Monday, March 28, 2016

What.... Another Project...???

Just a Little Diversion.....

Believe It or Not, Dear Readers, my weekend began with Nothing out of the ordinary on the Horizon. I started on the many small steps needed for the re-design of the Attic roof for Hardwick Hall, one of them being attaching the decorative ceiling crown molding trim while the roof was still open and unobstructed. I am using the same pattern wood that I used in the Parlor and the Kitchen, stained the same dark walnut color. And since there were still parts of the kitchen crown molding that had not been cut yet, because I had to complete the hearth inner wall before I could know the proper dimensions to cut... I decided to also work on the hearth and see if I couldn't also attach some of the kitchen molding. I had noticed a small scrap of paper lying around (because we don't throw these away!) that was trimmed from the ceiling "embossed" paper and it reminded me of the kind of trim you see when metal sheets are joined it looked like a row of rivets....

 I thought it would be perfect for the hood on the hearth in the kitchen,
 which I wanted to look like an old copper covered hood....
So I glued some strips in place....

Then I added a coat of iridescent copper paint.....

With the darker gray coat still showing through in places....
Then we have to see what it looks like in the kitchen.....

Yes, I am liking this!
(And you can see one piece of the crown molding has been attached...)
But that is not all... there is a mantelpiece too...

Yes, I know the copper is really shiny here... 
the light is hitting it just right....

Inside the kitchen it is not so garish!

Maybe we need to see how it will look 
with the stove added and the light on.....
I still need to add the bricks to the hearth itself and the chimney back...
but it is starting to look like I imagined it would!
I hope you will Believe me Dear Readers
 when I tell you that I Intended to keep working 
on the attic structure and the Belvedere....
But then I Dreamed all night about building Tiny Tiny 
Dollhouse roomboxes in 144th scale!!!
And when I woke up I realized I'd never thought of 
just making a roombox in that scale.... 
And if it was JUST a roombox, how difficult would that be?
Well... I had to give it a try ... just to see....

And as I thought about Where this tiny Roombox would live.... 
I realized it had to be on a shelf somewhere where it could be easily seen....
And what better shelf than one of the shelves beside the fireplace in The Folly?
So I made sure to build it so it would fit.....
And then I realized it would be fun 
if the scene were to "mimic"  The Folly Parlor itself!
Which meant there would be a fireplace....

So I glued some tiny scraps of wood to a piece of cardboard...
With several layers to make the decorative profile....
I could have used just cardboard, 
but I had some tiny slivers of wood just begging to be used!

Then I painted it to look like a brick fireplace....

And attached it to a "marbled" hearth base......
(sorry the glue is still not dry and rather obvious!)

It still needs quite a few details.... 
like the flames and the logs... and the coals.....!

And here it is inside the roombox....
I will need to build the shelves that flank the hearth....
And the books that go in the shelves....
Because to tell you the Truth, Dear Readers, 
my Dream was all about those Teeny Teeny books 
and how to make the shelves 
and whether it would be a Library or a Bookstore....
So maybe this is just for practice....
Just a Tiny Diversion......
Except I had to see if I could make a Tiny Person too....
Here you can see the beginnings...
At one-half inch tall she might be a tiny bit large for the scale....
and I have only just started to figure out the costuming....

But I succeeded in making a carpet for the floor!

And while I was test-building the roombox... 
I made a couple of them..... just in case.....
There could be a Library AND a Kitchen..... !
Because, really... they don't take up much space!!!
And I am pretty sure there will have to be more than one Tiny Person!
Oh Dear, WHAT have I gotten myself into???
But just to reassure you... 
The Kitchen Hearth in Hardwick Hall 
has not been abandoned....

And every little bit of Progress Counts!
Because the Roomboxes, Dear Readers,
Are really just a Tiny Diversion!


  1. Hello Betsy
    I just love the copper hood, it's lovely. In fact, I find all your rooms have a 'real' quality to them. Especially this room, the position of the door and fireplace, everything looks so perfectly placed. Then I scrolled down and saw the teeny-tiny roombox and I have fallen in love :) it's amazing. I just love your work.
    All the best

    1. Thank you Vivian! This house is sort of like my RL house in layout and structure, so I am using the RL one to guide some of the decisions about the minis! It makes some of the decisions easy, but because it is also a "Magical" house, I am allowed to go a bit "wild"! LOL! I am glad you like the tiny roombox.... I am still learning how small I have to go!

  2. Oh my, I love the copper hood. I think diversions are part of being a miniaturist. I love how the tiny room box looks in the room :)

    1. Thank you, Victoria! I have always wanted a hood like that one! I think there is a lot of wishful designing with our minis! And yes, the roombox of the room is starting to be fun!

  3. OMG!!!!! I admire these small scales but always think I will loose the rest of my sight making so tiny things... And you are making not only furniture but a person???
    I can't wait to see it done!

