Monday, March 11, 2013

The Other Wall of the Side

More Painting Roses...

You will probably not be surprised, Dear Readers, to see that the outer wall, the Door of this Tiny Chamber, is also Painted with Roses!  It is Such a Tiny space, this Dressing room.... that there is barely room for the furniture I have planned. Nevertheless, the Garden wall on that side was crying out for an Arbor with a seat... so I started to build one.....

It is made of cardboard and thin wood  only one quarter of an inch wide. I know that this translates into only a one foot wide seat... but I decided the compromise was necessary given the small dimensions of this room!
And of course, I had to paint the walls before I could paint the roses.....

You can see that I am "Building" the bench to surround the "window" in this room... 
(one of my found marbles!!) 
At first I left the area behind the bench open... 
but then I decided it needed to be brick too....
Here you can see the background being added....

And starting to paint the Roses... 
they need to be under-painted with several coats of white before adding the color... 
this is so the color is not influenced by the color it is covering....

Then finally adding the color....

And lastly adding the bench....

Which conveniently covers some of my uneven painting!
(Yes, the glue is still not dry so it shows here...!)
And then attaching the door so we can see the effect....
Except that we really Can't see it because the door is swung open.....
And if we try to look in from the Bedroom side....
It is barely visible....

So you will have to use your Imaginations with this Little Room!!

Meanwhile, now that both sides of the Bedroom wall are painted, 
it is Time to glue the walls in place! 
Except that I needed to make an adjustment in the 
Wire framework which supports this Tree House!
Here you can see the structure showing the wires with several of the walls removed....
The wall placement was such that the wires were ending up inside the room.... 
and so they needed to be bent outward before continuing upward....

As you can see in this picture below.....

Which then meant the walls need to be notched slightly to accommodate the wires....
Which you can sort of see on the back side of the wall below...

And then a little patch needed to be made to cover the part of the 
wire still showing on the inside of the room.....

Can you see it on the back corner...? No? 
Great! I don't want you to notice it!!!
And here is another view from above.....
With the walls glued in place and the wires on the Outside!!!
(I do still need to patch the notch for the wire by the window...)

And now that the Walls are in place we can 
test the Lighting without Everything Falling Down...!!!

I have found a Lovely jewelry finding that has a very Oriental look.... 
and fits around one of those tiny LED's!

Here we are testing the fit..... 
and Here we are noticing a Problem on the Horizon....
Either the walls are too short or the bed is too tall!!!
I can tell I am going to have to get Creative with the Ceiling....
But I suspect we all know that was going to happen anyway.....!!!

So while we are figuring that out, Dear Readers, 
maybe we should just take Refuge in the Little Garden Room... 
and Dream about Roses....

Even though we can't see the Room from the Inside....
with all the Roses surrounding us....
Perhaps we can Imagine the other wall of the Side..... 
Sitting quietly in the Arbor....
And the Roses....

Always More Roses....
Can you smell them....?
I wish I were painting More Roses....


  1. Hello from Spain: I can see those wonderful roses. I think that already smell spring. Great job. Well done. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you, Marta! I am hoping that painting Roses will make Spring get here Faster! LOL!

  2. Oh I love the bench in Rose Garden Room! How cool! You don't have to go outside to stay in the garden!:)
    I can't wait to see what you will do with the ceiling in bedroom. I am sure it will be something that surprise us all.:)

    1. Thank you, Ewa! I wish I had the courage to paint a Real Room with this many Roses!!! I have to figure the ceiling out... so it still might surprise Me Too!!!

  3. Oh Betsy, your art work is still getting better if possible ;)! I love the painted roses, one can nearly smell them. I hope you can solve the problem on the ceiling, what a pity it didn't fit, dear :(
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thank you, Ilona! I think the bed was meant to make me think of another fancy ceiling! No plain ceilings allowed! LOL!

  4. Dear Betsy, I wish I could shrink myself and sit quietly at you small bench, looking through the window at the world outside and feeling happy; surrounded by the peaceful green and soft roses.

  5. Oh, I really need to sniff some roses! Thank you for thse lovely flowers, they are really bright and cheery! Your painting is wonderful and the tree huse is such a delightful property; I really love the chinoiserie walls!


    1. Thank you, Jonquil! I think we all need some Roses now... Winter has been here too Long!

  6. Hello Betsy,
    I just went over your last posts that I missed and I can honestly say that if I could shrink down and spend a day anywhere it would be in your treehouse. You always raise the bar and outdo yourself. The furniture, the chinoiserie, the rose wall...everything is not only beautiful and so full of charm, but also wonderfully well done. This really is the most magic project out there. I love it.

