Monday, May 11, 2015

'Twas Early In The Month of May...

Projects Old And New.....

I hope you will not be Too Surprised, Dear Readers, to see that I have picked up my needle and Magnifier and continued the embroidery of the Tiny curtains for the Pagoda Bed in the Tree House Chinoiserie Bedroom! The first of the two curtains has been mostly done for ages now, and the second curtain had only just been started. The curtain panels each are only 2 and 1/2 inches tall! They fit together inside a 6 inch embroidery hoop with room to spare. So what has been holding up the progress, you ask? Well, I needed to decide whether the second curtain would be a copy of the first one, or whether it could vary from the design. I have decided that it will be basically a copy, in that the flowers will be of similar color and design.... but it is very difficult to copy exactly! It seemed pointless to make an entirely new design, when one of the curtains faces the wall and will rarely, if ever, be seen! So they will be a matching pair! And I embroidered most of one blossom and part of another on Sunday morning as the beautiful May breezes wafted in my window!

There is still a Loooong way to go, but I made progress!

And another project that still has a Loooong way to go 
is the adding egg-carton stones to the Guard Tower of the Cloud Palace.

I had a Dream one night that all the Beary Guys 
were standing around Playing Cards in the Guard Tower,
and I realized they would need some seats to sit on!
I decided to make some built-in Stone benches....
And Hamish Harry came by to see if they were the right size!

Yup! He says they will do nicely!
So I got to work adding the "stones"....
Starting with the window openings.....

I found a piece that would bend over the opening and
stretch to the sides on both the inside and the outside!

They needed to look like a single piece of "stone"
forming the base of each window.

And then the remaining structural pieces for the window 
could wrap around the open edge....

And the same was needed for the bottom steps...
It needed to appear as though it was a single thick piece of "stone".

I started on the edges for the open doorways too...
And the "stone" bench....
There is a Looong way to go on this project!
And because there was such a Looong way to go, Dear Readers, 
did I work at it diligently?
No, I am afraid I got distracted by the Beautiful May Morning....
And remembered Another project....

Painting the walls of the Willowcrest Bedroom....
trying to capture that Perfect Moment on a May morning....
when the apple Trees are burst into bloom....

And the lilacs too......
(I know the colors don't look right here.... 
it is the dark purple variety of lilac!)

And before you can even catch your breath, 
the Quince are blooming too!
(Just starting to add the color in the above picture)

Yes, believe it or not, Dear Readers, there is still a Looong way to go 
with painting these walls, trying to capture that Perfect moment....

Here you can sort of see how they look in place in the Willowcrest....

These are modeled on the murals I have been painting 
on the walls of my RL bedroom...
Trying to hold onto that perfect moment...
early on a May morning....

As if that were possible Dear Readers!
But Twas Early In the month of May....
And as you can see, Even though there is a Loong way to go
I made progress on Old Projects and new!


  1. Loving the Willowcrest walls - certainly a 'perfect moment'.

  2. aahhh ce joli moi de mai loué par tant de poètes et dans tant de chanson. Vous en avez fait très bel hommage Betsy avec les peintures de la chambre de Willowcrest.
    La broderie est une merveille.

  3. des fresques lumineuses
    quel joli travail de broderie

  4. I like the painting on the walls.

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  7. I love the wonderful painting on the walls. The tower is looking fantastic. I think those bears have you wrapped around their little finger lol having you make them stone seats so much work haha.
    Hugs Maria

  8. It is always great to see the progress in your houses and new ideas bursting around! Love your trees -as it was something new, lol! - and the bench is looking good already.

  9. Wow, you're busy working on so many different things. Good to see you're working for the tree house again and that stone bench for the beary guys is a wonderful idea! I can already imagine them sitting there playing cards and having a good sip of honey milk... *grin* And as always when you're showing something you've painted I am in awe - these tree murals are beautiful, breathtaking, beautiful, impressive, did I mention beautiful???


  10. Teus projetos são tão bem executados e são muito inspiradores também! Eu adorei os murais. ;)
    Um grande abraço.

  11. lovely embroidery and mural, may is such a wonderful month.

  12. Sorry I'm late - been back & forth all over town.
    Lovely! Even here in the dry Southwest, it's beautiful - all the flowers are blooming. Lots of roses in this little town. I love the murals and I LOVE the curtains! I wish I had curtains just like that in my own windows - is that a hint?
    Lots of love,

  13. You must be a very patient person to make this tiny embroidery and I´m really not envy about cut all those egg carton stones for the stairs. But I think someday your furry mates will love it to sit on the stone bank and remember about all this work you´ve done for them!

  14. Hello Betsy,
    THat staircase is gorgeous! I just love it and it is perfect in the room. It is not too big, yet it feels very appropriate for a palace. Beautiful work. I am in awe of your embroidery skills. It is so beautiful and accurate. I can't wait to see it finished. As for your painting skills, You amaze and thrill me. You are such a master painter. Gorgeous!
    Big hug,