Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Third Try....

Simply Elegant....

I have come to realize, Dear Readers, that if I have to ask the Question "is this right..." then the answer is No! Because if it were right... it would Not occur to me to even ask the Question! So in answering my own question about the pair of Candelabra... yes, they were too much! I truly appreciate all the support and feedback you give me in you wonderful comments... and I hope you all will forgive me for being so bad at answering all your comments lately! I truly savor and value every one! In answer to Dorien's question of what beads I use for the flames on my candles, I will show you a picture of the cloth I have that is strewn with tiny squares of glitter...

It is a coffee colored gauze covered randomly with gold micro beads and tiny iridescent squares of glitter.... I simply cut out the individual glitter pieces and glue them to the candles... they reflect the light with a colored glow.... IF you can capture it right on the photograph! I also use this cloth in my fireplaces as a backdrop to resemble the smoke and sparks of the burning fire....! You may also remember seeing it in The Folly as the curtains for the Bed Nook....  I have been using it a lot lately!
Having decided that the candelabra were "too much", 
I had to give it another try to come up with the right lighting for this room.... 
and I decided that a pair of single elegant candlesticks might just do the trick!
Here below you can see the basic Simple candlestick.... 
with the tiny hanging crystals... 
It is not exactly "smaller"... but it is Much Simpler....

I didn't get the glitter to glow properly in this picture.... 
but the focus is good so you can see the "crystal beads" clearly!
While I was at it I also made another pair of the sconces....

Which you can see here... one of them has the crystal drops added...
And here you can see the pair of candlesticks  and the sconces....

It is amazingly challenging to get photos that have Both good focus And glowing flames!
The sconces are for the outer door.....

On either side of the door to the Juliet Balcony....
Yes, I know they are not hung evenly.... 
but they needed to be positioned around the painted birds...!
And the candlesticks.... you want to see them on the Mantle?

First one.... and I even got it "lit"!!
But you will agree that there MUST be Two....

But it is crooked.... 
(you have no idea how tricky they are to position....)

Can you see the glow?

A Little farther back.....

And a view of the glittering ceiling.....

Third Try... Any way you look at it...
I think it is Simply Elegant!


  1. Yes...very lovely and elegant! Maybe Maureen and Ted should honeymoon there? Alas, they are much too large for the delicate furnishings. Too bad. LoL
    Wishing you the best,

  2. Hello Betsy! I think that you've done it! This style of candlestick is not too big or too fussy to compete with the wall behind it. I can't get over the single mindedness of your tackling these teeny tiny candlesticks but your determination has paid off big time! I had to read your previous posts to catch up and see the process in action. You have made the right choice and the pair look very elegant indeed! I am so intrigued by the flames that are clearly visible even at a distance! It's Brilliant!!!!


  3. Hello from Spain: stunning chandeliers. I can see the shine. You are a perfectionist. Great job. Keep in touch

  4. So it does!!!This is so so Right to this room! You were right to wonder about candelabras, the single candles look Great! Still I hope you will use candelabras in this wonder house somewhere.:):)

  5. Beautiful room!I love all details, chinoiserie is amazing, and an idea for candelabras - great job!

  6. I think I wouldn't use the two beads on top of the chandelier. When I see the fireplace the chandeliers are a bit long.
    I would try one a little shorter.
    Good luck Dorien

  7. Hello Betsy,
    I admire miniature artist who just keep on redoing something until they get it just right...the result is exactly this. The room is perfect and very well balanced. Everything is just ebautiful and stands out, but nothing competes with anything else. It is such and elegant room as I said before it reminds me of a bedroomin one of the great country houses of england like Chatsworth. I would pay to tour that room!
    Incredible artwork Betsy. you do oue hobby proud.
    big hug,

  8. You have a lot of patience and perseverence :-) But the result of your efforts is really great right now! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. Yes, it's simply elegant.
    Bye, Faby

  10. Betsy, it looks perfect, well done :D!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  11. We have a saying here in Germany that goes (in my own free translation) "it takes three to make it good" - now that's kind of an evidence that there's some truth in this kind of wisdom... ;O) The candlesticks are perfect, they build a kind of frame for your stunning peacock - it was good you're always struggling for perfection. And your pictures are always stunning... you manage to catch all those details so well.


  12. Pure class, Betsy, everything has come together beautifully! Wish we could all shrink down and walk around the room together. The painted walls look wonderful with those colours too.

  13. I agree with Chas - I'd like to walk around in your tree house. All the dolls houses, in fact. Maybe in my dreams? The single candlesticks are lovely. Less is more. That room is just amazing!
    Lots of love - sorry I'm always late (but I did look Monday...)

  14. This 3rd try for me will make me go blind for sure! Those teeny glass beads , o my, and that glitter ! But YES YES YES, I think she's got it! I think she's finally nailed it :):)

  15. And people say you can't get details into the small scales! How wrong they are, and what a lovely fantasy room this is. Sandie