Monday, April 11, 2016

Not Much To Show...

Tiny Progress.... Or The Fabric of Life...

There really is not much to show you this week, Dear Readers, because it was the first weekend of Garden Season, and I needed to get outside and clean last year's dead leaves off the flower beds in my RL Garden! But that doesn't mean there is Nothing to show... because I did manage to work on a couple of Tiny things! The first is the petitpoint cushion in the Tree Of Life pattern from Janet Granger. I know, you are saying I showed you that last week... but that was the one made from her kit! As with the first cushion, there were leftover threads, and I decided to make another one using the 28 count canvas I had, which does make a slightly smaller cushion. You can see it in the photo above, nearly finished... and nearly at the point where I RAN OUT of the thread supplied with the kit for the background! We All know how Impossible it is to match the color of different batches of thread, even when we know the brand and the name of the color... neither of which I knew! But I decided to dig in my embroidery basket and see if I could come up with something close... and then I would "explain" the color change with a story about an Old Pillow that had tea spilled or some such tale! I found a skein of ivory floss.... but the skein no longer had it's color and number label, (I have had these embroidery threads for at least thirty five years!!!) but it looked to be a close match with the ivory supplied with Janet's kit... so I finished the stitching.....

And I don't know about you, Dear Readers, 
but I CANNOT tell where the new thread begins!!!
Can you imagine how unlikely it seems 
that I would have the Perfect threads for so many years?
So this is the second in the Tree Of Life cushions... 
all I need to do now is the backing and stuffing.
I do Love this pattern!
And because I am now having so much fun with the needlepoint kits, 
I needed to start another one right away!

Fortunately, I had another of Janet Granger's kits ready to sew....
This is a "sampler" done on 32 count canvas with a single strand of floss,
 so it is another step smaller than the cushions, 
even the 28 count ones I made.
(I used my magnifying glass!)

It is relatively quick to stitch, and as with real "samplers" 
the background is not stitched.
(And I only made one notable mistake!)

It is designed to be an "antique" with the stitching date of 1806.
I think it is quite charming,
 and like many things in the mini world,
 I have Always wanted to make one!
The kit even comes with a frame... 
I will have to show you when I get that step done!

I have a few more of Janet's kits ready to sew, 
I have bought some of her smaller count projects....
 I will be sure to show you as I get them done. 
I am now a confirmed petit-point addict.... 
when I finish one project, 
I need to start the next one right away!
(Even if it means running out of the right threads 
or using a different count fabric!)

And the last Tiny thing I worked on a Tiny bit, Dear Readers, 
was the settee for the Tiny Room-box!

I had already made the seat part last week....
But I have not been able to find the right fabric to use as upholstery!

Yes, I know you can barely see the pattern in this light.....

And then I thought I should add the legs now, 
even though they would be delicate 
and might make it harder to add the fabric later....

Just the tips of toothpicks, 3/32nds of an inch long.... 
but I think they are too tall and will need to be trimmed.

And with the legs painted too....

Isn't it Adorable?
But I am still not settled on the fabric to use...

This is the same fabric as the carpet in the roombox...
And I think it makes the seat disappear when it is put in the roombox.
Which defeats the point entirely!

So I have not decided whether to use it of not.....
I still might change one or both of the fabrics....
And because it is so Tiny, and so Incomplete....
I didn't take any pictures of it IN the roombox to show you!
Just this picture.
None of these belong together...
And they come from such diverse sources....
Old Threads and new.... 
Fabric from my former mother-in-law....
Kits from overseas and cardboard from work....
Coffee stirrers and toothpicks....
Somehow, Dear Readers, 
These Tiny Things become the Fabric of My Life!


  1. Beautiful needlepoint! I wish I could see that well :)
    The settee is amazing, your super power must me making tiny things, I have no idea how you do that.
    Cleaning up gardens here too.

    Big Hugs,

    1. Hi Victoria! I am having so much fun with the petitpoint kits! And the more I do it, the easier to follow the instructions! As for the teeny tiny things.... I think they are almost too much.... but I am having fun trying!

  2. This tiny chair is cute! I really like your beautiful needlepoint.


    1. Thank you Magda! The needlepoint is so much fun, I just keep making more! And the tiny chair is being a challenge! Thank you for commenting!

  3. Your cross stitching motifs are beautiful.

    And what a MINUSCULE settee. That is just adorable. :)

    1. Thank you Nina! The settee is being a challenge! I hope I can find the right fabric! The pillows are so much fun to make and the kits make it easy to start! Thank you for commenting!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! All three of your works!!

    1. Thank you Ewa! I am having fun with the petitpoint.... but the teeny tiny furniture is a challenge!

  5. The settee is amazing Betsy!! I have no idea how you manage it!! I love the cross stitch, it's so pretty and has a lovely vintage feel to it.

    1. Hi Simon! The petitpoint kits that Janet Granger sells are a lot of fun and make it easy to learn! I just keep wanting to do more! And the tiny settee is something I have always wanted to try... but it is not being easy to find the right fabric!

