Tuesday, October 22, 2013


A Sticky Business....

I hope you will be glad to learn, Dear Readers, that I have finally taken my courage into my hands and GLUED the Tree House Bathroom floor in place! Believe me, it took quite a bit of Courage!!! So much work has gone into the details and parts attached to it... and I Really needed to be certain that I would not want to lift it off again to perform some trifling but necessary task that I had not yet Thought about! I finally convinced myself that if I realized later that I should have done one more thing first... I would probably be able to figure out a way to do it with the Floor glued down!
So I Glued it Down!!!
And once that was done... 
it was time to attach the spiral stairs that go up to the next level....

You can sort of see them here twisting their way up in the little turret at the back.... 
I need to make more stairs...

And then I needed to glue all those walls in place.....
But first I added a couple more pearls and shells to the doors....

Sorry I forgot to take pictures after I added the shells.... 
but you can see the extra pearls at the bottom of each door....
I started with the Fireplace wall....
And the Door into the Spiral Staircase....

Then I added the wall dividing the Bath from the Dressing Room and Toilet....
 But only after I had extended the Sea Horses painting onto the Exterior door...

 And once those Walls were all glued into their proper slots..... 
it was Time to glue down all the plumbing fixtures!
I started with the Toilet....
I made a water tank for it.... 
with a copper pipe and a pull chain!
And you Might be wondering why you can't see the Tiny roll of Toilet paper....
I am afraid I will have to re-position it.... 
the Glue did not hold!
I have decided it needs to be inside the room 
rather than on the external door where it is too easy to knock it off!

Which brings me to the Subject of this Post.... Glue! 
I have been wrestling with which glues to use for which type of fastening!
Here I am attaching wood to wood.... metal to wood... shell to wood... shell to tiles... pearls to shells.... pearls to wood... metal to beads... metal to tiles... glass tiles to wood.... etc!!!
And the Trickiest part so far has been the "plumbing pipes" for the beautiful Swan Bath!
I wanted the copper pipes to arch over the bath and have "taps"....

Here you can see the piece roughly propped in place.....
it is heavy so it tips over easily.... 
so the only thing holding it together.... 
and to the floor... is the Glue!!!
I wish I had faith in the longevity and durability of the glue!!!
Really... this whole project is so reliant on the power of glue to hold things together....
I hope it lasts Forever!!!
I finally decided that the pipes needed a third attachment point.... 
so they could be held up by the wall....
So I glued an extension to the back.... 
and in the process several of the other glue joins came undone!
(I was using Super Glue alone to connect the pipes)
I decided to add a layer of Aileens Tacky Glue to the already glued joins....
in the hopes that it would strengthen them....
Then I used a combo of Super Glue and Tacky Glue to attach it to the floor and wall!

Of course, it is Really difficult to photograph these details!
And is there anything more Boring than Looking at Glue Drying???
So I really have hardly anything else to show you this week....
 But almost everything is now Glued Down!!!

The Bath is the only piece still not glued in place.....
But I wanted to wait until the Ceiling is finished.....
And you can rest assured Dear Readers... 
it requires a Lot of Gluing!
And Interesting parts I haven't yet figured out....
This Gluing things is a Tricky Sticky business!


  1. I agree with you, it is hard to know what glue to use with what and like you I sometimes mix two glues together for a bit of good luck. Your bathroom looks fabulous all in place and with the lighting.

  2. I think we all have the same problem, what glue will work best, the bathroom looks so inviting, I adore the shell bath and the plumbing looks great

  3. That's an exiting job. Gluing your masterpieces. You must be very certain you made the wright choice to place the object. I find it difficult to glue without leaving adhesive residue.
    Good job.
    Hugs Dorien

  4. Love to see the progress you are making. I have so many different glues and have trouble deciding sometimes what to use. The pearl effects are beautiful & I adore the bath. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Я в восторге от вашей ванной комнаты! Я представляю этот гигантский труд! Такая красота стоит огромных усилий! Фотографии фантастические!

  6. Hi, Betsy -
    I'm commenting now on the last 2 blog entries - life out here is quite busy, complete with emergencies at the thrift store! But I had to follow the continuing story of Daphne - I love the latest episode, with the daddy lying down in the cradle with the baby. Sweet. Also love the tiny roll of TP! As for the glue problems, I skipped them. Not making dollshouses here, just socks.
    Love, Mom

  7. It's such a lovely bathroom that I must say again: I want one in real life just for me!:)

  8. I so adore that bathroom! This is really great watching the progression of the treehouse. Here is some info about which glue to use. I hope you find it useful.


