Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Paint and More Paint....

Walls, Windows, Ceilings....

I was Home last week on Vacation, Dear Readers, and while I did not get anywhere near as many things done as I had hoped, I did tackle a couple of those "Big" little projects that have been waiting for my Time and Attention! One of those is Painting the egg-carton rocks of the Cloud Palace Tower. This is one of those areas where I have to complete the work on the inside before I can complete the building on the outside... and even the next level up... because it will be too difficult to accomplish once the ceiling is in place! And I made it more difficult for myself (I think) by not painting the walls black before adding the egg-carton rocks. Although I think I would have needed to add black paint to all the crevices anyway even if I had under-painted with black. It is a daunting task to add black paint into all the gaps between  ALL the "rocks" on the Tower!

And once it has been added... it looks terrible!
So then I needed to add the further layers of the gray paints
 to make the black recede into the cracks.

Here it is with just the dark gray layer 
added to make the black almost disappear...
It just looks way too dark!
So I added more layers of the lighter gray.....

And washes of browns.....
And I think it is starting to look like rocks!
But are they the kind of rocks I want?
I am not so sure....
I think they need to be paler....
Somehow more Cloud-like!
This might be challenging!

And as you can Imagine, Dear Readers, 
I was not working on only ONE project!
I had also decided to tackle the problem
 of the Windows for the Willowcrest....

I have decided that I need to abandon the order that 
the Instructions for this kit want you to follow
as far as the windows are concerned. 
They tell you to add them as a LAST step!
I am not sure there is a reason to wait for the last step....
and it would mean you can't weight them down while the glue dries....
So I am planning to add them to the walls right from the start.
Above you can see the pattern I have chosen to paint for the 
"Leaded glass" portion of each window.
I decided that since I want to be able to see into the rooms from the outside, 
the decoration on these windows needed to be minimal.
It is very tricky to paint with this "leaded glass" paint, 
so I added the pattern in sections, 
letting each part dry overnight before adding the next part, 
to prevent smearing the paint.

Here you can see the window temporarily in place 
in the kitchen of the Willowcrest....
just so you can see how the pattern looks.
I still needed to add the color to each window.....
One tiny piece of color at a time!

Here is the kitchen window with the color done....

Of course, the color looks washed out when viewed in place....
but it actually looks pretty good!

And here I am testing the Parlor windows in place...
It was too dark without the sconces on....
I think the colors work really well here.

And the bedroom windows being tested in place....
I have used the same pattern for all the windows, 
but used different colors to suit each room.

Here is a closer view of the bedroom window....

Oh, and Madame Durant wanted to come
 see the progress on her house!
I still need to add the lead golfer's tape to the exterior side 
of each of these windows, Dear Readers.
Another task that will take a long time... 
but needs to be done before the windows are glued in place!
And as if that weren't enough of those "Big" little projects, 
I also continued work on the painted ceiling of the Castle Great Hall!
Do you even remember those Patient Saints?
Some only just barely begun.... 
and others with only a few tiny details still missing. 

Of course, I forget to take a "before" picture... 
not that you would notice the little details I have added anyway!
In the above picture you can see I have painted 
the borders along each side a lovely golden ocher color.
(It is so difficult to get a good focus on this ceiling!)

Here you can see a close-up of the Saints Lucia and Nicholas 
after I had added quite a few details.

And here is Saint Bridget before I had added anything.....

And with the under-painting of the pleats in her robes....

And the color of the pleating 
and the beginnings of the church and the sword.....

And for Saint Matthew, the beginnings 
of the highlights for his robes pleating....

And some details of his book stand and his seat.

But what I really was trying to get to work on, Dear Readers, 
was the painting of the Borders along each side of the ceiling!
They are going to be populated with little images of the daily life of the Ordinary people, 
the Sinners as apposed to the Saints who live so large above!

Here I have started to paint the under-painting of a group of Nobles dining.....

