Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One Thing At A Time....

Tiny Shell Sink and More....

I know you will laugh, Dear Readers, when I tell you that I am always reminding myself to work on One Thing at a Time.... because we all know that things just don't work out that way! But let me show you where I Started to work this week.... I attached a tiny Mirror on the wall below the Moon Window.... and it is not just ANY old mirror... the tiny frame is a wreath made of porcelain by the incredibly talented Lucy Coles of Evalina Rose blog, and is adorned with tiny seashells!

A year ago I won her giveaway.... a Tiny Fairy house made of seashells... (which I must show you someday!) and as extras, she added this tiny porcelain wreath and a pair of tiny cushions along with tiny shells I have already used in previous projects! I knew at once that this wreath would make a perfect mirror frame for the Tree House Bathroom..... when I finally got to building it that is!
I glued the porcelain frame to a tiny glass mirror... it fit Perfectly! 
And I glued it to the bathroom wall at the right height to go over the sink... 
and at the right height for the Rats to view themselves! (I checked!)

So then it was just a matter of building the sink!
Here you can see I am testing the first version.... 
believe it or not... the legs are too tall!
It was very difficult to get these legs even... 
the tiny pearls are not all the same!

Here you can see the sink with the legs shortened....
And the faucets added.....

Can you believe how Tiny it is???

Then we have to test it in place.....
Yes, now the sink is not as high as their chins!!

Here, you can see it better with the light adjusted.....

Here it is seen from the side with the wall removed.
I must remind you that I still have not glued any of the walls in place.... 
Even the floor is still not glued... 
I must be sure all the necessary steps have been accomplished before attaching anything!
And once again, I am reminding myself that before I can attach the walls... 
I must paint the other side of the walls.....
The ones for the Tiny Dressing Room and The Toilet Enclosure....!
And because the Dressing Room side wall is on the same wall as the Fireplace...
I had to remove it too for the painting....
Which you can see below...

And the other two walls.....

It is really a very rough painting... 
but I think it is good enough for this Tiny Tiny room!
The idea is the wild Sea Horses in the Waves of a Stormy sea....

And scary clouds overhead... 
(Accidentally scarier than intended!)
It is Really difficult to photograph this tiny space!!

But perhaps you can get the idea.....

A little more light in this one.....
And I had to paint the Tiny Toilet Enclosure too....

So I added Gentle clouds and Lilac bushes....

And because I couldn't Possibly be working on only One thing at a time.....
I have also made a tiny Toilet from a seashell...

With a little wooden seat.....

Whose lid goes up and down!!!
Because I just have to be doing Something 
while all that paint and stain and glue is Drying!!!
But I Tell myself.... 
Just one thing at a time!


  1. Oh Betsy,
    It's so charming! So much detail, it's simply unbelievable! What a special piece this will be.
    Hugs to you,

  2. OMG, Betsy, that mirror is GAW-JESS! you were so lucky to win Lucy's frame. It's almost eerie how well it compliments your delightful space.

    Love the sea shell toilet!

  3. Hi Betsy! How wonderful everything is looking!! You have so much imagination and the sea-horse waves in the little dressing room are so good! I love the shell toilet and the sink is So Clever; but my favorite feature has got to be the Moon Window! I think that it looks Magnificent!!!


  4. Hi Betsy,

    I just love how this area is developing--it is just amazing all the things you are doing, and doing so well.

    As for doing "one thing at a time", ha! never! -- I am sure the world is not meant to be that way for some of us.


  5. I want that Venus Bathroom for myself!!!!!! AMAZING! I looove little sink table and sink with taps and shell mirror - do you remember I won YOUR shell mirror in your give-away? :) :):) Still need an idea to hang it properly.:):) The paintings with Sea Horses and Lilacs are beautiful!
    By the way!!!! Your preciouss icon has arrived yesterday!!!!!!! I am thrilled to the bones!:):):) I will post about it as soon as I find right words to express it's beauty.:):):):)

  6. ha ha ha Betsy - One Thing At A Time ..... it is easier said that done ;) I am forever flitting between projects, I call it the mania! I only settled into doing OTAAT when my inlaws visited last week and stayed in the guest bedroom, which doubles as my studio space. All I had was my sewing box, poor me, but it meant that I got OTAAT done!

