Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Let There Be Light!!!

Thank YOU Josje!!! It Works, Dear Readers, it WORKS!!! Thanks to Josje, of A Beautiful World Blog! (If you haven't seen her wonderful blog you Must go right on over!) She had commented that she had experienced a new bulb not working when the fixture was in fact fine. Which made me think I should try again! So I took the bulb from the working light and screwed it into the non-working fixture... and Lo and Behold it Worked!!! I can't tell you how relieved I am!!!
So then I found another new bulb for the socket I knew was working and here you can see.....

BOTH lights are lit!!!
Now I am sure I am not imagining it....!!!
***Happy Dance***
Yippeee Yay Hooray!!!

I am sure I would never have imagined that a "new" bulb 
would be a "dud" straight out of the package.....!
And I hate to think how much destruction I would have wrought.... 
before discovering it was all for nothing!
Thank you So Much Josje!!!
Your wisdom and your timely comment has saved the Day!!!

Here you can see it with the sconce "shades" added....
And with the fire lit too.....
NOW it looks the way I have imagined it would!!!

And since I have so Easily overcome that snag, Dear Readers, 
I would like to show you the other small thing 
I accomplished this past weekend!

You might recall that I mentioned 
needing to make the extra wall panel 
that would hide all those wires 
before I could add the rest of the crown moulding 
to the kitchen ceiling.
Above, you can see I cut a panel from a piece of 1/8 inch plywood 
just the size of the wall it will cover.
And since this is the wall where the kitchen stove will sit, 
I wanted to make it another grand old fireplace 
that has been converted for modern use.....

So I cut some pieces of moulding strips 
of various styles and glued them on....

I know it is rather large for this kitchen....
But this is a Witchy house....
Their Hearths are extremely important...!

And because the whole kitchen is so small....
I really don't want to make the hearth too skimpy....
I am settling for a shallow depth and a high mantle...

And a very European style hood...
Here you can see the plain cardboard I used...

And here it has the first coat of paint...
And testing to make sure the stove will still fit!
And all the wires for the upstairs lights as well as the parlor sconces
will be hidden behind this wall
 as they pass down to the foundation and the plug strip!
I think it is shaping up nicely!

But Right now, Dear Readers,
I don't think Anything can beat that "Eureka" moment....
Discovering that Yes, Both the Lights do Work!!!
Let there be Light!!!
(Thanks to Josje!)


  1. That is definitely with a few "Yippees" and "hoorays". The tree mantel is amazing.I am so glad you didn't have to tear it all out.

  2. Hooray!!! Behold the magic of the miniature community! There's always somebody willing to help with great advise. Hugs AM

  3. Hello Betsy,
    I'm thrilled it all worked out in the end. Josje is a wise one! The room looks absolutely stunning! It has a beautiful macabre quality to it without being scary. I LOVE it. The kitchen hearth is a fantastic idea! It all looks beautiful!
    Big hug

  4. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with that kitchen. I like the stove and the hood so far! Keep up the good work.

  5. One day, long, long ago in my childhood, my mother had to call the repairman because the refrigerator had stopped working. He came over and plugged it in...

  6. Hooray, Betsy, I'm so glad for you that the problem is solved without you ruined your beautiful marbled trees :D!!
    The hearth looks great already, I can't wait to see more of this witchy kitchen ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. WOW! GREAT! I am so happy you fixed it so quickly!
    And of course I can't wait to see more of this kitchen!


  9. What a relief! So happy for you. :)

    The end result is stunning!

  10. Quelle chance que Josje a suggéré la solution à votre problème de lumière. Rien de plus découragent de devoir démonter/démolir ce que vous avez construit avec tant de patience et tant de tallent.

  11. I love the branches and with lighting it looks superb. So glad you managed to fix your wee problem. It must also be good to have a solution for your wiring. That in itself can be a real pain and you've solved the problem well. Looking good!

  12. Here's to Josje!!! I'm doing the happy dance around here too!!! I'm really glad you didn't have to tear off this beautiful fireplace and seeing it now with both lights was breathtaking - what a wonderful piece. And the stove with the hood looks great too.


  13. The fireplace is beautiful with the lights. I really like the kitchen stove.

  14. Oh the lighting on the fireplace is just gorgeous! I love the tree branches and how they speckle the light!

  15. I am sooo happy for you :) It looks fantastic with all the lights working. Wow I love what you did with the stove it looks wonderful and a great way to hide the wires.
    Hugs Maria

  16. I'm SO happy for you Betsy, thanks to Josje! And it looks so wonderful, I just love this idea and how beautifully you've made it all, well well done dear! :D. I think what you've done with the stove - in the corner and the hood and stuff - looks goooood, it gives the kitchen interest. Now you enjoy your eureka some more, so glad you didn't have to tear anything apart! :D

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