    1. Hi Ewa! As you can imagine, I am now getting obsessed with the tiny "people"! They are really difficult! It is not the vision that is hard... it is the holding onto them.... even with my tiny tweezers! And putting the glue in the right spot! LOL! We will see how far I get with this!

  4. Betsy!! If ever there was someone who was already juggling enough plates, and now you're mastering not just another mini project - but a whole different scale!!! You are a genius!! I can't wait to see this mini room in your other mini room...

    1. Hi Simon! I must confess I have Always wanted to try this scale! LOL! It is being more challenging than I had imagined... I need a whole different set of tools because the fingers won't work to hold anything!! We will see what I manage to make!

  5. Betsy, your copper range hood with the riveted seams is absolutely perfect! What an ingenious idea. It's always amazing to me that just a tiny scrap of some material can inspire big and brilliant ideas. And I can't even express my admiration for your ability to build that tiny room box with its tiny occupant. You have a keen eye, a steady hand, and nerves of steel, I think! Beautiful work.

    1. Thanks Marjorie! I love it when a strange item proves to be just what is needed to make a miniature! I really almost threw out that scrap... but it was so neatly know how it goes!!! LOL! The teeny tinies are being very challenging! But I haven't given up yet!

  6. Hahaha, Betsy, I have a big imagination and I can see you busy, than you have to wait and see what happened. At this very moment I'm doing the same ;)!! I think we have a lot in common with starting one thing and ending up in another project, I just love being sidetracked :D!
    I LOVE your teeny tiny room box, but you leave me in awe with making a tiny person for this room!! Can't wait to see to see more in this tiny scale, made by you!!
    The copper hood for the kitchen looks great. I never have thought about using copper paint on darker surface, but the result is absolutely fantastic!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! Yes... getting sidetracked is a lot of fun! and sometimes the best things come from following those crazy ideas! The Tiny people are very challenging.... but now that I have started... well... there sort of has to be a whole family! LOL! I have a long way to go, but I am learning! We shall see what comes of this tiny scale!

  7. Betsy,
    You just amaze me! -- your creativity and your energy! And you can work with such detail in such small items!

    1. Hi Iris! The tiny tiny stuff is really challenging! But I am enjoying seeing what I can manage to make! Thanks for commenting!

  8. Hi Betsy,
    Your attention to detail never ceases to amaze me. The tiny room box is fabulous. The copper hood above the hearth is fantastic. Your blog is a pleasure to read, as always. :)

    1. Thank you Farrah Lily! I am enjoying trying out this Tiny Tiny scale! It is not easy... but I have always wanted to try it! The little people are still "developing" but I already think there will have to be a whole family! LOL!

  9. awww the wee bitty fireplace is too awesome! Keeping busy is fantastic particularly when your creating such wonders that you do!

    Oh I may have scattered a project or two...from time to time, so I like the new additions ;)

    1. Hi Jane! I sometimes think that a room just has to have a fireplace in order to be a proper room! LOL! It is a great starting point at any rate! And once I had decided to use the big room as the model... it made the rest easy as far as the design part goes. But actually making the little people is being quite a challenge!

  10. It's always the best thing to follow your dreams... especially if they're telling you to build a small roombox! Wonderful work... no doubt, but the thing that took my breath away is that you've started to build a miniature of your own scene... that's brilliant. And I think it's never wrong to have one, two, three, four sideprojects... without forgetting about the main project. Fantastic work with the fireplace, the copper looks stunning.


    1. Hi Birgit! I am glad you like my newest distraction! It all became "easy" once I had decided to model it on the Folly Parlor! I have always wanted to try this scale.... but it is being a challenge! Especially the tiny people! And now there probably needs to be a family.... and then you can imagine what happens next.....! :)

  11. Wow the cooper hood is magnificent it looks beautiful in the kitchen. Wow wow your tiny roomboxes are awesome the fireplace is amazing and a tiny person my mind is reeling from all your fantastic ideas. Wonderful work.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thank you, Maria! I am glad the copper hood worked out! I didn't want it to be too glaring and shiny, so I am glad it worked to layer the paint that way! The tiny roomboxes are even surprising Me with the minute scale! It is easy to imagine but almost impossible to handle the little pieces!! I am learning to use my tiniest tools!

  12. I am speechless. Doll houses for the doll houses. Why not?
    Have you considered angels on the head of a pin?
    Just talked to you - made me feel better. Now eating chicken soup.
    Love, Mom

  13. Oh My Goodness Betsy! I can't believe my eyes!!! Your tiny room box is a Fascinating new project and the teensy tiny fireplace is PERFECT! :D I also like the stove hood and the way that you have constructed the mantle. Hardwick Hall has some already Outstanding features and I am enjoying every new thing that you do to it. :D


  14. Hello betsy,
    I love, love, love the kitchen hearth! It looks perfect and is beautifully made. As for the mini-mini room, it is amazingly detailed. there is no one to touch you Betsy.
    Big hug