Monday, January 28, 2013

Building Up The Fire!

Baby, It's Cold Out There...!

We have been enduring a Cold spell in this part of the World, Dear Readers, and while it has in No way been Record setting, it has nevertheless stayed below freezing for more than a week! So it can be no Surprise that I begin the decor of the Tree House Bedroom by building the Fireplace! I wanted this Fireplace to have a very Roccocco  feeling to it... and at such a small scale, I was not sure I could pull it off! But I found an old piece of decorative moulding that seemed to have the necessary proportions and so I decided to give it a try! To begin with I cut several cross section pieces about 3/16ths of an inch wide....
Here you can see me beginning to test them against the already painted fireplace opening....

And here you can see I have cut two of the pieces short to meet in the center.......

I wanted the curves to be softer so I took my smallest round file to the edges......

And I also cut a top surface out of thin 3/8 inch trim and shaped it to fit.....

And then painted it all black and "marbled" the surface with white.... 
I think I will try to make the veining of the marble a little finer... 
it looks so coarse in these pictures!

I attached the mantlepiece to the wall section that had the brickwork already painted.... 
Oh, and I also painted all the room walls a lovely soft Grey-green color.....

Then I glued it to the "Marble" hearth slab... 
and attached the painted brick fire-surround to the back side.....
And then I had to test it and see how it looked in the Room...

Of course, it was Dark and Late... 
and we are at the stage when all the walls are just propped in place 
so if you even Think a jumpy thought... everything falls apart...!
But I couldn't leave it there.... 
I Had to see how it would look with "Fire" burning in the hearth....

Of course, I completely forgot to take any pictures of the process of Building the fire itself!
So you will have to bear with me while I just show you the end product...

From as many angles as I can.....

And more shots in the Bedroom....

And a glimpse through the Balcony doors.....

Well, it's not quite finished... 
I still need to add glowing coals and andirons and a fender... 
But it's a Start!
So, while you're waiting, Please come on in and Help me build up the Fire.....
'Cause Baby it's Cold out there...!


  1. Mmmm, fires in fireplaces are always worth working an extra few hours for :) Love it, and you can already see how well it's going to work. Brava!

  2. Your fire looks so fun and realistic. Great job on that, and in such a small scale too! There's something about a fireplace that is so inspiring on a cold day, especially with a good book. This is wonderful! xo Jennifer

  3. Looks great. Almost makes you want to curl up in front of it with a cup of hot chocolate. Thanks for the post.

  4. Just beautiful Betsy. Those flames look fabulous and I love the glimpse through the doors, it really gives the feeling of warmth.

    ML Fi xx

  5. It's so easy to forget just how small this project is which makes it all the more marvellous to see the little components come together.

    "A jumpy thought" - love it!

  6. I know, I know I am boring... ANOTHER FanTasTic Fireplace, Betsy! I love it's shape and colours! And yes I love the fire too!:)

  7. WOW, i like your tree house project. I must be a fantastic creative project to work on. gr AM

  8. Those flames are the best, EVER! It's going to be a lovely room!

    Stay warm!

  9. Ah... I feel absolutely nice and cozy and of course warm now just looking at this! It's always fun to see how much planning, effort, work and above all love for detail you're putting in this project. It looks fantastic.


  10. Hello Betsy,
    It is simply gorgeous! I just love the mantel. It looks so perfect in your room and the flames are so realsitic. I would definitly come and warm myself up by the fire. It is just stunning!
    Big hug,

  11. How perfect! The flames are brilliant but even without them to warm you, the gorgeous colour of the brickwork makes you feel cosy.

  12. Your marbling is really convincing even after I enlarge the pic. I don't think the veins are too thick like you said.

    I love how it is such an effective fireplace, people just want to pull up their chairs close and watch the fire. Winters are built for fireplaces like this :):):).

  13. A fireplace in the bedroom, what a delightful luxury! Your marbeling is quite convincing to me.
    I was led to a blog you wrote in Feb. 2011, which I don't think I ever saw, because I was still in Worcester. I probably missed quite a few. It was about tiles. Now your tile floor is complete!
    Carry on,

  14. The fire looks wonderful and so does the fireplace. It will be a very cozy room to sleep in!

  15. Betsy, you're a genius!! It looks so cozy and warm, you'll need the fire place for the cold outside ;)!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  16. The fireplace is amazing! The fire is hypnotic. A wonderful job as always.
    I'm a fan of your work, you know. ;)

  17. Brrrr! I hope the temperature has risen little outside!

    I missed your post about the new room, so it was a pleasant surprise to read all about it! I love the Juliet balcony, those doors are so sweet! and more hinges!! ;o)

    The fireplace looks perfect, you are a genius! I love the shape and think the marbling looks fine! And such a warm glow too!

    A dressing room sounds very posh!

    I love the colour too, it will be a very different room to the library. I think it will look very glamourous!

    Warming hugs

    Andy xxxxxxx