Monday, November 11, 2013

It Gets Complicated.....

The Conservatory and Other Stories.....

Not much was accomplished this weekend in my Mini World, Dear Readers, so you will have to bear with me while I show you too many pictures of the conservatory as it now stands. I did manage to cut a new base board that will hold Both sections of the building on One base! And I glued all the acrylic panels into the roof frame and the window frames.

The piece of pink builders foam you see standing between the two sections is the beginnings of a brick chimney which will divide the Conservatory into two sections... as well as provide the flue for the heater which I consider to be an essential accessory for this free-standing "Greenhouse"!
As you may guess... I am bracing myself... 
I will be making a LOT more bricks!!!
And to further complicate things.... I am planning a few changes to the basic structure. 
To begin with I am shifting one of the end wall sections.... 
the ones that have the doors... to the side which you can see in the above picture.

The kit is designed to have the structure abut another building on the open side.... and have the doors on the opposite wall. But with placing two kits back to back, this creates a long narrow aisle running down the center of the structure, and no access on the sides. This seems to make for lousy furniture placement options! So if I move one of the Door panel walls to the side, it creates an end wall with a corner as well as access from the side wall. This shift will require a few minor adjustments to the corner joins of the basic kits.

The second change I am planning is Much more difficult! The kit is designed to have the roof sections lift off for access to the rooms.... rather than having a side opening panel. I want the roofs to be firmly attached.... for reasons which will become clear when I get to that stage of the construction.... and so I want the side walls to open for access to the interior! This will require making a hinge surface and cuts and supports for the hinges, as well as redesigning the supports for the roof sections! A Trifle Ambitious... you say? Well, yes. But I really want this Conservatory to function in this different way.... so I am going to give it a try!

And you may recall that I was planning to use the extra tiles from the Castle Great Hall Floor as tiles for the Conservatory floor. At first it looked as though I would not need to make too many more tiles.... but then you add another whole section of Conservatory.....

As you can see from the view in through the end wall window...... 
there is a whole lot of flooring to cover!
So I guess I will also be making a great many more tiles!

That is not the only thing that has been getting more complicated, Dear Readers,
I also must tell you the next chapter of Daphne's story. 
I hope that by now you are not so lost in all my different stories that you have forgotten all about Daphne! Well, this chapter is not about Daphne, but about Guillaume and Yvonne deMontaigne, the grandparents of her child. You may recall that they had finally hired a Nanny to look after the child and the household was finally on the verge of settling into a comfortable routine. Barely a few weeks had gone by when one afternoon Guillaume suddenly mentioned that he didn't feel at all well....

He and Yvonne had just returned from a luncheon with old friends..... he thought that perhaps he had eaten "something" that didn't agree with him. Yvonne was concerned and helped him sit in the nearest chair, saying "perhaps a short rest is what you need... too much walking right after eating...?" She was a little concerned... she didn't like to mention it... but he was so much older than she... and she didn't want to think of Time ticking past...!

 But he didn't seem to improve ..... 
he just became quiet and stared into the distance.....

"Are you alright, Dear..." she asked.... 
and when he couldn't answer she became terribly alarmed and called for emergency help!
He was rushed to the Hospital. It became clear after a while that he had suffered a stroke which left him partially paralyzed and unable to talk at all. Yvonne was terrified she would lose him too.... and was grateful when he was no longer in danger. But it was more weeks before he was home again...

And Yvonne had to hire a Live in Nurse to attend to him.

They found a young man who was strong enough to lift him and help him as he slowly regained some of his abilities. The Doctors feared he would not speak again.... even if he learned to walk with help.

Yvonne spent much of her time at his side.... but she gradually realized she had to accept that she had not quite lost her Husband... but in some ways she had.... he had always told her everything.... and now he could not tell her anything at all! And as time passed.... the pressures of the outside world began to intrude.... their Estates and Businesses could not run forever without someone at the helm.... and that had always been Guillaume's work. And now they were beginning to come to her with questions....

And she had to make a decision on her own.... 
could she pick up the reins that Guillaume had let fall...?

Could she manage to learn enough to keep the Estates and Businesses running until Guillaume could resume control? They had been training Andre to fill that position... Andre who would never.....
No, she must not weep any more! Guillaume needed her to be strong now.... he had always confided in her and she had always listened... perhaps she knew more than she thought she did..... perhaps she could talk to Guillaume ... tell him what her ideas were... and somehow.... she might know ....

