Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How Small Is Small.....?

Oh, Those Details....!

Believe it or Not, Dear Readers, It looked like that outside my windows all day yesterday... so I stayed home and finished a few small details on some of my many projects, one of which is the "Tree of Life" pillow on the sofa in the above picture! It was a gloomy day and I was feeling a bit "under the weather", so I did not get much done, but fortunately I have all sorts of details to show you from the past week. As you can probably imagine, once I had started on the Tiny Roombox version of The Folly Parlor, it was hard to put it down! What you saw last week was just the merest beginnings! The tiny people were high on my list of things to do.... so I started right in on the First Lady.... (Perhaps her name is "Eve"?)..... she needed to be painted....

So Much "personality" is added once there is a face!
But can you even see her?
(Please remember to poke the pictures for a bigger view!)

And for modesty's sake, I have added a lace petticoat....
(please pretend that it hides anything at all!)
And then because I always work on several things at once, 
while glue and paint are drying, 
I also started on the details for the fireplace....

Because a fireplace Must have logs and flames....

And I also painted the surround to resemble black marble, 
like the one in The Folly Parlor!

And I started to make a tiny mirror... 
by painting a metal jewelry chain link gold.....
And gluing on a piece of reflective mylar 
(cut from fancy glittery wrapping paper!)...

But Eve needed some hair, 
and I was having a hard time figuring out how to make it!

My first attempt did not work out, so I pulled it off and started again....
You can see here I have knotted the end of a piece of brown sewing thread....
and I am gluing the knot to the top of her head to form a "bun"....
but I had to be patient and let the glue dry all night and all day....

Before I could add more glue and carefully wrap the thread around her head....

When it was wrapped far enough and dry enough, 
I cut off the tail end of the thread!
(She may not be Perfect.... but she is the First Lady!)
The next Tiny little detail that gave me fits was the andirons for the fire!
I kept thinking I needed to use beads... but none were small enough!
Eventually I tried just twisting the finest brass jewelry wire I have....

They are a tiny bit large.... but they work!
You can still see the glue drying in this shot!

And then the Roombox itself Dear Readers, 
still lacked all sorts of architecture....
starting with the crown molding trim.....

 It is just painted cardboard... cut very small....
with gold painted details...

And the bookshelves that flank the fireplace....

Again, just painted cardboard.....

The shelf widths are just 3/32nds of an inch!
And the tiny mirror....

(I "pinched" the jewelry piece a little to make it oval instead of round.....)

And we must test it all for fit.....

It is starting to look like The Folly Parlor!
(But it is still missing a few small details.....)

Like the ceramics on the mantelpiece.....

Will beads work..... 
if I glue them together and paint them......?
And what about books???
We Must have Books!
I cut strips of paper from magazines
 that had interesting color patterns on them...
and glued them around a piece of cardboard .....
cut it into a narrow strip, then sliced it to tiny tiny pieces....
Most of these "books" are too large to fit in the shelves!
But I found enough small ones.....

To fill the shelves... which don't hold many books
 even in The Folly Parlor itself!

Can we even see the books on those shelves???
How about with the ceramics on the mantel....?

(The Folly mantel has even more....)
Another ceramic vase and a book on the mantel.....
(and a couple of "vases" on the top shelves of the bookcases too!)
It is Not perfect, Dear Readers... 
the details of the closeup photos 
reveal all the flaws in the painting
 and the rough edges of the bookcases....
 but it is starting to look a lot like The Folly Parlor!

Of course, it is late now, 
and really difficult to get a well lit and in focus picture!

But maybe you want to see it in the bookshelf of The Folly?

Or how about an excruciatingly revealing close-up....?
Yes, Dear Readers, it is a bit rough around the edges....
And of course, there are still several missing details to be completed...!
And in order to make those little details..
I keep having to ask just how small is "Small"?

Oh, and did you want to see the "small" snowfall we had...?

Almost five inches fell!
(Not very small at all!)


  1. That is so tiny roombox! I can´t believe how you managed to do it...awsome:()

    1. Thank you! It is quite difficult to make so small... but fun to try!

  2. I love the cushions ❤️ and you super tiny roomboox really impressed me 🙂

    1. Thank you! And welcome to my blog! The tiny tiny box is quite challenging... but fun!

  3. quelle minutie pour cette mini-scène
    très beaux coussins

    1. Thank you Claude! It is fun to try to make the tiny pieces!

  4. This roombox is so tiny and so beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Fabiola! I am having fun... copying the bigger room makes it easier!

  5. And to think we had like 3 days of snow this winter season.... Well over here it seems the spring has arrived.
    Anyway your mini-mini-roombox is FANTASTIC! Yes, I see the books and ceramics! Actually it is good you have some snow for you made another jewel!

    1. Hi Ewa! The snow has arrived so late this year! Now it won't stop! I am having fun trying the tiny scale.... but I do find it is very challenging! I am glad you like it!

  6. Wow wow the details in this tiny roombox are amazing.You have done a fantastic job on it. Your new cushion is beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria! I am enjoying the stitching the cushions! And the tiny roombox is quite a challenge, but I am enjoying it!

  7. That hair bun would have tried the patience of a saint!! the room looks so great inside the bigger room, well done Betsy!
    Stay warm with that snow...

    1. Hi Simon! I almost gave up on the hair.... but really thought that paint would not be enough, so I kept trying! And I love the roombox in the bigger room... especially as you have to look carefully to really notice it when it is on the shelves!

