Monday, July 20, 2015

And A Little Bit More Paint....

A Very Very Little Bit.....

The Weekend felt Very Short, Dear Readers, after the fun of a Vacation week and the Trials of returning to work and the Huge list of tasks that is inevitable after time off! So the Tiny Little bit of painting that I have to show you seems almost not worth the showing! But I did add the figures on the third section of the Castle ceiling to the right of the Chimney. Here above you can see them with the under-painting and the black outlines done. It is a series of musicians and dancers, some Sedate and Courtly, and some clearly making Very Merry! After all, this is meant to portray Humanity and its foibles and follies!

And here you can see the first section with the next painting step done....
Oh, you couldn't see a difference?
Well, I have added a layer of "flesh tone" 
to all the hands and faces. 
The details will be added later once the costumes have been painted.

I added "flesh tone" to all the hands and faces... 
but forgot to take pictures of the Feasting Nobles too.

I started to add the green of the landscape background...
Here you can see it with the Saints too for scale reference.
These little figures are each about one and one half inches tall!

Here I have added color to the gowns too.
At this point I am working a little bit on each panel at the same time.
This is so that the overall color arrangement will stay balanced.

Here I have added some color to the Feasters....

And to the Dancers....

And a little more to the Feasters...
This is Such a slow process.....
I am sure to bore you with every step!
And One other thing I worked on, Dear Readers,
was the leaded lines for the Willowcrest windows.
These are made from golfer's lead tape cut into narrow strips 
and adhered to the outside of each window, 
copying the design done in black "lead" on the inside.

It is a very slow and tedious process... 
but it makes the World of difference in how these windows 
look from the outside... which is where they are the most visible!

You can see that I have only done the two panes on the left...

Here I am testing the view of the windows from the outside.....
All of the exterior trim will be painted in the silver color 
and there will be thin muntins added where 
the painted stripes are on the windows.
I stopped after only the one window 
because I really wanted to paint!

But I only got a little bit done Dear Readers...
It is such a slow process....
And was a Very short Weekend!


  1. so little time, and yet you managed to post... I am in awe ;) Even a little bit of progress at a time is good, and your painting is wonderful!
    I love all the lively figures, it reminds me of medieval painted manuscripts, with jolly little fellows running along the bottom of the page. And a great idea about the lead tape, I think it makes all the difference!

    1. Hi Jonquil! Yes, they are Exactly like those miniature borders from manuscripts! I am shamelessly copying from those miniatures in my attempt to make my style look "of the period"! I have given up trying to find enough images from the really early middle ages and am content to stick to the fourteenth century for the most part!
      Thanks for your lovely comment!

  2. Hello Betsy,
    I just adore the frieze you are painting. It looks perfect and exactly like some I have seen in medieval buildings. I can't wait to see them painted. That frieze with the wonderfully painted saints above will be spectacular. Great work on the windows as well. the tape really works well and looks very realistic.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac! The medieval characters are mostly copies I am making from Medieval miniature manuscript books. I am having a lot of fun combining them in my own way. I am really glad you like them. And the windows are a big task.... but I agree that it will be worth the effort!

  3. Your frieze is amazing. What "little" you have done has made a wonderful difference. Beautiful work.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thanks Maria! I complain about so little Time... but I do enjoy the painting!

  4. I am always thinking how patient you are to paint and add so teeny things! And of course you know I LOVE your paintings so this time it is no exception. :) Can't wait to see more of these tiny dancers!

    1. Dear Ewa, you know I Love to do the tiny paintings! I just wish I had more time to devote to it! But I still have all those other tasks too.... too many projects! LOL!

  5. I think you've made big progress... because all this delicate painting is very time-consuming - especially when made in such a perfect and detailed way like yours. This border is really awesome - I like the idea with the dancers very much... especially about showing virtues and sin. As always I'm looking happily forward to your next post - and to your next wonderful new steps... whatever they might be.

    Birgit (Who is a bit curious - did your sister already get her fairy bearies? And if so... ehm... did she like them?)

    1. Oh, I feel so thoughtless not to have let you know she LOVES them!!!
      But they are still here for some more adventures... because my sister might be moving house.... so I get to keep them until she is sure where she will be. MORE adventures coming soon! :) I just got a little distracted!

  6. Well, I love those little dancing figures; not bored at all. Your very tiny work is really wonderful! And you're doing just the right thing with the Willowcrest windows!

  7. Es una obra de arte, una fantástica pintura.
    Un abrazo

  8. I hear you Sister. After a holiday you feel like you spend another week at work catching up and trying to get settled again.
    The paintings a truly beautiful. Everytime I click to enlarge the photo I see more tiny detail. The lead on the window looks really effective too =0)

  9. Wow, the pictures are a work of art. Beautiful work! Remind me of all those
    ancient illustrated books. The leaded windows too look great.
    Hugs, Drora

  10. Фантастическая работа! Я в восторге от вашей работы! Это произведение искусства!