Wednesday, July 8, 2015


And a Little Over The Top!

I am Running Late this week, Dear Readers, and I have no-one to blame but Myself! The Upheaval in my work room with the moving of the houses and the coming and going of Guests has left me feeling Very Scattered and not a Little Lost. So I hope you don't mind if Nothing makes much sense this week. But I did think you would want to see a Glimpse of the current Story...( the one where the Sister Bearys Buttercup and Marmalade are searching for the Cloud Palace...) even though it too seems to be a digression! You might recall that Perry, the brother of the Little Dreamers, was nowhere to be found when the Sister Bearys arrived at Rose Thorn Cottage on Distant Briar Moor. Prudence had thought he might be out chasing butterflies on the Moor, and indeed he was. It was one of his very Favorite things to do! He had quite a collection of butterflies all pinned and mounted in little boxes.... his Uncle Carson had showed him how to preserve them. He was always on the lookout for new and unusual specimens.

This day he had spotted a rather unusual looking one 
and was chasing as fast as he could...

It had a particularly glittery silver color to its wings
 that he had never seen before..

He really wanted a closer look at this one!

But catching a moving object in a net is harder than it looks....

But if you swish just right....

You can catch them!
Perry was really quite surprised when he heard a tiny voice....

"It wasn't me...!" it said.
"I didn't take it....!"
"I don't know anything about it...!"

Perry carried the little creature back to the Cottage 
and put him in a jar.

This was going to require further study.....
He wasn't entirely sure.....
But he thought he had caught a Tiny Fairy!

The Little fellow kept calling out "It wasn't me!"
But Perry had No idea what he was talking about!

And another little detail that is needing an update....
Who will find the Picnic basket?

Just How long does an Abandoned Picnic Basket
remain alone in a meadow?

Not long at all, it turns out!
Hamish Harry "Hotcakes" McCloud was out on 
his trusty Cloud Cycle when he spotted the basket down below...

He had to stop and investigate!

He decided it needed to come home with him....
there were plenty of hungry Bearys at the Cloud Palace these days...
And more expected any day now...

He would take all the provisions he could find!

And lest you think I have been doing Nothing at all, Dear Readers,
I will show you the progress I have been making 
on the bed for Lady Lavender....

In all the upheaval in my workroom, 
I found the right beads for making 
the arched framework for the canopy over the bed.
So I re-worked the frame and started on the upholstery for the bed.
Lady Lavender had wanted the bed to be made of 
brocade and lace.....
(She Loves lace!)

So I added a lace skirt..... 
so the bed looks as though it is floating.....

Lady Lavender came to have a look while I was testing the 
gauzy canopy fabric......
She is hoping there will be a little more lace...?

Well, Dear Readers, I had to add some 
to the top edge of the bed!

And with a silver spangled lavender colored netting 
for a canopy......
To resemble the stars in the sky above...

But by now it is so late it is too dark to see well....

But in the morning light we can see all that lace...
 and the glittery spangled canopy.....
Yes, Dear Readers, it is Scattered
All over the top!


  1. Hello Betsy,
    I am certainly happy the picnic basket did not go to waste! I can't wait to find out what the fairy did! I love the way you create your scenes with fabric. It looks beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, I just love the bed you made. It is lovely and very grand. Can a ladies' bed ever have too much lace. I hope Lady Lavender has many wonderful night's sleep filled with happy dreams.
    Big hug,

  2. The bed is so cute and I love the butterfly catcher. So sweet.

  3. Hi Betsy!
    Gorgeous bed! So "fairy like"! I might have to pick your brain when it comes time to build a place for She Who Was All.
    Happy Summer,
    PS Thanks for all the comments you leave on my story. Much appreciated! Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading at all???LOL

  4. Hi Betsy, it looks like you got a lot done since the last post. :). I adore this story so much and your photos are so lovely depicting each scene. I especially like Hamish's cloud cycle. :)

  5. Oh gosh! I love the bed! So princessy! And how on Earth you took the photos of flying Fairy??? Can't wait to see and read the next chapter!!

  6. Wow a flying fairy gosh I wonder what he did lol. I am glad the basket of food did not go to waste the new bears might get to eat something out of it after all :D. I love the bed it is gorgeous perfect for dreaming in.
    Hugs Maria

  7. What a sweet story. What on earth has the fairy done? Sounds like he's been up to mischief...Love the bike flying through the clouds =0)

  8. Haha... never leave a basket with food supplies unprotected when Harry is around! *LOL* Great to see him on his Cloud cycle again... and also good that Perry has finally entered the story. Wonderful photo work with the flying fairy! ;O) I'm curious if the little fellow was talking about the Key of Time... well, we'll see. Lady Lavender's bed is pure beauty and coming right out of a dream... and I was not surprised about the lace part!


  9. Sorry to be so late!
    Loved the Perry story - looking forward to hearing about the tiny voice; meanwhile the bed is a wonder. Wish I had all those jewels & lace, though it occurs to me I wouldn't want to be responsible for cleaning them!
    Love, carry on,

  10. Cute story and nice bed. Everything is coming along nicely.

  11. Cute story and nice bed. Everything is coming along nicely.