And here I have started a sequence which includes 
a Couple playing chess, some Musicians playing and Dancers dancing, 
and even a pair of Lovers who are enjoying each other in the bushes....!
Of course, these are Far from finished....

I have added the painted black outlines 
and still need to add all the color and details...

And here you can see the outlines added to the Feasters as well.
This is the central panel in the Great Hall... 
right over the Fireplace and where the Lord and Lady will be seated to Dine. 
It will serve as a constant reminder of the Human tendencies to Sin....
Which the Medieval painters so loved to portray
 in the borders and margins of their works!
There will be six panels in all....
So you can see, Dear Readers, I still have a long way to go...
But whether it is on the Ceiling, Windows, or walls....
I have been adding Paint and More paint!
(I do Love to paint!)



  1. Beautiful work. Love your egg carton stonework and the windows AND the painted saints. Pam

  2. It's all coming along wonderfully. I really like the stone work. I think your painting technique is working very well; they look so realistic =0)

  3. Good Morning, what a terrific photo shown at the top of the page! You have learned a lot ! I do think the egg carton rocks very effective. Busy girl painting all the Saints. Take care and ke doing the things you enjoy. Love to see and read about them.
    Regards Janine

  4. Comment croire que ces fantastiques murailles en pierres sont à l'origine des boites pour les œufs, vous êtes une magicienne Betsy. De tous vos saints j'aime particulièrement saint Nicolas qui, en Belgique et dans le nord de la France, est le saint des enfants, ce jours là, le 6 décembre, les enfants sont couverts de cadeaux ;-)
    Les fenêtres sont parfaites, comme tout le reste.

  5. Hello Betsy,

    So much wonderful work! I think the stone is looking just beautiful. It has been a lot of work but the result is looking beautiful. I think paler stone might be nice since it is a cloud palace, but it looks great as it is.
    I am happy you built the windows the way you did. they are much better and more detailed then the ones that come with the kit. I love the stained glass and the pictures of them in place are wonderful. What a beautiful house it shall be!
    As for the saints, they always blow me away. Absolutely fantastic and so detailed. I love it!
    Big hug,

  6. This may be my favorite of all your blogs - I thought the windows were wonderful, but the Saints! Wow! (How 'bout using some theme like this in your Christmas card?) I could live in that castle... Living in the spooky house might be too spooky, but I'd love to visit.
    Love, Mom

  7. The walls stone look amazing and the windows look so realistic.

  8. Your walls are great! I love those beautiful windows! The paintings are lovely. You got a lot of wonderful work done!

  9. I love tower's wall in every stage of work! I love window's painted glass! And of course I LOVE the dining and relaxing nobles!!! Can't wait to see more of everything!!!

  10. I can make it short today: I just LOVE every single drop of paint you added to your wonderful projects lately. And what a stunning idea with the border around the Saints! And not to forget: The first picture is pure magic!!!


  11. Hello "Betsy-angelo!" Your work on the ceiling of the chapel is AMAZING! The border figures in like manner is so Original and makes the ceiling even MORE interesting!!! Your painting skills are Unbelievable Betsy.
    And that goes for the stonework in your Cloud Palace which looks so much like stone that I thought it WAS! Not only that but the first photo of the sun caressing the flagstone as it streams through the window is MAGNIFICENT!!! What a Great Shot! I had to go and look at it again.
    The detail on the windows is Well Done and I know just what you mean about it being tricky but your letting the sections dry in between applications has paid off. I LOVE THEM!
    And You Rock! :D


  12. Wow! I'm in awe! You have done a beautiful job with the walls. Impossible to believe it's all egg carton.
    The windows and paintings are simply stunning. I love all.
    Hugs, Drora

  13. Wow, I have no words, you are so talented. :)

  14. Wow your windows are amazing. I love the paintings and the walls are wonderful. Stunning work from a very talented artist.
    Hugs Maria