Monday, April 1, 2013


A Dream Within A Dream.....

I can Barely believe it, Dear Readers, but it was a weekend of (Almost) NO Minis! What? How could That happen, I ask myself... as I wrack my brains for Something to Post about! But, Alas, it is true.... due to Taxes and the first weekend of the Gardening Season.... all my Time was consumed by RL activities! Well, Almost all my Time.....because I am incurably absorbed in my Mini worlds.... but I will get to that in a minute! First I want to share with you a few of the Small Improvements that have been made in one house or another over the past months. It often happens that when I cannot make my mind up about a detail of my Current obsession... the Quarter scale Tree House.... I find myself working on details of the Larger scale houses... but I never get around to sharing them here with you! So I will welcome this opportunity when I have nothing new in the Tree House to report about, to show you some of these small details.
As you may be aware, I am trying to complete the wiring and hence all the Lighting, for The Folly. And I have always imagined that the house was originally built before the era of electric lighting, and so all the lights would have been added after the house was built. This is important in deciding what style the lights should be... because none of them are "original" to the house! So it is that I have imagined the Bathroom is an After Thought as well.... it was probably added where originally there was just a closet..... So you will have to forgive me if my Imagination just would not get past a "bare" lightbulb as the lighting for this room! Sometime last Winter I decided to give a try to making the fixture that holds the bulb.......
You can sort of see it here below.....
along with the "pull chain" made of beads.....

It is made of layers of card stock glued together and painted gold.... 
it ended up a little large for the scale.....
but close enough to work in this small room....
where at first I was going to just hang it crudely from the ceiling.....
But having seen on another blog, the beautiful job of attaching just this sort of bulb in an attic setting.... (Thank you Brae for the Inspiration!)
I decided to try my hand at a better attachment, and came up with this.....
I built a ceiling panel with a metal "collar" for the wiring....

Which looks So Much better and more realistic!

And when I got all the wiring hooked up....
 (more weeks of passing time...)
You can see the effect with the light on!

Isn't that Brilliant?

As for the other little "Flashback" I wish to show you, Dear Readers, 
it has to do with another Little Person who came to live in my Doll World ....
We were at The Cape last Summer and I found her in that Museum I visited... 
and she just looked like she needed to come home with me....

But you might recall that after last Year's Wedding Extravaganza.... 
I had banished all my Dolls to remote Locations.... 
(Temporarily, you understand,)
so that I could Concentrate on Finishing some of their Houses!!! 
(The Stories have a way of Distracting me from Building...!)
And one of those "Remote Locations" happens to be a bookcase in my Living Room....

Where I set up some "Temporary" Vignettes....
Celeste and Harold are still visiting a cafe under the stars.....
Pollyanna and Arthur are still headed off for their Honeymoon....

And Daphne and Will are still gazing into the Fountain of Dreams in a Garden....

Which is where they have all been ..... 
in Suspended Animation..... for an Entire Year......!!!
While I am Absorbed in building the Tree House
(Which I hadn't even Dreamt of when I put them here...)
And all this year I have glanced into these Vignettes 
and Imagined the Worlds they are in....
Until this weekend when I had an idea....
Or was it a Dream....?
They were standing at the Well of Dreams, after all.....
What are they Dreaming of....?
And Where are they......
A Garden of Dreams that Seems so Familiar....

What is Daphne's Dream...?

Or, rather... Who is Daphne's Dream...?

What is her Name...? 

And What is She Dreaming of....?

Can they see each other...?

Do they Know each other...?

Can they Touch......

Or is it Just a Dream......???

I am Afraid I do not yet know the Answers, Dear Readers!
All I did was grab a couple of minutes to cut some pages from an old wall Calendar 
to see how they fit as backdrops for this little Vignette.....
And the Rest remains to be seen....
A Flashback.....
And A Dream....
Within a Dream....!


  1. Dauphne's hair is spectacular! Could it be the ghost of a lost child or little sister. Or just an abandoned child. I think I'll stop. I don't want to mix you up. Your bathroom light looks great.

  2. Hello from Spain: this house is awesome. The bathroom is really like. The garden looks real. Great job. The dolls are all very nice and stylish. The truth is that we know almost nothing of history. The mystery. Keep in touch

  3. Greetings, Bets :) from another one of your dreamworld :).

    Whilst stories distract you from the building, they are the reasons why I build :):). Maybe that's why I am so slow.

    I am watching your lighting process with great interest. I have been procrastinating mine.

    And dolls, they are the reasons why we built those houses right?

  4. Betsy, like Sans!, you are a storyteller, I love the ideas!
    The lighting process is so well done!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. I love the garden vignette! It looks like they are in a real garden! Love it! And yes, I think the stories about your dolls make you build their dreamlands.:)

  6. Wonderful! The scenes and the magic that surrounds this dream ... wow!

  7. Hello Betsy,
    The light bulb is perfect in the bathroom. I think redoing the ceiling of that room really made the bulb stand out. Bravo!
    The caslender paper is so beautiful! It looks perfect in the vignette. The fountain is lovely and it allready feels like a beautiful miniature scene. I would love to be there by the fountain right now with a picnic. Oh well! Now I want a Betsy-story!!!
    Big hug

  8. that light bulb is perfect for that room, brae does come up with some great ideas doesn't she ;)

  9. I like the light bulb in the bathroom.
    Your scenes are magic.
    Greetings, Faby

  10. Remote locations... what a way of inspiration! That stunning fountain must inspire everybody to wish and to dream... oh, and I can't wait to hear more about the little girl and the story behind her... Your scene looks so vivid and the pictures you've taken pull me directly into your dream within a dream...


  11. I can't believe how real your Garden of Dreams is! What a brainstorm to use an old calendar picture for background. Good reason to save old calendars. (I have several.) Beyond that, I really love the Folly bathroom - hope nobody who lives in that house is over 6 feet tall!
    Lots of love,

  12. That was a great solution for the lightbulb and what an excellent backdrop the calendar turned out to be. The picture really sets the scene.

  13. Hello Betsy! It is always a treat to visit your blog as you always seem to have something new up your sleeve! What a charming little girl and she looks so much like Daphne in the garden! Is that why she came home with you from the museum?
    Your bathroom light bulb solution is Perfect! Lighting makes such a difference to a scene and that style of the bare bulb is right in keeping with the story of The Folly. Good work!


  14. What wonderful work you do! I am very impressed with the furniture you have made. Your newest follower, Pam

  15. Hi Betsy, just catching up, after attending to RL stuff. Great solution for the light bulb. I so love your stories! --it must be wonderful to have such inspiring vignettes scattered throughout your home. Happy Spring (?!)

  16. Wasn't lighting and wiring the Folly the whole reason you caromed off into the tree house in the first place? I am falling in love with your wild creative mind, as I troll through each and every post. You are awesome! And thanks again for sharing!