Monday, March 14, 2016

Tree House Bed Curtains Completed!

Stitches.... And Love....

Can you Believe it, Dear Readers, but after All this Time spent making these Tiny Bed Curtains for the Pagoda Bed in the Tree House, I am a little sad to be finished? Don't get me wrong, I am Overjoyed at  how Perfectly they turned out! But I was enjoying the process of Stitching those Tiny flowers and vines so much... and now they are Done! I find myself thinking I need to start some more just so I have them there to stitch on a Sunday morning...! But let me show you the finishing of the curtains. As you  might recall, all I had left to add was a small amount of "ground" at the bottom of each curtain.

Here you can see what I mean.
I added a closely stitched gold border at the very bottom, 
to act as a hem, because I intended to pull the threads
 and make a fringe with the silk, 
rather than actually hemming the bottoms.
And just above that I stitched a small layer 
or "hill" of light blue-green to be the "landscape".
And with that the embroidery part was truly finished!

Next I took some very thin silk charmeuse in an ivory color.... (made from an antique slip...) and stitched the cloth right sides together along the two sides that had no fringe. I first pressed the other two edges so that when it is turned right side out, the hems would be already turned under and correctly aligned with the fringe edges. (See above!)

Then I cut the curtains apart from each other, 
leaving about a quarter inch for seam allowance.
(This is the back side of the embroidery!)

Then I turned them right side out and carefully... 
with tiny stitches, sewed the two open sides of the lining 
to the fringed edges of the curtains.

This is the reverse side of the finished curtain... 
with the fringe pulled at the bottom edge.

And then I had to run and get the Tiny Bed to test the curtain....
Oh! OH! OOooHHH!!!
I am in Love with this bed!!!
Here is a closer view.... and this is just the First curtain!

And the other one..... 
they are still not attached, 
just tucked under the gilded trim....

And just testing the bed in the Tree House... 
but it is getting late and dark and hard to get good pictures.

Here you can see the two curtains side by side.....
the first and last time....
because now it is time to glue them in place!

Which was easier said than done, 
because there was so little space under the edge 
of the gold trim on the bed frame....

Then I just have to see how it looks in the Chinoiserie Bedroom....

And with the fire lit.....

And from a little further back.... 
it is hard to get it all in focus!

And then in the morning light the next day.... 
can we get better pictures?
I think they turned out as Fine as I could have Imagined!

And then just to remind you of the scale of the Tree House....
Here it is in the Bedroom of Hardwick Hall!

 Oh, Dear Readers, I cannot express in words
 how much I adore this little Bed!!!

I don't know about you, Dear Readers,
But, I am in Love!


  1. Hi Betsy, Such a good result for your hard work. It is a little treasure.
    Regards Janiine

  2. Ooooh, Betsy, you've done it: embroidering these beautiful bed curtains for this very tiny bed, it's a true work of art :D!! I'm so happy for you that this adventure has the wanted result for you, my friend, it's awesome! I can imagine that the embroidery 'bug' has got you now ;)!!
    All pictures are so lovely, but I especially love the last ones and yes indeed: one would almost forget how tiny it all is ;).
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  3. Lovely small bed!I love it and this fabulous room...


  4. Les broderies de ces rideaux sont si belles et l'ensemble est simplement extraordinaire. Moi aussi je suis "en amour" pour votre lit pagode chère Betsy.

  5. Hello Betsy,
    Wow! Wow! Wow! The finished curtains on the bed are even more beautiful then I thought they would be. Your needlework is exquisite! I love the flowers, the colors...everything is perfect and they really make the bed a mini work of art. It looks so good in that gorgeous bedroom.
    Bravo Betsy! You keep raising the bar!
    Big hug

  6. I second Giac's message. WOW! Keep sewing! You're getting better and better. Seriously, that bed is a jewel.
    Lots of love,

  7. This is a luxury! Great job!

  8. OMG!!! It is shockingly beautiful!!! The bed is stunning now.:) By the way I am not sure if you use "shock" together with "beautiful", lol. But I just love it, the bed I mean.

  9. My first thought on seeing the first photo: Oh wow! The embroidery is gorgeous and looks wonderful on the bed and in the room! Just brilliant.

  10. BRAVO, Betsy!!! The embroidery is Exquisite and they look Marvelous hanging on the bed. You have put so much talent and effort into producing this Beautiful needlework and I am awfully glad that it is where you can easily see it.
    Now does this mean that you are thinking about stitching something for Hardwick Hall now too? ...... :D


  11. Wow I am also in love with your stunning bed. Your stitch work is gorgeous. Congratulations on this tiny piece of art.
    Hugs Maria

  12. This piece is so exotic and wonderful, I do love the colors you've used and the embroidery is beautiful!

    I can imagine wondrous dreams will be had on that little vessel, fantastical dreams of tales from afar ;)

  13. This is drop-dead-beautiful... and so amazingly well made, not only the beautiful stitching but also the backing etc. The bed looks awesome in its place - but also stunning in Hardwick Hall. Btw - finishing is the part I dislike the most about my projects... on the other hand - now that the curtains are done you're free for new adventures!


  14. Hay Betsy,

    Wat een prachtig blog!
    En wat een geweldig werk, zo verfijnd en
    zo prachtig gemaakt allemaal.
    Wat een geduld moet je hebben om zo
    iets moois te kunnen maken.

    Lieve groet,

  15. It looks so great, Betsy, well done. You never cease to amaze wth you talent for turning nothing into Something!
    Have a great weekend

  16. The embroidery looks beautiful by itself and even better on the bed. great job!

  17. Oh... I want to sleep in that bed! It's magical! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!