  8. Happy April. The snow is pretty & won't last long.
    The room box is amazing. I think the andirons work fine; I'm not so sure about the bookshelves next to the fireplace; they're not quite delicate enough. But once the little box is on the shelf in the folly - wow!
    You're amazin'
    Lots of love,

    1. Hi Mom! This roombox is really the "learning" version! It is difficult to find the right materials in such a small scale... so I am trying with what I have! I'm glad you like it in the Folly shelves... so do I!

  9. It's like the film Inception - a room within a room within a room...I love these little details. I'm always in awe of anyone who can make anything so tiny with any degree of skill. It looks fab.
    Hope the weather warms up for you soon =0)

    1. Hi Carol! I haven't seen that film... but I've always loved the idea of "stories" within stories, "plays" within plays... that double layer of illusion reminding us of the illusion...! The tiny details are challenging... but I am enjoying seeing what I can make! I wish it would warm up.... it is still cold here... it seems our "Winter" is being stubborn now that it finally arrived!

  10. I love your tiny little room box! It's magical! All those little details!!
    Snow? O dear, poor you. I will try and send some of our Dutch sunshine over to you. It's been lovely here and the tulips are starting to be in full bloom now...

    1. Hi Veronique!!! I am glad to see you here! The tiny details are challenging... but yes, they do have a magical feel about them.... stretching the mini world into the Doll's mini world!
      Yes, Please send some sunshine... it has been very rare here lately!!! :)

  11. Your room box is delightful and amazing -
    and it looks like such a fun project, although I can't even imagine trying to construct it myself. I admire your creativity, your ingenuity, and your dexterity!

    1. Hi Marjorie! I have always wanted to try this scale... but always thought of doing an entire "mini dollhouse"... and have not had the courage! So starting with the roombox is a lot of fun...! Patience and good tweezers are essential! LOL!

  12. Aaaaahhhhhhrrrrgggghhhhh... not that damn white cold stuff at this time of the year when we're all already in the spring modus???!!! I've already banned my snow shovel to the cellar... *gulp* And while your snowfall frightens me, I must admit now I'm a little bit disappointed about your progress on Eve... I mean, come on, Betsy... just a petticoat and no silky bra and pants with bow and lace??? *LOL* Sorry, I couldn't help this bad joke... you've outdone yourself once more, taking care of any single (and tiny!) detail. As I've already said - this is a true Betsy-idea to build a mini-mini-version of your own scene... and the realization is done in the Betsy-way: Awesome!


    1. Hi Birgit! Yes, the snow has been a bit of a shock after having lovely warm days and a mostly mild
      Winter! But we are being reminded that this is really "normal" for April over here! LOL! As for the wardrobe for the Lovely Lady Eve... (you are lucky to see even the petticoat!) I am having trouble finding the right fabrics to use... and the right glue! But I am determined... and she will eventually wear a Lovely Gown... and you will be left guessing as to the under garments! LOL!

  13. Hi Betsy, And I was thinking what a challenge the petit point cushions must have been!
    I am amazed one can work in such tiny scale. Congratulations, really amazing result.
    Regards Janine

    1. Hi Janine! I am having a lot of fun with the petitpoint cushions... trying an ever smaller thread count as I get used to the stitching! But the tiny roombox IS challenging! But it is also really fun to see what can be accomplished with the scraps at hand... everything is Sooo tiny... the wood in the fireplace was made from splinters cut even smaller! LOL!

  14. Hi Betsy! Love the way your cushions look against the rich color of the velvet sofa! Really BEAUTIFUL needlework!!!
    I just don't know how you manage to see, let alone make all of the infinitesimal little details that go into some of your projects. Imagine making all those tiny books individually for your micromini shelf units!?!?
    only YOU would feel that you MUST, Betsy --- because of the ARTIST You ARE!


    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! The books surprised even ME, how the pieces I thought would be small enough were NOT! (I now have enough teeny tiny "books" for the next roombox "library" project.... or at least a start!) I am enjoying making the petitpoint cushions... can't seem to stop now that I have learned how! But it always takes me forever to "accessorize" a mini scene... it almost has to be by accident because I am not sure what is needed! So I will just keep making cushions... and then try them in all my rooms to see where they "fit"! As you know, I really admire your way with setting a scene!!! But, yes, I really do love to make all those crazy tiny details! :)

  15. Oh my Gosh! You are full of suprise! What a great idea with creating miniature miniatures! ;D Mini people are amazing! What a precision!
    Congratulations! Results are stunning!
    Hugs Aniela

    1. Thank you Niele! I am having fun with this Teeny-tiny roombox! It is really fun to copy something I have already made in the bigger scale. I hope I can make the clothes for my mini people... they are really tiny! Thanks for commenting! I have gone to visit your blog and follow you now! You make really lovely minis!

  16. Your work on such a tiny scale is amazing! The settee, carpet, books, picture, are all in perfect proportions. Thank you for explaining the details and bravo for this beautiful
    mini-mini room box.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you Drora! It is being an Adventure to try and make the tiny details! But that is what makes it so exciting! I am having a lot of fun! Thank you for commenting!

  17. Your work on such a tiny scale is amazing! The settee, carpet, books, picture, are all in perfect proportions. Thank you for explaining the details and bravo for this beautiful
    mini-mini room box.
    Hugs, Drora

  18. Hello Betsy,
    The amount of detail in the tiny roombox is mind boggling. It looks so precise and you really have captured everything. It looks amazing in the 1:12 room. I love it! The doll is also lovely...I would never have the courage to try something like that in such a small scale. Your talent amazes and inspires me Betsy.
    Big hug