Monday, April 29, 2013

Gilding The Lily....

Or Rather The Vine.....

Garden Season is upon us, Dear Readers, so once again, much of my Time over the weekend was consumed by my RL Garden. Hard work digging more beds and uprooting a thousand tiny baby Tree Seedlings... but so worth it in the end! And thus my mind is preoccupied by Flowers and plants and Growing Things... so is it any wonder that it overflows into my Mini World? To begin with, I added another flower to the Tiny stitching on the bed curtains.....

It is very difficult to get a close-enough shot of this.... 
I put the thimble in for size reference...
(You can poke the pictures to enlarge them...)
I dug out my lighted magnifier to stitch with and it helped speed the process!
But there is still a long way to go....
And you may recall that I said the Domed ceiling for the Bedroom was not yet done...
Well, I was not at all satisfied with the central panel decoration.... 
So I started over.... 
(only the central panel!)
 Even though it is inverted from the other panels (they are sunken and it protrudes)...
I felt they needed to look more similar... 
so I cut an octagonal frame section and painted it gold 
and outlined it with the golden "roping"...
And added a single inverted flower "Bosse" in the center.
That looks Much more like what I wanted!
But we are not done, Dear Readers... 
At this point I had to make another one of those Difficult Decisions....
To stop here and always wonder if my idea would have been a good one....
or to go one step further and just trust it would be what I imagined....
I had to give it a try... 
I am not a big fan of Straight lines...
I LOVE the sinuous shapes of vines, and I Love my gardens a little over-gown and wild....
and had imagined the sections of the coffered ceiling as if they were carved with vines...
I had to glue them in place to even see how they would look....
(Because they kept falling off when I tried using tape...!)
And we had to test it in place....
It gives a sense of the effect... and since I have started.... 
I must glue them All in place... 
Oh, My! NOW we are getting there!!!
And can we see it in place now?

This is NOT easy to photograph!!!
But you can get a sense of the Vines growing overhead....
As if they were continued from the walls.....
Only Gilded instead of painted.....

Maybe a little closer...?

That is Much more like I was Imagining!

The ceiling is Nearly Done now....!
And while Some of you might think it is Definitely Over Done.... 
I think I made the Right decision this time....
Gilding the Lily...or rather the Vine!


  1. Hello Betsy! You know I greatly admire how you take chances that ring true to YOUR internal vision and YOUR heart! I can see now how right this looks for the ceiling and for the finish and continuity of the entire room! You are a true visionary and artist and your writing is superb! Thanks for letting me share in this grand adventure. I shall never look at a ceiling in the same way again!


  2. P.S. I am glad that you were able to get out into the garden this weekend, Betsy! Funny when you said that you like your garden a little over grown and wild. I do too! I call it controlled chaos!


  3. AMAZING ceiling Betsy! For me it could be more vine and gold, lol! This room is still my favourite one! Beautiful, beautful!!!

  4. I am delighted to see how this project was meticulous. Congratulations!

  5. This is a precious room. I like!
    Bye, Faby

  6. This is far away from being over done... quite the opposite, it was good you followed your inspiration and your heart - and although it's not easy to make a fantastic thing even better but you easily did. It's perfect now and your veines build a link to the flower vines on the wall. And I have to admit I admire you for gluing this golden threat so nice and neat... I'm more the I-get-the-glue-on-my-fingers-and-the-threat-to-stick-on-my-da*n-thumb-type... ;O)


  7. WOW! That looks awesome, Betsy! The gilded vines are perfect.

    We must have the same kind of tree in our yards that produces all those baby trees. I was pulling them out all weekend, too!

  8. Betsy, you're so talented. Your ceiling is a work of art as is everything you do. I also love overgrown gardens. I had a garden only once in my life and loved it. It was a flower garden all sown from seeds. Now I have a balcony with planters.

  9. Surely nobody likes their garden more overgrown than me :):).

    I have been very very slow with my progress lately. I haven't worked on my house at all since 2 weeks ago. So I see your ceiling work as a major achievement ! :)

    You know Bets, I am never tired of looking at the painted walls of this room. It truly is breathtaking.

  10. Beautiful work Betsy! Not overdone at all. This is my favorite room so far in the tree house :)

  11. I think it's just lovely!

  12. Hello Betsy,
    The ceiling is perfect. This is a fantasy project is it not? I love the vine effect. It is very unique and beautiful and as always expertly done! I think the ceiling looks just right in the room, not overdone at all. I can imagine going to bed, just before my eyes close, seeing that wonderful detail as I start to dream...
    Big hug,

  13. Hi Betsy,

    More Glitz and glamour! Love it!!

    The vines work really well, and for such a tiny model it doesn't look over-done either. I think the bedroom is great fun, and looks divine!

    I've been looking for some tiny chinese style beads, Something you could use for ornamental vases, but the only ones I have are too big, and there weren't any at the recent shows worth having. If you want the other beads, all about 1" tall, I'd be happy to send them to you?

    Anyway, great project, I really enjoy looking at what you are up to!!! ;)

    Andy xxx

  14. Hi Betsy,

    Never overdone--just done just right! You think of so many touches to add and each one compliments the previous and points the way to the next!

    I have been thinking off my garden but have not been able to get myself to dig, dig, dig, and weed, weed, weed!


  15. Dear Btesy I have just sent an email to you. :) :)

  16. Oh my dear, what a room! (How do you dust your dolls houses?)
    How do you even thread a needle fine enough to embroider those flowers? I am amazed. It's really not over-gilded, either - not if you're going for Victorian effect. Wow.
    Good to talk just now.
    Lots of love,

  17. Some how I must have missed your update......but WOW, you did stunning work on the ceiling, Betsy!! So you have worked hard in your garden, me too. It was a kind of chaos after such a long and cold winter. Now spring finally came all flowers/plants are going nuts: they bloom all together now!! A lot of work has to be done, but afterwards I LOVE that I have done it :D!! Enjoy the good weather, here it was a sunny and warm sunday!
    Hugs, Ilona