She might know what he would have done.... 
what he wanted her to do....
Someone had to take charge.... or they would all be lost!
She could only try.... it would be an enormous challenge....
But she had to try!
Yes, Dear Readers.....
Whether its the Conservatory or the Story....
It gets Complicated!


  1. Both the conservatory and the story are about challenges - it does get complicated!

  2. Aaargh... that's it for the story? Oh this is a test of patience. And yes, it is all quite complicated. No wonder Daphne never told her story before, it has more story lines than Days of our Lives. How long did that take? 30 years? Well, you've got me hooked. As for the conservatory, your changes sound challenging. Moving the doors to the side so the space can actually hold furniture makes sense. Nobody wants to sit and relax in a walk-through area, not to mention the draft. Have fun/good luck/enjoy/hold on* with the brickwork and tile making!
    * choose one

  3. Can't wait to see more of the changes in conservatory you are planning soon! And the story is more and more interesting.:) Can't wait for more of both!:)

  4. Hello from Spain: I like the facade. Great creation. The living room is very elegant. Impressive fireplace. The story is very real. Keep in touch

  5. Hello Betsy,
    First of all, I will say it again, you are a magnificent story teller! I am so into your story I cannot wait to know what happens next!
    Secondly, the changes you are thinking about making to the conservatory sound like a lot of work, but I think your ideas are great and will make the conservatory a work of art. hang in there!
    Big hug,

  6. The conservatory is looking great. Cute story too!

  7. WOW! A conservatory--I guess I missed that that was in the works! I love how you are doing it. Two of them make a great building. I, too, love builder's foam for chimneys as well as landscaping.

    Today's story was a bit sad but I know your little people are made of very sturdy stuff and will always find a way.

  8. The conservatory is amazing.
    A sad and realistic story.
    Greetings, Faby

  9. Hi Betsy, I like the plans you've made for the conservatory, I am curious how it will look like at the end. Now you have to solve some problems, but I am sure you can do that;)!
    Love the story!
    Hugs, Ilona

  10. Soooo... yet another cliffhanger... *grumble* Not fair!!! Wait a minute... oh... Fluby just told me we're doing the same with our "Once upon a time"-stories... oh, poor me, now I can't even complain about being left here outside waiting impatiently for your gorgeous story to continue... Things are really getting complicated now - but I think after one, two, three, four cliffhangers more all will turn out well! ;O) I really love this story and how you're telling it - and your conservatory looks great so far. Well, that's typically you - not doing it the usual way but doing it the Betsy-way... and in the end it's going to be breathtaking.


  11. I would love a conservatory just like that in RL, who wouldn't? Look forward to seeing how you solve the many complications, and to hearing more of poor, stricken Guillaume and Yvonne, they seem pretty well off so that will make it easier for them in many ways.

  12. You're so good at problem-solving, Betsy, that I have all confidence that whatever solution you come up with will be absolutely perfect. Your story is taking a sad turn but dare I hope for a brighter conclusion? I know, I know...stay tuned!

  13. Do you ever NOT make things more complicated??? LOL I think it's great you make changes, it always make the things more personal and beautiful!!!

    But Daphne's's not a very happy story yet, but it's very intriguing!!! Every time I want to know more!!! You're a very good storyteller :-)

  14. wow Betsy you really have a lot of floor to cover, good luck.

  15. It's lovely to see the progress on your greenhouse and to read about the future plans you have with it. Hugs, Liduina

  16. Hello dear Betsy! I have to commend you for the conservatory task that is before you and the way that you are so willing to take it on! I think that you are on the right track with the door re-location and also the added chimney divide! Very ambitious but worth the effort! ONe thing about you is that you NEVER do anything by halves!!! You go Girl!
    I was SO not expecting to read the further adventures of Daphne but what a Twist to the story that I never saw coming! As usual, the story is a Fascinating read and I am now extremely curious as to how it will work itself out in the next installment!
    What a Great Storyteller you are!!!! :D


  17. Hi Betsy! First of all, I think you found a great solution for that space between 2 buildings. Good luck with the brick work though!
    The story about Guillaume reminded me about my Vanessa who actually lost her husband and had to learn to live on her own and deal with Estate and Business. I am sure Yvonne is strong enough to go through this part of life with her head up. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. Feel better soon, Guillaume!

  18. I am positive the conservatory is going to turn out just magnificent! Especially from someone who loves plants and flowers like you. The structure already looks cool.

    Like Elizabeth, I am surprised at how thick the plot surrounding Daphne and her baby has become. You have such a vivid imagination that I am sure this can be a 1000 episode soap. :). It's always such a pleasure to be here, dear Bets.