    I LOVE the bathroom! We are redoing our RL bathroom in the coming year, and I can't think of anything I would like more than a version of your sea shell sink, it is absolutely amazing! I'm sure the rats will keep their paws nice and clean.

    And isn't it great when you have a mini item for a while and just know that ONE DAY it will finally have its proper place? I think Lucy's frame has found it's perfect place in the bathroom!


  7. Oh Betsy, this is magical. The tiny shells around the mirror and that cutest ever sink!! The wild seahorses in the rolling waves have just the right atmosphere that fairy tales have. And the tiny toilet!!!! What a lovely place with the lilacs.
    As for the one thing at a time thing.... I had no idea! I thought it was mandatory to have at least 5 projects in the making at all times, preferably more :-)

  8. Doing one thing at the time......NEVER :D! I always work at several things at the same time for the same reason like you.
    I am in awe of your little Tree House, it always amazes me what you can invent en create, it all fits so beautifully together! Love the murals you've painted, they are stunning, certainly if you know in that scale you are working.
    And one thing is clear the wreath of Lucy is awesome, it was meant to fit exactly in this fantastic bathroom....!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. The sink made from little shell - so great idea!
    Umywalka, którą zrobiłaś z muszelki jest rewelacyjna. Nie spotkałam się jeszcze nigdy z takim pomysłem i uważam, że to naprawdę trafiony, choć niecodzienny wybór. Wyszło wspaniale! :)

  10. Betsy that bathroom is so gorgeous! I love the little sink and mirror, such wonderful use of shapes and materials!
    And the sea horse mural, oooh! I simply adore that!

  11. Dear Betsy.
    You're very consistent. I love all those shell things. I've never thought to use shells in a doll house. The way you use them is amazing.
    Hugs Dorien

  12. It is really magical watching this project 'develop'. You are so creative and your imagination is amazing. Thanks for sharing everything you do.

  13. Hey Betsy, another gorgeous post of yours! I love the shell- sink you made and your tiny wallpaintings.
    But I am so sorry to say I won't be blogging much for a while, due to a busy daily life; in work and in family matters. I hope to join you all soon again....Untill then; have fun blogging and making mini's!

  14. Hello from Spain: I like your scene. Beautiful creations. Your work is fabulous. You are very creative. Keep in touch

  15. Love the wall paintings! The white horses in the waves. And the tiny toilet under the tree. And the tiny sink...

  16. When can you take a plane to come here and paint wild sea horses on my RL bathroom? *grin* I really love that idea (and your realization of course), kind of sad the room is so small... imagine that scene on a bigger wall... Once more, you've done magic... unbelievable how well that mirror fits your scene. The sink... breathtaking. And the toilet with the movable lid leaves me speechless (btw - you need toilet paper... *teehee*) And about one thing at a time... impossible. One dollhouse at a time... okay, due to space problems... but one thing at a time... never! ;O)


  17. The walls are wonderful and I like your idea of using the shells in the batroom.
    Greetings, Faby

  18. Love the sink, it's so cute!!! And the seahorse...wow!!! Those clouds are scary...love it :-) But the little toilet is my favorite...with working lid...you're amazing! And what a wonderful idea to paint lilac bushes...that toilet will always smell heavenly ;-)

  19. Wow your little sink is amazing. I love the painting and the toilet is stunning. I love your work it is magical I am in awe of your talent.
    Hugs Maria

  20. Hi Betsy, once again you worked your magic to create something amazing. gr. AM

  21. The sink is so beautiful! Fantastic, very appropriate for the fantastic room! Hannah

  22. Hi Betsy,
    It is always such a fantasy surprise when I visit here, you have such an amazing imagination. That little shell sink is divine and the mother of pearl walls give it such an amazingly luxurious finnish, it looks like a movie set.

    ML Fi XX