Monday, August 10, 2015

Lost In Time.....

Where Does It Go....?

I Hope you will Understand, Dear Readers, when I tell you that I am Lost in Time! It has Completely Escaped my grasp lately, and the more I try to pin it Down... the more Elusive it becomes! So I hope you will remember That when I tell you that The Wizard has been Wrestling with the same Problem.... only magnified by Many Many Years! And at a certain point he says... the Only thing I can do is stand and watch it spin.... and when the right moment comes, I will know where to leap in! Ah he is so Wise! So I take his advice.... and on a Sunny Sunday Morning I survey the Little World that is mine to jump into.... Little moments suspended in Time....

Someday there will be a Garden .... with growing plants.....
but for now there is still just the promise of seeds....

And Breakfast on a Sunny Morning.....

And Tea and cupcakes....
With Hamish Harry still wooing Lady Lavender...

And Marmalade still struck speechless with Wonder...!
Have Any of the Travelers found their path....?
Not to mention Daphne who has spent Ages 
trying to compose a very difficult letter 
to the Grandparents of her child! 

Has she made Any progress at all?
And will we Ever hear the rest of her Story?

These are the questions that Torment me, Dear Readers, 
as I survey my Small and very Crowded little world!
And in the midst of all the Chaos.... I spot the Moon Maidens.....
And think wouldn't it be Wonderful to Finish those windows....
so I could attach those walls....
and free up all the chairs that currently hold all the parts....
And Maybe Then there would be Room for Time to shift just a little....
So I jump in....

I will not bore you here with a list of the difficulties with 
assembling the frames for these windows!

Suffice it to say that each frame is made of multiple layers....
Pieces punched from splintering and fragile wood.
Above you can see them all assembled, 
glued together and with the primer coat painted. 
(Hours and Hours Consumed!)

And while the paint is drying, I added the "leading" 
to the exterior of the remaining windows.
And glued them in place!
(More Hours... Evaporating....!)

I only have the last few windows for the 
Parlor bay window that have not been leaded!

Hours and hours and
Three coats of paint later.....
All the trim is going to be the silver color.

The house facade with only the door trim in place....

The window frame propped in place..... 
just testing....

But I Think I am figuring it out Dear Readers!
If you look Carefully....
The Hours can be transformed ....!
Minutes congeal into pieces we can see!
Time doesn't Disappear.....
It Becomes!

But What has Become of all those Other Times?
Where are those Stories Going?
That, Dear Readers,
Only Time will Tell!


  1. Ah yes, our hobby is the thief of time but as the pieces fall into place and the stories unfold, you can appreciate where every minute was spent. It all looks wonderful =0)

  2. Hello Betsy,
    This post was such a story tease! I can't wait to see how each adventure unfolds. I think every minute that is stolen by inspiration is a minute well spent. The windows are looking fabulous and I LOVE the silver color. It is just perfect with the feel and style of the house. You really managed to create a sense of unity. Every inner detail works so well and is complemented by the exterior. the painting, the curtains, the architectural detail...everything works so well. Great job.
    Big hug,

  3. I agree with Giac! You are a master of suspence! Now we all can't wait where each story will lead you. :)Good to see most of the heroes and heroines of you story again and in one post. :) The frames look great in silver can't wait to see them on place. :)

  4. Wow I love the silver frames. The windows are gorgeous. Your hours seem to be very productive :) We have plenty of stories to look forward too. Fantastic work.
    Hugs Maria

  5. Boring details! But so worth it. The windows are wonderful, and they really make that spooky old house. As for the stories - have you never read several books at one time? Long ago I learned that you don't have to finish one project before beginning another - that's what keeps everything fun and interesting. Carry on! I'm sure Daphne will write that letter...
    Love, Mom

  6. Ah, I see you haven't forgotten about Daphne... *showing-devlish-grin* So many lose ends for you to pick up... but the good thing is: Whatever end you're taking... it always leads to something great. All your stories unfolding are treasures apart from how long it may take you to tell them... and somehow a good story that's finally finished is really sad. So I'm looking forward to learn how all of this will go on... and in the meantime I see you've picked one loose end that was VERY time consuming. But it was worth all the work because your windows look fantastic now. It's always stunning to see your vision and concept shining through every new step...


  7. Todo lo bueno se tarde en terminar, y de momento va quedando estupendo.
    "Las cosas de palacio van despacio."
    Un abrazo

  8. oh yes, Time, totally elusive, never have enough of it! But you are so productive, with so many different projects on at the same time! I could never do that, I would just disappear down a rabbit hole. But you manage to make beautiful things! I LOVE the moon maidens, lovely and silvery, and the facade is coming togerhter really nicely!


  9. You are a natural storyteller! Time is such an illusion, isn't it? Lovely progress you've been making. Good luck to my favorite Hamish in trying to win the Lady's affections. :)

  10. Hi Betsy! One of the things that I MOST enjoy about visiting here is not only are you Ultra Creative in what you do, but that you also manage to juggle so many different tales as well as tie them all together in such interesting a imaginative ways, so that one story can be interwoven with another doll's house adventure and then another....
    The Daphene story was one that I was wondering about all the while that I was involved with the Little Dreamer. Whatever has happened to her? Her story is a good as Daytime television ie. "All My Children", "The Young and Restless" etc.
    Still, whatever tale is being told, it is told so well and with such consummate skill that ones interest is captured right up to the end, ... only they NEVER End they are only "to be continued" and so we too, become lost in time and in Betsyville!
    Keep em' coming Storyteller! :D