    Big hug,

    1. Thank you, Giac!!! (It is so nice to see you here again! You leave such wonderful comments!):)
      You are surely Welcome to visit the Tree House whenever you have the time! :) This project has Completely run away with me.... taking me to ideas I didn't know I had!!! It is so much fun to make them come to life... and to share them with other bloggers who are so appreciative!!! Thank you for your support and encouragement!

  7. I like this wall. The roses are fantastic.
    Bye Faby

    1. Thank you Faby! It is really fun to make this tiny House! I'm glad you like it!

  8. Hey Betsy
    Yet another incredible and inspiring Post.
    I love the idea of the garden and the interesting spaces you can create around it. Those bricks must have taken a while! And the marble is further testament to your ability to create something from nothing.
    Well done my dear

    1. Hi Simon! The bricks did take a while...! :) I found that I could only do three rows of lines before I had to add the vertical parts... otherwise the "opticals" played tricks with my eyes!!

  9. What a marvellous idea creating the chair to fit the window - I love it!

    1. Hi Irene! Thank you! It is things like that that I particularly enjoy... it just makes the three dimensions and the mural trompe l'oeil so much more effective and amusing!

  10. All those beautiful!!! Love the little bench! And I didn't see the patch until you said it was there ;-)

    1. Thank you, Margriet! Oh, darn... you Could see it!!! (Just kidding) I know it will "disappear behind the furniture anyway!

  11. Okay, 2nd try to comment... *grumblesatblogger*...

    I really wish I could sit there in your rose garden and feel like almost smelling them and totally forgetting that it's winter outside. Again your rose painting is fantastic and I have no doubt you'll solve your "problem" with the ceiling with a stunning solution.


    1. Hi Birgit! (Don't you hate it when Blogger steals your comment? I am sure there is a lost comment pile somewhere out there...!) I want you to come here and smell the Roses as often as you like.... especially as an "Antidote" to the Snowstorms you are being Plagued with!!! I hope the ceiling will be stunning rather than boring... there is getting to be a bit of an Expectation.... ! Now I will Have to think of something!!! LOL!

  12. I'm absolutely blown away by your mini painting skills. When you post something that you just started on, I can't help but think that I would've stopped right then if it were my project. You use so much detail, these rooms are gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Kyle! I am Gradually learning to just try things out.... Nothing ventured nothing gained as the saying goes! I just tell myself that I can always do it over if it doesn't turn out the way I think it should! And Detail is what I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do!!! I almost never think I have given it Enough detail... for instance... (don't tell anyone... I was thinking I didn't try to put thorns on the Roses... and I should try...!) I think it is very difficult to be satisfied with one's own work!

  13. You must always have murals in your project ok? This is your signature, Bets :). I think these walls of rambling roses (?) are my favourite! I love the colours, the roses, the plants, the fact that it is a garden and the crazy part of you that make that bench :).

    Bets, I was shopping the other day and found this incredible wrapping paper that really reminded me of you. I just found that they have posted it online. Go to this link :

    I am very sure you will like it!

    1. Dear Sans! I tried the link but it wouldn't work for me! :(
      As for the murals.... I think they will always happen because I love to make them and I love what they do to a space! And in the mini world they are so much easier to make than in my RL world!!!
      And as for the Rambler Roses... Technically these are just Climbing Roses... very Tame compared to True Ramblers which will grow twenty or thirty feet tall if given a tree to "Ramble" into! There isn't Room in this Tiny Garden for Ramblers!!! But I think it is a Rambler Rose that you have in your "Heaven for Dead Cars" garden!

  14. I think I CAN smell the roses, Betsy --no...that just the bathroom freshener, darn it! Oh well. But YOUR roses are quite enchanting ;) And so is the entire room. I wonder what mini masterpiece youwill come up with to accommodate the bed?


    1. Heehee, John, it's Great to have you back here!!! You make me laugh! I'm still waiting for the Great Inspiration... so we will just have to see! But meanwhile there are a few Details I am working on... so hopefully you won't be bored while waiting!

  15. une véritable roseraie ! Je découvre votre blog, et je suis sous le charme.
    Je reviendrai me promener dans votre jardin féérique.

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  17. What you really want to do is smell REAL roses. Spring is just beginning, but eventually June will be here with all its bounty. Your little dressing room is a harbinger of June.

  18. Is it just me, or is this magical house seeming like a story book, where each turn of the page is like a door opening into a new chapter, new world? Yes, I did have a dollhouse book when I was little, the kind that closed flat and opened around and touched backs to make walls, and had doors and windows and beds and tables that pulled down. But that was two-dimensional, your storybook house is real, but has the mystery and invention of a story come alive. Twists and turns, windows into other rooms, illustrated walls that come alive in the eye and the mind's eye. Sigh.