  6. Precioso el punto de cruz, el sofá minúsculo, estaré pendiente del resto:-)

    1. Thank you! I am having fun with the stitching! And I hope I find the right fabric for the tiny settee!

  7. Hi Betsy - Your tiny needlepoint pieces are lovely. I could not find any difference in the colors of the new and old threads. But I did have to laugh at your idea of explaining away discrepancies with a good story! I do that too. It works!... I'm in love with your wee settee and can't wait to see your final fabric choice.

    1. Hi Marjorie! The stitching is so much fun... and there are always leftover threads, so I thought I could make two pillows! And I do love to tell stories.... it is almost too bad the pillow does Not look stained! LOL! As for the settee... it is being a challenge! Fabrics just don't come in tiny enough patterns on tiny enough weave cloth....! I will manage somehow, but it might not match my "dreams"...!

  8. This is sooooo typical... you came up with a fantastic, creative explanation for the difference in the color scheme and what happens - you're finding the matching threat. This would never (and I mean NEVER!!!) happen if you would be desperate and not knowing how to cope with this mishap. *grin* Wonderful work on the different stitching, I admire your patience to stitch with a magnifyer's help - the result is for sure worth any effort. And the teeny tiny settee is incredible... what a cutie! ;O)


    1. Hi Birgit! I know what you mean... I was almost disappointed that I couldn't "use" my story! LOL! I am having a ton of fun with the stitching... and have a bunch more kits ready to sew!!!
      The teeny tiny settee is definitely being a challenge... mini fabric is not easy to "fake".... although if I knew how to print it on my printer I could try that.... I will probably end up painting some cloth ! LOL!

  9. I can't believe how tiny that settee is.
    The roombox is wonderful, but the pillows are spectacular. I would love to translate that tree of life pattern into knitting. Don't know if that is possible...
    Lots of love,

    1. Hi Mom! I bet there are pattern books with tree-of-life patterns! You should try looking it up and see what you find! :)

  10. Replies
    1. Thank you Carmen! I am having a lot of fun! The kits are really lovely and easy to make! Thank you for commenting!

  11. Your needlepoint work is beautiful. You are very talented at it. I love the tiny settee it is so cute. Your tiny roombox is as amazing as your other houses. Wonderful work.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria! Thank you for commenting! The petitpoint is really a lot of fun once you get the hang of it! And the tiny settee is a challenge!

  12. Oh WOW!!! This blog entry makes my eyes go all funny because everything is SO small! Dang! You are AMAZING! Can't wait to see more!

    1. Thank you Wendy! The teeny tiny roombox is being a challenge, but I have always wanted to try that scale! After trying it Everything feels big! LOL!

  13. Hi Betsy,
    Everything is so precious and tiny! I'm going to have to look into these little stitchign kits! :) I also just love your idea of having a tiny doll room inside of a dollhouse. So clever. :)

    1. Hi Farrah! The tiny scale of the roombox is something I have always wanted to try... but I always wanted to do a whole house this scale! I think I like the roombox almost better than a whole house... it can be used in more interesting places... like a bookshelf!
      As for the kits, they come with all the materials you need, but if you have never done this stitching, you might want to do some practice on larger cloth while you learn how the stitches should go. I found that helped a lot!

  14. What a beautiful cross stitches! I think there is a quite lot to show and see in these lovely needle works and adorable armchair!♥
    Spring greetings, piikko

    1. Thank you Piikko! With minis, even a "lot" is always "little" !! LOL! I am glad you like the stitching! I am having fun now that I have learned how to do it! Happy Spring to you too! :)

  15. oh my goodness that bitty chair, is it possible furniture to be cute as well as amazing? Could I keep a chair as a pet? ;)

    Of course your stitch work is beyond compare, gorgeous and fine!

    1. Hee hee, Jane you can have as many pet chairs as you want to take care of! I do think the itty bitty things are incredibly cute! Thank you for commenting!

  16. Well Betsy, is there anything that you CAN'T DO? :o I have seen tiny furniture before but what you do in so many different scales is Astounding! and to think that before this, I thought your Tree House was tiny!?!?!
    Meanwhile, your Beautiful stitchery has me in AWE!!! I love your freestyle Tree of Life cushion and the little sampler as well. I naturally admire this kind of talent Betsy because I know that it requires patience and precision both of which you have in Spades! I love your work and your Gift for making The SMALLS, even smaller! Well Done!!! :D


    1. Hi Elizabeth! I thought the Tree House scale was small too.... but now even it seems Large! I am enjoying this foray into the really small...but I think it is harder to "play" with this scale... you have to glue things in place or they "disappear" when you move anything! But I really like the idea of roomboxes on display in the mini rooms! I just have always loved the tiniest things.... and wanted to try to make them.... What took me so long? LOL! Thank you for your wonderful comments! :)

  17. Hello Betsy,
    I was away from blogs for a while and have been going bananas catching up on your posts this morning! The sofa is perfect. I still don't know how you can create such great pieces so small and keep your sanity! Your needlework is, as always, phenomenal.
    Big hug