Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Flights Of Fancy....

All Scattered On The Winds...

Well, Dear Readers, We are deep in the Dog Days of Summer, the temperature is hot and the air is sultry and it is difficult to gather the energy to work at anything requiring effort! But even though very little has been accomplished on any of the building projects this week, I was able to grab my camera and record a few Very Interesting Little Things! To begin with, way back in the Spring I attended the Sturbridge Miniatures Fair, and as is usual, I came home with a wonderful selection of mini items, most of which had Never been on my "list" at all! I guess I just have poor impulse control... but could You have resisted this Tiny flying Fairy Horse? In the above picture you can see that he has found his way to the Cloud Palace.....

He flew right around the sitting area 
where Hamish Harry was telling Lady Lavender a story...
(I think she was momentarily distracted..!)

But the Fairy Horse just flew past and circled around to where 
the Snail-Racing Fairy was calling out to him....

Can you see him down there on the Window ledge? No?
Well, the Snail-Racing Fairy was trying to show off
 the Treasure he had found way up on the Distant Briar Moor...
But so far he hadn't been able to find anyone 
who was excited about his big old Rusty Key....!

But that is not what you are wanting to hear about.....
You are probably wondering, Dear Readers, What has become of 
all the Little Travelers we last saw at the Castle...!

Well, I can tell you that the Little Dreamer had found 
Old Meg in the Castle Kitchen....

And Old Meg had been very clear with her!
"You must return the way you came..." she declared.
"You must go back through the doors you entered and Only Those Doors!"
"You will find your Sister waiting, 
and Guard Ian will return you to the Gates of Time."

"But you Must Remember this..." she warned....
"Do Not Look back!"

The Little Dreamer was properly alarmed... 
and turned to leave the way she came....

But right away she began to worry that she couldn't remember 
Exactly Which doors she had passed through! 
And how far back did she mean...?

But she headed back through the doors to the Stables....
Hoping she would know the right doors when she saw them!

And meanwhile, Marmalade has been watching Father Alban at his easel.

She thought that if she just came closer she could see how it was 
that he mixed the colors to paint so beautifully!
She didn't want to bother him....

She just wanted to see how it was done... 
so Someday she could try to paint things herself!
And then she remembered that she was supposed to be looking for the Wizard...
And she wanted to show Buttercup what she had found!

She turned and headed back into the Great Hall.

"I wonder where everybody is..." she thought 
as she passed through the empty hall!

Well, Buttercup and Tiny Bear were enjoying the Exact Same Great Hall...
But from a different Time!

And the view from the Gallery was Marvelous...
 except for the Dogs down below!

"How will we get past them...?" wondered Tiny Bear nervously.
"Oh that is simple...!" declared Buttercup.
"Hang on Tiny Bear..." she called... and Leaped over the wall....

Well, of course... Fairy Bears can fly so easily! 
Tiny Bear had forgotten that!

They circled around the Hall while deciding which door to try next....

But they had not noticed that they were not alone in the Great Hall!

Lady Athena had seen all the comings and goings through the holes in Time.....
 and the visitors that passed through her rooms without so much as a by-your-leave... 
And she thought the Wizard should be informed!

And she knew where to find him!
He wasn't far......
He was stuck in a Moment of Frozen Time 
in the Castle Council Chamber.....

But before she can get to him....
Buttercup and Tiny Bear have followed the stairs down to the cellars...

There is a Door at the bottom of the stairs... 
and they decide to have a look inside.... 
just to see if by any chance the Wizard is there....

Only to discover that he is Not!
"Oh help!" said Tiny Bear... in a Tiny voice!
"Oh my!" said Buttercup in a Very Admiring voice!
(She was not at all afraid of Dragons!)
"Hello, I am Buttercup," she said politely.
"We are looking for the Wizard...." she added hopefully.
"Would you know where we can find him?"

"Ahhhhhh...." said Slitherwing.... 
"As it happens I was going to see him myself..."
"I can take you there...." he said, eyeing Tiny Bear slyly.
"Why don't you climb on my back..." he suggested....
"My wings are bigger, we can fly there so much faster that way..." 
and he grinned a Dragonish grin that was not really nice at all!
But Buttercup was not at all deterred..... 
she had always wanted to ride on a Dragon!
And in no time at all it seemed they were off and flying through the night sky!

