Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Just One More....

Not Even On the List.....!

Well, Dear Readers, I went shopping for RL necessary items, and Somehow I came home with This! I had seen one mentioned on several of the mini blogs and I was in That department store, and There it was! It wasn't expensive. It isn't very big. It is ready made and usable as is...(if you want to overlook the obvious lack of bathing facilities....!) and heaven knows all my little people are needing houses! But it wasn't on my List! (That huge List of all the houses I plan to build someday!) Modern Style settings have never been my "Thing"! Yet, it took me longer to un-package the not to scale kitchen pieces it came with than it did to find and place the furniture you see!

I set the whole "house" on a scrap of plywood left over from the RL building project.... and it is a Perfect size with an area outside the door for an entry courtyard! The "Tree" is a piece of greenery that I picked up at Michaels and stuffed into the ceramic planter (a RL Bonsai pot), and the shrubs are unused pieces left over from construction of The Park.... It could not have been simpler!

The loft has room for a small bed and a few other pieces of furniture....
Obviously, whoever is living here has kept some of the "Old Family pieces"!
The stairs go up to a roof meant to be a garden.... 
rain will pour in until we get the Windows replaced!!!

Hmmmmm, did I just say we were going to DO anything to this "house"?
It was supposed to be "ready-made"..... and it wasn't even On My List!!!

And Another thing that wasn't even On my List, Dear Readers,
 was the piece of scrapbook paper that came home from Michaels with me....
Because it so nearly resembled the old fashioned pressed tin ceilings 
they used in old Victorian buildings......

Which would be prefect for the Kitchen ceiling in Hardwick Hall!
Here you can see me testing it for fit.....
And then I had to "age" it a little bit....

It is a lovely silver color, and I needed to add water stains and rust 
where the bay window sticks out and surely over the years 
the ice has dammed up and leaked into the ceiling below....!
Not to mention soot over the cooking hearth area....

And then I glued it in place!
Which just made me want to see the crown moulding in place....
Which meant I needed to glue that side bay window wall in place....
and before I could do that I needed to attach the curtain rod....
Even though I am not at all certain I will have curtains on this window!
It would be just too difficult to install it later. 
And because there is no room to slide the rods out of the eye screws, 
I decided to make them both into hooks 
so the rod could be lifted out after the wall was glued in place.

Yes, I know it is really difficult to see... 
but the "eye" has been bent open to form a "hook" instead.
And this wall has been glued in place!

And here you can also see the first pieces of the crown moulding cut and glued in place....
I cannot cut the next pieces until I build the hearth wall 
which will cover over all the wires as they run down to the foundation....
where they will attach to the plug strip and transformer.

I still have to figure out how all those wire attachments and plugs 
will be accessible once the house is finished. 
They will need to exit the "cellar" and be hidden 
in some part of the exterior landscaping. 

And as for the New Loft, Dear Readers, 
It was only supposed to be 
One More Little House...
But somehow it seems to be taking on a life of its own...
Who knows what Stories it will have to tell....
And it Wasn't even On my List!!!


  1. Hi Betsy! I can see that the neighborhood is changing in Betsyville! :D Your new MODERN townhouse, is going to be the talk of not only the town, but also the castle and cloud palace,etc. which should prove to make room for even MORE stories!
    Love the tin ceiling in Hardwick Hall, especially the aging- it looks Great grungy! :D


  2. That is exciting! Looking forward to hear more about who llives there and what they get up to. Pam in Norway

  3. hahaha, well that's how it goes sometimes, can certainly imagine it :D. And it's nice to have another different style building right? Butteh.. you know there's no such thing as a ready-made house, not in RL or in miniature? :D :D :D But you will enjoy this one and I think it's going to be even nicer once you've let your ideas sink in and applied, the courtyard looks so great with that minimum effort landscaping, smart thinking! The ceilingsheet is great, it does resemble those victorian embossed ceilingplates, I like the moulding too!

  4. Bonjour Betsy,
    j'aime beaucoup votre nouveau loft et j'attends avec impatience de faire la connaissance de ses habitants et des histoires qui vont s'y passer...

  5. Tus compras e ideas para la casita han dado buenos resultados.
    Un abrazo

  6. Tus compras e ideas para la casita han dado buenos resultados.
    Un abrazo

  7. Hello Betsey,
    Yay! We get to follow another one of your projects. It is a beautiful structure. Even though it might be considered "move in ready", I know you will be able to transform it into something unique and even more beautiful.
    I love, love, love the ceiling paper you used. It is perfectly scaled. It is perfect with the style of the house. I can't wait to see the room with all the crown moulding up. It will be gorgeous...with or without curtains ;)
    Big hug

  8. Hello Betsy,

    Cute loft! I'd love to see it with more accessories and "personal touches" of the inhabitants added. :D

    Very realistic looking kitchen ceiling! :O

    Kind regards,

  9. Hi Betsy,
    Your new loft looks perfect. I also really like the outdoor patio area...looks very cozy! I always enjoy seeing your latest updates.

  10. I love this blog entry!
    You didn't "need" this new house? What's "need" got to do with it!
    A cute house, but there is a LOT out of scale - at first glance, the piano, the flowers in the LR...
    Love the pressed tin ceiling in the "Hardwick House" - love that name, too.
    "And first I had to... And then before I could do that, I had to ... " and on.
    What fun.
    Love & xox

  11. This new property is a real departure for you and could be the start of a whole new series of stories. It must have been meant to be!

  12. A question: where did they sell these lofts? I suppose it is some American shop, right? Modern is not really my thing too but the loft is quite pretty. :) I hope we WILL see some changes there soon. :D The kitchen ceiling looks cool.:D

  13. Haha Betsy, I thought that you couldn't find time for doing anything in all of your projects and now.....you got an other one, what fun :D! I think it's great, especially for us, because now we will get even more stories to read ;)! This new house has possibilities and especially for you, very creative lady. I think it will become an other palace for someone, who will be so lucky to live in there.
    The ceiling is wonderful, I love it the way you've put those water stains on the right spots, they look very realistic.
    Have fun with your new purchase, Betsy.
    Hugs, Ilona
    PS Thank you for your answer on my blog about the Google-riddle.

  14. Hi Betsy,
    It must have been fun finding things to place in your new mod loft! Of course I love the little garden! If I remember correctly you live in a spot where the winters are long so now you will have an almost-ready project to play with in addition to your other commitments.
    The tin ceiling is perfect, a great find.
    Regards Janine

  15. If you could see me now... I'm sitting here with bright green in my face all from jealousy because it's impossible to make such a find here in Germany... What a wonderful find - good you took it home with you. And "ready-made" can only be considered a short form of "ready to make something special out of it", right? I'm really looking forward to see what you're going to do with it - although the modern style is not quite your cup of tea I know you will turn it into something very special. Chapeau for the kitchen's ceiling, the paper is perfect for the job and I'm in awe how you managed to think of every detail. And it's always amazing how details like in your case the crown moulding make it just perfect...


  16. I love your ceiling it looks amazing. Great another project for us to watch with delight. The house is great but I know it will be awesome in no time :)
    Hugs Maria

  17. Hello, Betsy - Your new little house looks as though it will create a fun future for itself; even if it wasn't On Your List! The "tin" ceiling for Hardwick Hall is absolutely perfect. What a wonderful idea - and just right for the kitchen.

  18. A lovely little space, cozy and a nice place to create ;) I look forward to seeing its story come to fruition!

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