Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Smallest Things

Make the Biggest Difference.....

I am sure you will NOT be Surprised, Dear Readers, to see that I have managed to put together a pair of Grand Candelabras for the mantlepiece of this Bedroom. The only remaining question being "but is it Too Much?"  I am not normally plagued by the Demon of Symmetry.... but in this case I find I am wanting a Pair of whatever it is I put on that mantlepiece. So I decided to try to make some candelabra, hoping they would be less obstructive of the Painted Peacock wall than the sconces would have been...
I started with the smallest beads and wires I could find.....
And Some People might be surprised to see the Sources of some of the materials I used.....

A Long Time Ago and from Far Far Away... 
I received these glittering ribbons from Sans! of "My Maharaja's Palace" Blog...
And I promised her I would use them in all sorts of places in my dollhouses!
So I hope she will be happy to see that I have stolen some of the sequins 
to use as bobeches for my candelabras.....
Can you see them in the picture below.....
(Poke the pictures to enlarge them)

And you can see the beginnings of the wires with the beads....
And a better view below.... before the Bobeches were added.....

Even as hard as I try, I am not succeeding to keep these small enough to be truly in scale....
Here you can see them with the "candles" added... 
And can you see the Bobeches..? No???
I guess they are hidden in the blobs of glue that still aren't dry....

And when I have added my Favorite Iridescent glittering "Flames"....

Oooooh!... Can you see them Burn???
And then we HAVE to try them in the Room.....

Can you see the glowing flames?
(I have the hardest time photographing these.....)
Maybe a closer view.....

But shouldn't there be TWO Candelabra.....?

Like This....?
But wait.... we need the Recamier in place too....

Is it too much....? or do my eyes need to adjust...?
And if we look up at the ceiling.....
Is the Ambient light enough....?

And even though I think these Candelabra are a Tiny Bit too large....
(They are three quarters of an inch tall... which equals Three Feet tall....!!)

But that is Nothing compared to the Mammoth Candelabrum I made for the Library....

Do you remember that one?
You can see it is a good bit grander!
So, do I go with the Two large candelabra...
Or do I change my mind and try to make two smaller single candles.....

It may just be one of those things I Must Try before I can decide....!
I keep being reminded that the Smallest Things
Do make the Biggest Difference!


  1. They're amazing!! How about just the one, placed in the center of the mantle?

  2. You are so clever and creative!
    Thanks for sharing these minutest details. ;)

  3. What a lovely candles. Thanks for sharing.Which beads do you use for the flame?
    I love those flames.
    Hugs Dorien

  4. Hello from Spain; i like your chandeliers. Very creative. Keep in touch

  5. Hello Betsy,
    I love the 2 candelabra. I also am a fan of symmetry. Through research I have noticed that older homes often had very large candelabra...the only reason I think a bit smaller would be great is because we wouls see more oif the gorgeous wall behind. As it is the look of the room is just sumptuous and I love the flame effect. It is such a grand yet warm and welcoming room...it reminds me of the inside of a delicate jewelry box. I just love everything about it Betsy. Congratulations, it keeps getting better ever time.
    Big hug,

  6. AMAZING!!!!! Don't know where you have this patience from Betsy!! Anyway I am curious to see the single candles too.:):)I am sure both solutions will be Great!

  7. Hi Betsy! Just go with what feels right for you. I am always so amazed at the wee things you create. Those candelabra are so precious! However, I do agree with Giac as far as seeing more of that precious wall behind.

  8. Hi! Your candelabras are great! And a big "Wow!!!" for the brilliant idea how you made the flames! I also like the idea of two candelabras but maybe not ON the mantelpiece but beside it on little tables? And instead of that urns or vases on the mantelpiece? I´m curious to see how it will look next time :D
    Hugs, Sandra

  9. I'm overwhelmed.
    The candelabra are lovely, but I do think they're too much. Maybe Im just not such a fan of Victorian extravagance - An amazing feat, though, to make those little things.
    How much time did people spend in their bedrooms in the evening in those days? Maybe you don't need so much light.
    Love the room, though

  10. What a beautiful and great idea! Thank you for sharing. You are a very creative person. Mini hugs, Natalia

  11. Your candelabras are really small. I like the flames; good idea!
    Bye, Faby

  12. It amazes me how you can even hold something this small, far less make it in the first place.

  13. Did I ever mention your are amazing? ;O) You truly are, always having perfection as your goal. Those candelabras are breathtaking and it's stunning to see how you've made them. Anyhow, in my modest opinion they are too big for the mantelpiece, they're covering too much of your gorgeous peacock painting. I believe the solution with smaller single candles would be better. Maybe you can use one of them on a little side table near to the recamier? Well, I'll wait and see how you will decide - one thing is for sure, you will come up with the perfect result.


  14. I love them!!! Keep them as they are, they may be tall, but so is that bedroom, so it can handle it! it's good that you can still see the peacock clearly too. I wouldn't change a thing Betsy!

    I have dug out me bead box so will email some pics of the chinese beads I have, they are far too large for the tree house, unless they were VERY BIG vases, but might work on another project.

    Andy xxx

  15. Your creativity and talent never cease to amaze me. Lovely!

    Best Wishes,

  16. ces candélabres sont superbes. La chambre est "richement" décorée !
    Bonne journée ! rosethé-Minima

  17. Hi Betsy, your candelabras are gorgeous. I agree with all others: there are different options to show these small beauties. You can choose whatever you want, perhaps you can try some setups before to decide what you'll like most :D! I know, I am not much of help.....;).
    It really is a very beautiful room, you can be very proud of your whole Tree House!!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  18. I think the scale works as-is, Betsy. They're definitely keepers!

  19. I love the candelabras, it is unbelievable you can make them so small and yet so delicate!!! They are beautiful!!! But...I do think they are a bit too big for the mantelpiece. I'm sure you can make even smaller ones...just try ;-)

  20. Huh?? You saw the Bobeches in the sequins in the ribbons that I gave you like 1000 years ago ? :):):) You are INCREDIBLE!

    I have had the benefit of reading your latest post on the final decision with respect to the lights and dare I say, I totally agree with your decision :).

    Not that the candelabras are wanting, they are gorgeous ( and I don't agree that they are too big, they are not I assure you; I have one that is half my body size)but the pair of sconces block the precious peacocks on the walls :):):).