Monday, May 12, 2014

Over The Top....

Or Just Plain Nuts.....

Where did the weekend go, Dear Readers? I had such great hopes to accomplish Big things in several of my mini projects, but then it turned into the first really nice weekend of Spring.... so I spent some time outside in the garden... and then the time I did spend on minis seemed to get swallowed up with some Tiny little details that were never on the list in the first place! Did you notice them already?
Well, let me show you where I left the bathroom in Rose Thorn Cottage last week.... when I realized that I should turn the bath around so we can see those faucets...

As I looked at it in the bright light of morning, I realized that something was missing! 
As lovely as those faucets were.... they looked lonely....
And as I began to think about things like where the soap should go, and was lamenting that I didn't have one of those lovely wire soap dishes to hang over the edge of the tub, I recalled seeing an antique circular soap dish somewhere long ago.... 
and decided to try to make one from jewelry findings and wire. 
Of course, I forgot to take pictures....
because I just was seeing if it would work....

It looks almost just like the one I remember!
But then I thought it needed soap.... 
so I pulled out the sculpey.....

Just plain old white bars of soap!
(I made several... will need to "wrap" the others...)
But as wonderful as that was.... 
it still looked incomplete to me.
Where was the chain with the drain plug?
Well, I had to make one, Of course!

And while the sculpey plug was cooking.....
I made a toilet paper roll and the holder....

And attached it to the side wall where it will be invisible when the door is added!
But... we will know it is there!

Then I needed to see how the tub looked with the new adornments....

Here you can see it with the little shelf under the mirror added...
and the "chair rail" which acts as additional support for the shelves...
Oh, and a sponge! 
I cut a piece off of a real sponge and perched it on the side of the tub...
But something still doesn't look right....
I want to be able to see that stopper I worked so hard to make!

So I pulled the tub out of the house (thankfully still not glued in place...) 
and I draped the stopper chain over the top of the faucets....
just as we always used to do....!
Aaah.... that looks more like it!

But when we put it in the Cottage... 
it is so dim we can hardly see!
And if we are trying to see it through the door....

With the help of a bright light shining in the window....
I think it looks nearly perfect!

 Well, Dear Readers, it wasn't what I planned at all!
And while it is nearly impossible to see with the wall in place,
I think it is Definitely Over the Top!
(And probably a Little bit Nuts!)


  1. Not over the top at all - I love all the detail you put into your work - whether it can be seen or not.

  2. This is why finishing of any space (or lantern) takes me so much time. There is always something missing that just HAS to be added! ;) For me you can go nuts over this tub even more! ;D

  3. No, it is not over the top at all, Betsy!! As you know I also like to add this sort of detail at my miniatures ;)! I think it is a very nice addition to your bathroom, just to know that it is there, although it will be not in sight. Creativity is using your imagination and you are so lucky to have lots of imagination, therefore your work is so original and special :D! Bloggers ask me how I get those ideas: I think you just have to use use your imagination, you let yourself shrink to the size of a doll and than you get the answer on a problem, you'll see the details, isn't it ;)? (I hope you understand what I mean, I guess my poor English is not that good for describing some issues...)
    Big hugs to a very creative blogfriend, who is certainly NOT going nuts ;)!

  4. Hi Betsy,
    I do not think it is over the top at all. In fact, your attention to detail is one of the things I enjoy about reading your blog and seeing your projects. I think it is perfect now. Glad you enjoyed the sunshine this past weekend and still had "mini time" :-)

  5. Hello from Spain: This bathroom is fabulous. Great accessories. Keep in touch

  6. Hello Betsy,
    Bravo! These spaces which can barely be seen are, in my opinion, what elevate a collection of small things to a miniature house. They add such a high level of realism and they really do make people want to explore the rooms more. I don't think you are nuts, I just think you are one of the best miniaturists out there.
    All the little touches you added are terrific. they are all well done and again just a glimpse of some of those pieces through a door completely ups your game. I love this bathroom. It looks so inviting. Fantastic work Betsy!
    Big hug,

  7. I like it and I dont think it's over the top it looks like a real bathroom, are you going to add a little bathmat :P


  8. Well, I agree with Giac - it's really the tiny details that make or break this kind of work. Imagine, if you're a little girl, and you're suddenly presented with the completed house - how thrilling it would be to discover all the little things. I particularly love the soap dish, and I admire the plug on a chain. I agree with Marisa that you need a bath mat but that shouldn't be much of a problem.
    Lots of love,

  9. Giac already pointed out what I liked to say - he's a native speaker and I'm glad he already did it so I don't have to struggle for the right words... *LOL* It's always the little details that make a project special and the love (and time of course) you've put into them. And somehow that's one of the reasons why I like having a blog. Some of those details may not or only hardly be visible anymore once the scene is done - but in their own posts they can be king or queen... even if it's only for one day (or post)! ;O) I really like your newest additions, they are far away from being over the top. And don't you dare say again about a blogfriend of mine she has probably gone a little bit nuts! No way!!!

    Birgit (who really felt a tickle on her nose all day long last Sunday)

  10. Your attention to detail makes your rooms so special. I love these fantastic extras. Your bathroom is so amazing.
    Hugs Maria

  11. When I see rooms large or small I like to think of mood. This bathroom gives me a mood of private comfort and serenity. Besides the details I think the color gives it that mood.Great work!

  12. I like your fantastic bathroom. The details are perfect.

  13. Betsy I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE YOUR TUB! This is sooo clever and it looks so REAL! I love the fact that it is a zinc tub with a wood surround. It gives so much character to this practical little room and it is hard to believe that you have been able to not only Maximize this tiny space but also make it completely functional too! Your corner shelf over the tub and the chair rail and the toilet paper holder and the drain plug and the soap dish are ALL PERFECT for this cottage. I am really loving the way this entire project is developing. With each thing you do it becomes more and more Enchanting! :D


  14. The best thing about your houses and what you do is that there is nothing in them that is generic, that they truly suit the living breathing people that would live in them. If that's nuts, well, then we all are too! Because that's what the magic of making things is about, you make something that only you would make the way you would make it and share it with us and we say, yes, exactly. Though it would never cross my mind to make a gorgeous zinc tub for my own house, I'm so much less creative in that way, I see your handiwork and think, yes, exactly! That's exactly it. Magic.