute. I'm curious to see more.
    Bye Faby

  12. Hello Betsy, your creations reflect your rich imagination and fantasy. Your blog gives us readers the chance to have a peek in your daydreaming. Lovely!

  13. It may be the boring bits for you to do...but this things really finish of this wonderful project! And I never think it's's fascinating to see what you're doing!!

  14. It's an amazing project and I like your little staircase.

  15. So many fascinating bits here, and I love the details. The magic and the Devil's always in the details, isn't it...but let me interrupt myself for a moment -- a spiral staircase! A spiral staircase! Not only an engineering marvel, but an inspiration. How do you even think of these things? I would find the idea itself so daunting my lazy brain would edit it outright away. I'm so exited to see how it unfurls!

    In the meantime, I hope you've managed to dig out some of that insane snow. I think nature owes you a break, or at least rewards you with the most glorious spring, with flowers blooming on the light poles and every color song bird known! Stay warm, Betsy!