Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Chasing Visions...

More Adventures With Doors and Windows...

I Intended to paint more on the Castle Hall Ceiling, Dear Readers, but then I thought I would just finish the lead outlining for the exterior of the Parlor French doors first so I could see how they would look. And then I wanted to see how the fine black lace would look as curtains on these windows, and realized that I would need to attach these curtain rods and curtains Before I completed the trees in the parlor! And while I was at it, I wanted to see how the added window muntins would look on the outside of the windows, so I started in on the kitchen window first.

Here you can see the muntins have been added to the right hand window, 
and only the cross-pieces on the other two.

And here you can see the window in place with the completed muntins....
I think it adds the right amount of realism for these windows!

And after deciding that I liked the way the black lace curtain looked.... 
I had to take the house apart in order to glue the windows in place....
Because I wanted to add weights to press the windows while gluing.... 
which meant tipping the house on its side....
And adding some good solid books for weight!
And since I had to take the house apart to do this, 
I figured I might as well be doing the upstairs windows at the same time....
So I slowly but surely added the exterior leading 
to all the major windows for the parlor and the bedroom...
(Which used a lot of Time!)
And then glued them in place!

And added the curtain rods...

And propped the trees in place... 
which is when I realized I will need to make some adjustments 
for the curtain on the window at the right in the parlor! 
The trees prevent any access to the curtain rod!
But it sure is looking the way I hoped it would!
(And I never got to the painting at all!)
But that is not what I am Really wanting to tell you about, Dear Readers!
I am sure there are some of you out there who look at this Blog every week and think 
"But What about the Fairy Bears and the little Dreamers? 
Are they Lost? 
Did they ever make it to the Castle let alone the Cloud Palace?"
Well, I want to reassure you that they Did make it to the Castle... 
although the Cloud Palace is still not on their horizon!
Because the Castle is where things get VERY Tricky, Dear Readers.....
I am not sure that you have noticed, 
but Time at the Castle is Very Unreliable!
After All, the Castle has been there for maybe a thousand Years, 
give or take a few....
and in all that Time, there is no telling how many stray Hexes or 
Spells of Protection or Transformation have been cast, 
or gone awry or Lingered to trap the unwary!
If you have followed the Tales on this blog you will have met the Wizard 
who mostly inhabits the Caverns deep below the Castle, 
and Old Meg who almost never is seen leaving her spot by the hearth in the Kitchen, 
and has been there for untold Generations, 
and perhaps you have even encountered a Dragon or two 
if you have ventured into the dungeons!
Or Perhaps you have visited with Henry and Belle 
who seem to be forever awaiting the return 
of their Noble Family, the owners of the Castle, 
or waited Forever for Father Alban to pick up his paintbrushes... 
and complete the murals in the Chapel!
Or perhaps you have been to some of the Parties 
that are always catered by the Gracious Host Ken, 
a fellow who is himself a Timeless Hero!
However it is, I hope you have Noticed 
how Strange and Unpredictable Time is while at the Castle!
Alas, our little Travelers know nothing of this!
They have arrived at the Castle thinking it will be 
just like it was the last time they were here!
But it is Not!
Tiny Bear is the First to notice that it is different. 
He has been here before, but he never came to the Stables at all.
He entered the Main Door in the Guard Room, 
and was surprised to find hungry Owls 
about to go out looking for their supper....

But this time he sees chickens and a large Rooster!
"Eh, ....Maybe we should just go look in the Front Door..." he said.
"There was a helpful fellow there last time I was here..." he added hopefully.

Buttercup heard him and noticed that he looked a little bit worried...
"Here, Little Tiny Bear, you can ride on my shoulders..." she said.
"There's a much better view of things from up there..." she added.

He didn't need to hear the offer twice! 
Before she knew it he had leaped onto her shoulders!
Just in time too, as the Rooster came strutting closer!
"Maybe we should go look in that other door..." said Buttercup...

But it seemed nobody else was listening!

The Little Dreamers remembered being here before.
But last time the Castle was empty. 
This time they could hear voices 
coming through the doors from the Kitchen...
Beth thought they should at least go have a look....
But Amy is not so sure! 
She remembers finding the Wizard 
in the caves beneath the Castle.....
She thinks she could find him there again...
and they could be quickly on their way!

She is Sure she knows where to find the path down the cliffs!
And Marmalade? What does Marmalade do?
She decides to go join Buttercup and Tiny Bear....

Who have just reached the Main Door 
and stepped into the Guard Room.
There was nobody there.
And it didn't look much like Tiny Bear Remembered...
Although he was relieved to see no Owls hovering about!
There was a doorway with some stairs in the corner....
"Let's see where those go..." said Tiny Bear, pointing...
(He was feeling much more Brave from his position on Buttercup's shoulders!)

At the top of the stairs there was a door onto a balcony 
which overlooked the Great Hall...
They had a magnificent view from up there!

And down below there was a whole room full of furniture.....

Old Fashioned furniture!
And dogs. There were several Large dogs!
Meanwhile, Marmalade has hurried after Tiny Bear and Buttercup ....
 But when she reaches the Guard Room, 
even though she is not aware of it, 
it is as though she is entering an entirely different world!
She spots the owls, and hopes that they did not bother Tiny Bear, 
but she was sure Buttercup would keep him safe!
She crosses the room and looks through some large doors into the Great Hall.

