Monday, March 4, 2013

The Other Side Of The Wall

Another World Entirely...

You May remember, Dear Readers, that the little Dressing Room was an After thought in the design of this Tree House. And so I have given it only a Little bit of thought! But as I was adding the final details of painting to the walls of the bedroom and preparing to Begin gluing them in place...... I realized that the wall behind the bed that is shared with the Dressing Room would need to be painted on the Dressing Room side before anything could be glued in place! Here below you can see an overhead view of the two rooms....
The Dressing Room is that Very small odd shape on the far right.....

And while we are looking at the walls... 
let me show you the completed paintings....

You may be wondering what was added from the last time you saw these walls... 
well, just the tiniest details on a few of the plants and some butterflies ! 
I dare you to find them!

It is the right side wall, with the door into the Dressing Room 
which needs to be painted on Both sides....
But before I show you that, I thought you might like to see these walls in relation to my regular 1:12 scale dollhouse.... In the Chinoiserie Bedroom of The Lovely Old Dollhouse which I painted several years ago... Reaching into the already constructed room of my childhood dollhouse to paint on the walls in place! (I tell you this so you will not think my painting on the larger walls was sloppy or not detailed enough...!)

And another view of the whole room of the 1:12 scale house....

And a close up of the Fireplaces.....

I thought it would be fun to see them together before the little walls 
are permanently glued into the Tree House!

So it was time to paint the Dressing Room wall and I needed to decide what I was going to paint! 
I could have continued the Chinoiserie decor on into the Dressing Room... but I thought it would seem redundant and ho-hum to do that! You may have realized by now that I am not the sort of decorator who makes all the rooms "compatible" with each other. I like to take each room as a World unto itself and see where we end up! And for the Dressing Room I was really just thinking about Roses....
And Roses like to climb on an Arbor.... and maybe a wall...
Then I Swear to you that my paintbrush took over and the next thing I knew...
I had painted this.... 

Can you see where the arbor goes over the door?

And then it needed some background.... 
And of course, I forgot to take pictures for a while...

This process required a Lot of testing the walls in place...
And Anna Maria even came by to see the progress....

I thought someone said "Roses".... she said as she left....

So I Finally started the Roses!!!
First the Pink... I think they are "Constance Spry"....

And then the Red.... "Blaze" I am sure!
I apologize for the glare on the paintings... 
as usual it is difficult to photograph them well....
And we must keep testing the placement....

And more plantings to keep the Roses company....
A little topiary shrub and an Urn with a peony... 
to carry the theme from the Chinoiserie on the other side of the wall ....

And one more topiary.... 
even though it will be hidden behind the furnishings....

And then we must see them in place....

I Truly don't know How we got here, Dear Readers......

There is an Entirely different World on the other side of the Wall!!!


  1. It is looking fabulous. It is great it is another world on the other side of the wall. It was neat seeing the painted walls against the 1/12 scale walls. It really gave an idea of the small scale you are working with for the treehouse.

  2. Wow! All these painted details are wonderful! So much color and movement. A true creative expression! Bravo! :D

  3. This is what I LOVE most about you, Betsy! This adventure leads you and us to completely different places - like in a dream one world infiltrates anoter different yet even more fascinating and beautiful and we can't wait to see another one!:) LOVE these paintings!

  4. Woooooweeeeee! You just blow my mind, Bets, each and every time! Those roses!!!! That wall! I love the dressing room walls to bittttttttts! And as if that is not enough to kill me with delight, you added a little walkway on the door with a garden statue at the end and then more roses at the top....I dare say I have yet to see a more elaborate mouse house.

    Keep it going, my dear. It doesn't matter where you lead us, it may be down a trompe l'oeil garden path but we will love it!

  5. Hello from Spain, the quality of your paintings is awesome. The door is very nice and elegant. Nice pics.nkeep in touch

  6. Your murals are great, I especially like the brick wall and the roses. Keep up the good work!

  7. it looks wonderful, like being in a garden with real flowers!

  8. Wonderful! It looks like a magic garden.
    Your murals are great!
    Bye Faby

  9. This is so different! It pure magic. I love your paintings. Every time I look I see more details. Fantastic work!
    Hugs, Drora

  10. Hi Betsy, I really can't compare your work with anyone else I know....your creations are unique and very charming. Liduina

  11. Nothing sort of breathtaking!!! Sunning, stunning!!

    You know I remember you saying you painted your 12th scale Dollhouse room whilst reaching in and it is remarkable you could paint anything at all.

    You have now inspired to get on with mine, I adore what you have done!!

    ML Fi xx

  12. Magically paintwork, Betsy, my sincere compliments! It is fantastic to see these murals and especially when you placed it into your 1:12 scale dollshouse, unbelievable!
    Hugs, Ilona

  13. Oh Betsy, that wall is so sweet! it's simply divine! I love it!!!!

    Love the bigger room too, You are so clever!

    Andy xxxx

  14. I love everything you've done... adding those tiny butterflies... bringing your new walls into your 1:12 house (incredible that you painted this in a ready built house)... and above all the roses. Your rose garden is so beautiful and so very well done that I think I can almost smell them.


  15. It's true, your work is unique.
    I like the wall with the roses & the little arbor best; makes me want to walk through. Dream on...

  16. Your work is absolutely charming. I am in awe!


  17. Sorry, Betsy...playing 'catch-up,' and I have to say your recent progress is nothing short of inspirational, your dressing room paintings being particularly gorg! (Love the juxtapose between it and your lovely, larger-scale chinoiserie bedroom)! I can't imagine how you manage to paint something so's astounding! Your work is always an instant cheer-me-up.

  18. Betsy,
    I love your "Secret Garden". I find it does flow, in it's own mysterious way, from the Chinoiserie bedroom. I think the Universe guided your paint brush!

  19. Thats just stunning work! WOW!

  20. Thats just stunning work! WOW!

  21. I think it's marvellous that you can create so much detail in such a tiny space. The "garden room" is lovely.