  9. Oh, that is the MOST beautiful bathroom!! You have created a masterpiece. I love your plumbing.

    I hate when I get to the "gluing" . I usually get myself stuck to everything so I have learned never to use Crazy glue types. I have found that Aileene's does a good job on most things and when I need a glue for those hard to glue items, I use E6000.

  10. Hi Betsy,

    Your bath looks so lovely --it wouls be a shame if the fixtures came unglued every time you looked at them wrong! I would suggest a two-part epoxy like J-B Weld. You have to mix two different parts together (the glue and a bonding agent) but it will hold metal to wood or plastic to wood, etc quite nicely. The glue is colored black, so you might need to touch up over it after it dries. There are other brands that dry clear. Also, keep this website bookmarked --it's a great 'gluing resource' --http://www.thistothat.com/ Good Luck!


  11. Hi Betsy! I know the feeling of being at that junction of total commitment to securing everything and the thought that there may be something left still to do! I am at that same place myself right now so I Hear You! Having said that, BRAVO!!!! The photo of the bathroom is Magical! It has the feeling of a hidden grotto, a mermaid's cave where smuggler' have stored their treasures of Lapis and Mother of Pearl! You step inside and you can hear the ocean and then see the froth from the sea horses running their courses over the tips of the waves. Everything about this space is so inviting and the floor makes it all cohesive. The color of the shells lit with the sconces makes them appear to have ferns growing through the tiles! What a Fabulous effect!!!!! Will you be using the hole for drain Betsy? You know that floor still looks like a deep pool of water every time I look at it especially with the way that you have surrounded it with the smaller tiles. Everything about this little room is Simply Fascinating!!! You have the soul of a Visionary and an Artist! :D


  12. The bathroom is gorgeous! I really like the magical atmosphere in it.
    Greetings, Faby

  13. What I don't like about glue is that glue means coming to an end and getting done... *grin* The bathroom is breathtaking... whenever I look at it I drown in beauty...


  14. Hi Betsy! It is just magic this bathroom with all its fabulous contents, I call it magic :D!
    The plumbing pipes for the bath are a wonderful idea. And yes, what glue to use for all kind of materials is often a problem for me too.
    Hugs, Ilona

  15. The bathroom is exquisite!
    (Glue can be interesting sometimes.It seems to stick rock solid if you need to remove something, and it seems to fail if you need it to stick!)

  16. Oh, I have only just caught up with everybody's blogs and see you have done a lot. I just adore the plumbing! It's that finishing touch that makes this magical world cross over to the real world. The little pearls you have added are very chique, very posh. This is a bathroom fit for royalty. As for glue... big sigh. I have restricted myself from using anything but tacky glue after I glued my glasses to my nose...

  17. Ok, I am finally satiated. Firstly, let me tell you how you managed to totally widen my small eyes when I came here and saw the bathroom. I knew then that I had to find out every single step you took to bring it up to this stage of pure magnificence.

    I just love your idea of using the shell for pool. It really brings the scene to another level of sheer luxury and pure beauty. I am so going to steal this idea :). I have been making water with epoxy and glue (the pond for the tribal house) and over the months when the dust settled, it is a bit tedious to clean . Well, it is a few minutes work but still, your shell, it will be so much easier..hehe.

    This bathroom has to be my favourite room in the tree house, Bets. BRAVA!

    Glue, glue glue, the bane! My tribal house is now in need of touch up because the glue has stopped sticking. Shelves have fallen, bits and ieces on the floor...arghh. If you find a glue that last , not, no need forever, just 10-20 years, please please please share. :)

    This is a long comment but i am sure I have missed something. Nevermind, I am not disappearing any time soon . Will be back to chat more :)

  18. It is coming together nicely. I really like the use of all of the sea shells and other nautical themed items for your bathroom.

  19. Hi Betsy, sorry I haven't been about to see the progress of this amazing new bathroom!! What a lot I have missed! It is FABULOUS!! I love all those shell details and the white horses are perfect for a bathroom wall!! the little loo looks adorable too!!!! I also adore the shell bath and copper pipes. It's the perfect shell grotto bathroom!! Did I say I loved it?!! LOL