Soaring high above the Chimneys and roof-tops!

The landscape below was not at all familiar....
And Buttercup had hardly any time to wonder where the Wizard might be...
When suddenly the Dragon gave a nasty twist to his body....
And tossed them into the air....!
Buttercup was able to catch herself and fly.....
But Tiny Bear could not fly at all....!
And Buttercup has not yet realized he has fallen off!

"Oh Help!" thinks Tiny Bear as he plummets....

And suddenly, from out of Nowhere.....

A tiny Flying Fairy Horse swoops under Tiny Bear.....
And carries him swiftly away!
It all happened so fast... 
Buttercup did not see it at all!

And before he could even catch his breath, Dear Readers, 
Tiny Bear was being dropped into an empty chair in the Cloud Palace!
Certainly a softer landing than he had expected!

As soon as he could catch his breath, Tiny Bear sat up and looked around.
He recognized the Cloud Palace... he had been here before!

"Thank you for catching me... Whoever you are!" he said.
"My name is 'Thistledown'" replied the Tiny Fairy Horse...
"And it was my pleasure!" he added politely.

Well, Dear Readers, I hope you do not mind too much
if I Leave my Flights of Fancy with you here..... 
and our Little Travelers
All scattered to the Winds!

(To Be Continued....)


  1. Et toujours une jolie histoires chère Betsy, des personnages fabuleux dans de fantastiques décors,...Bienvenue à Thistledown (je trouve le méchant dragon très beau ;-)

  2. I loved the comings and goings inside the castle walls. Betsy and the fairy horse taking a turn about the Cloud Palace were Terrific shots! The Cloud Palace has very Beautiful walls and the atmosphere within it is calm and peaceful whereas inside the castle walls, there's more of a foreboding and spooky atmosphere, however both spaces are 100% BETSY! What an Imagination you have!!! You have told this story so well and the flying (not to be trusted) dragon gliding across the starry night sky was yet again, a great special effect! I really enjoyed your story Betsy AND your great photos too! :D


  3. Hello Betsy,
    I always hate coming to the end of your posts! The story is so much fun to follow. I am glad Tiny bear is safe! You know I love all your work, but there is just something so special about the castle. The pictures in the great hall are wonderful and I just loved the view from the gallery. It was nice to get a glimpse of your wonderful saints on the ceiling. It really is a masterpiece and you captured the feel and atmosphere of a castle perfectly. Love, lov3e, love it!
    Big hug,

  4. Oh my! I think there are many more episodes to come! So many things happen at once! Can't wait to see and read more! Tiny Fairy Horse is my favourite right now, lol!

  5. Love your emagination, took me away for a while, to another time and place! Do write more soon. Pam in Norway

  6. Hi Betsy, have you ever considered writing childrens story books and using your wonderful miniatures as illustrations? I think they would be on the best sellers list. Yay for the hero Thistledown =0)

  7. Goodness! How will they ever get back together?
    Love the castle full of holes in time - good theme.
    I will wait with baited breath (what in the world does that actually mean?) for the next episode.
    Lots of love,

  8. My gosh they really are scattered all about I hope they don't lose one another for ever. Fantastic story you sure have a way of leaving us all wondering What's next :D Tiny fairy horse is gorgeous and a real hero. Wonderful pictures.
    Hugs Maria

  9. What a wonderful find the fairy flying horse is. It fits in perfectly with your wonderful stories.

  10. And the Blogscar for best special effects goes to... BETSY!!! Best story-telling: BETSY!!! Best female beary in a flying role: BUTTERCUP!!! And best villain: SLITHERWING!!! Oh my, this was another great episode... with all the flying effects as the cream on top. And you've introduced another big hero - I just love Thistledown, what a relief he came to save Tiny Bear. Although it's hard to believe that this is possible at all... but this tale of yours gets more and more fascinating, I can't wait for the next episode (and I'm totally curious if Lady Lavender and Hamish Harry will ever notice their little visitor... *LOL*)