She thinks that if she hurries she will catch up with Buttercup!

She crosses a nearly empty Great Hall....
and peeks through another door....
And what she sees nearly takes her Breath away!

It is the most Beautiful place she has Ever seen!
She did not know there were such beautiful paintings anywhere!
She completely forgot about finding the Wizard 
or Buttercup... or even some Tea!
And what of the Little Dreamers....?
Beth has indeed peeked into the Kitchen in the Castle...
She has met Old Meg before, 
so she is not entirely surprised to see her 
sitting in the corner beckoning to her...
"Come here, my Child..." she said.
"Do not worry about them... they cannot see you" she added
as Beth came closer into the room and passed near to Henry and Belle.
"They do not inhabit your Time...."
"It is You who have strayed..." she said.
"And now you must go back! 
You cannot travel the same path as your Friends...
They must find their own way" she declared.
"Your task is to collect your Sister and return to help your Brother...."
"He has need of your help, for his Task is not an easy one!"
Beth could only nod and agree... 
but she had no idea where her Brother Perry was to be found...
And she hadn't realized her Sister Amy was lost!

 But what has become of Amy... you wonder....?

She found her way to the Cliff path easily, Dear Readers,
But it was much more overgrown than she remembered....
and she did not expect to find a strange man instead of the Wizard!

She did not remember meeting Guard Ian before.
"You must go back, Little One..." he was saying.
"This is no place or Time for one such as you to be...."
"The Wizard is not here ... and he Cannot help You...!"

Ah, Dear Readers, I must leave you here for now... 
Yes, On This Cliff...!
Because I have run out of Time!
But I hope you have enjoyed this journey 
through so many Doors  (and Windows)
Chasing Visions.... 
aren't we always just chasing Visions?

(To Be Continued...)


  1. Bonjour Betsy,
    vos histoires, vos personnages sont toujours extraordinaires et vos décors sont à la hauteur. La salle de garde est particulièrement impressionnante avec sa majestueuse cheminée et son balcon de bois, j'adore les peintures de la chapelle et la cuisine est digne de ce magnifique château.
    Sincères félicitations pour cette page pleine de rêves et de magie.

  2. Hello Betsy,
    It is always a joy to me to see you have a new post up. The windows and the curtains look wonderful. Excellent choice of lace. It looks perfect. I read your great story and look at the picture of the house with the trees and the lace curtains and painted ceiling...I think I love your work so much because it reminds me of my favorite painters of surrealist art. Everything it very "real" but yet there is always a dream like quality to your work. That coupled with the fact that every inch is perfectly finished makes your artwork amazing.
    Big hug,

  3. One thing does lead to another...
    The spooky house is materializing beautifully. But the 1000 year old castle really rings my bells - what a potentially wonderful story. And just the right kinds of weirdness one would find in a 1000 year old dwelling. I want to hear more! more!

  4. Just to make sure I won't forget it I'm starting with your additions to the Willowcrest... the black lace is just the perfect choice for the windows and adding the muntins on the outside is really worth the effort. The picture showing one finished and the others just begun tells everything about the difference it makes. And let me tell you I always enjoy your pictures... how you're playing with light and managing to catch so much atmosphere. And that's exactly what you also did with your newest episode of this wonderful, wonderful tale (with breathtaking photos... of the Saints' ceiling... the floor in the Grand Hall... everything). Oh, I just love this story (okay... I love all your stories... but a story with Buttercup taking care of Tiny Bear and Marmalade even forgetting about tea tops it all... *smile*) - although you're leaving me hanging on the cliff as usual. Things are getting more and more complicated and mysterious... now they are all lost and wandering through different times... The only thing that keeps me from nibbling down my finger nails is my hope that in the end everything will turn out well... and of course the fact that there are always helpful, knowing persons like Old Meg who will help to bring those who lost their way back to their places... and some fairy bearies to the Cloud Palace.


  5. Las ventanas y las cortinas muy adecuadas.
    Me ha encantado ver las estancias, son unas salas preciosas. Gracias por las historias.
    Un abrazo

  6. Love the windows and lace curtains. Your pictures and stories are amazing. I love the idea of all the different times :) Cant wait for more.
    Hugs Maria

  7. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Betsy I LOVE what you have done with the windows in your enchanted Willowcrest! The black lace gives them so much atmosphere as does the leaded stained glass, but the room with the Trees supporting the ceiling is by far the Most innovative to date! I loved them on the fireplace but to see them now with the windows installed makes this room truly MAGICAL!
    Your Little Dreamer and the company of Bears Adventure through the castle has all the elements of Edgar Allen Poe movies that I used to watch on t.v. Your photos have that dark, mysterious, cautious and shadowy effect that sends shivers up and down my spine. Beautiful Work all around! :D

    p.s. I love that galaxy special effect that you achieved with the sparkly chiffon. It is PERFECT for the night sky and for that dream-like haze.....VERY IMPRESSIVE! :D

  8. Lavoro meraviglioso e storia fantastica!
    Complimenti aspetto il seguito....