Monday, April 7, 2014

Stars In The Sky...

Tower Dome Progress...

I am sure that some of you, Dear Readers, will have guessed that I was going to paint the Tower Dome Ceiling to resemble the Sky! And probably some of you even guessed that I would make it that Heavenly Blue of the Night sky scattered with Stars! So I will assure you that I have done just that!
But I left you last week wondering whether the dome even Fit in the Tower... and I was quite relieved to find out, once the glue had dried completely, that it fit nearly perfectly!
As you can see here below, in the raw, unpainted version....

The first order of the day was to paint it with primer and then the blue......

Please forgive the streaky nature of the painting... 
I did two coats, but was reluctant to do a third as each layer added
 reduces the translucent effect of the paint. 
In this case it is the ceiling where it is hard to see it anyway.....
And I wanted that rich color of the blue!
I had to test the look in the tower...
where I had added a row of "stones" around the rim for the Dome to sit upon...

And then I started to add the stars....

They are in two different sizes, randomly placed...

(Sorry the picture really emphasizes the streaky painting....!)
I tried not to make it too heavily starred....
And meanwhile I have also started to paint
 the "stones" around the Tower Windows...

And while I was painting the stones of the Windows, 
I also painted the stones of the Lotus Fountain...
Or rather the Lotus "Funtain"....
 As Ewa so Fortuitously Named it!

I do think that painting it is starting to improve its looks...
or perhaps I am just getting used to it.....!
I plan to add more layers and shades...
But it is starting to look decent!

And I have even started to add the "water" effects....
So far it is just a layer of glittery paper and the clear gel glue.....
I want to try to photograph it better because
 the glittery paper has Iridescent Stars in its depth...
but it is SO difficult to photograph that effect!
I guess for now, we will have to just make do with the stars in the Sky...

And here you can see the Dome in place with the stars....
they only shine when the light is right.....
And speaking of Light....
I found a Lovely little "chandelier"

It is a Jewelry "bauble" I found at Michaels....
It has rhinestones and prisms on it....
which reflect beautifully in the Sunlight.....
Which makes me want to try out a Battery LED.....
(I know.... I wasn't going to do Wiring for this project...!)

I haven't figured out the proper position for the LED yet.....
It needs to be a bit shaded or it glares too brightly....
and I want it to reflect on the prisms.....

 I think it has a great deal of Potential...
Once I get it all figured out!
But for now, I think you will agree with me Dear Readers....
Whether it is Stars in the water or Stars in the Sky....
I am making some progress on the Cloud Palace Tower!


  1. It is getting dreamier and dreamier! (are those words? lol) Love the blue dome and stars! I knew it was just a matter of a little fixing up to get the fountain looking good!

  2. I LOVE the chandelier! And the night sky above! Great work Betsy!
    I love this "funtain". can't wait to see more of water.:)

  3. Yes, if it is Stars in the water or Stars in the Sky is so brilliant and so cozy. I love your Tower.

  4. The tower will be beautiful, Betsy. I love the blue color of the dome and the added stars, it looks wonderful! I think it must be difficult to figure out where the LED light has to be placed for the reflection of the prisms, but I bet you will find a solution, you always do ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. Это невероятно! То, что я вижу, уже прекрасно! Мне нравится ваш стиль! Величественно и красиво!

  6. The dome is the perfect shade of blue and the stars add to the dreamy feel. :-) Wonderful progress on the stone work as well. I am really enjoying your updates on this fabulous project, Betsy!

  7. it's so pretty, the light really adds to the ceiling, great progress on the stone work I was totally surprised I didn't know you were going to do looks great


  8. Amazing! The chandelier is perfect.

  9. Hello from Spain: beautiful stars. The dome is awesome. Keep in touch

  10. Hmmm... why am I not surprised seeing this stunning, amazing ceiling? *LOL* What an incredibly beautiful blue... You've done a fantastic job (but what else to expect from you, there's always a special touch of Betsy-magic in your projects). I'm convinced our friend known as the Skywalker will love that room... And who knows - maybe Blue, being the Blue Fairy for everyone who wishes upon a star - grows her wishing stars on that ceiling... kind of a star plantation... And your funtain (no other name possible anymore) looks already amazing so far. Thanks for enchanting my day!


  11. Your star studded ceiling is fantastic. The chandelier is beautiful and perfect for this room. I love to watch your progress.
    Hugs Maria

  12. What an incredible project. The ceiling is so perfectly done. And your stones look amazing. It's like a dream tower out of some fairytale.


  13. Your ceiling is Wonderful Betsy and the color of the ceiling and the gold of the stars is like looking up into outer space! It is other-worldly. I Love It! and the way that you have painted the stones. Your photos have really showcased them
    and they are both a Perfect fit for each other.



  14. The overall effect is going to look wonderful and it will be lovely with a light shining on the prisms.

  15. The blue of the dome with the golden stars is absolutely stunning!!! So is the fountain, that I kind of imagined like that when it was still not painted or decorated...I knew you would have transformed it in something beautiful. The house already have a magical feel to it and I can't imagine how great it will be when finished! Fantastic job!!

  16. Finally, here's Mom.
    Gorgeous blue ceiling & stars, & love the "chandelier." If you think of the "funtain" as being rough stone work it's going to be beautiful. Those bearys are certainly getting a splendid dream castle.
    Lots of love,

  17. ooooh, could it be a bit of that Mariacki Blue I so love and dedicated to you like eons ago?

    1. Yes! Exactly that Blue, Dear Sans! That Unforgettable Blue that I adore!
      I am so glad to see you here again... I have missed your comments! :):)

  18. Hello Betsy,
    I could not have pictured anything more perfect for the tower. the sky scene is wonderful and I love the starts. It really is a perfect room to let ones imagination soar. It really feels like a cupola I have seen in European cathedrals. Absolutely stunning Besty, and the fountain is terrific.
    Big hug,