Monday, March 7, 2016

Big Steps and Tiny Stitches....

Tales of Gold and Glue.....

Have I mentioned, Dear Readers, that I am in Love with making these Petit-point Pillows? I decided to make another one just like the Kit from Janet Granger, only I didn't have any more of the right cloth. So I am using some cloth that is 28 count "Monaco" Needlework cloth.... which I bought a long time ago to use for needlepoint stitching.... because I don't know what I am looking for in the stores or on-line! (I have a lot to learn!) It has a denser weave than the canvas that came in the kit... so the holes are a little bit tighter... but it is working out quite well! I have also decided to experiment with a different background color... and this blue looked just right to me! It is not done yet because I decided to work more on the bed-curtains for the Tree House... I know, I said they were done.... but then I remembered that I wanted to add some Gold thread to the embroidery....

Can you see the delicate glittery stitches woven into the pattern on the left hand curtain? And then I had to add the leaves to the vine.... because if you remember, there are gold vines growing up the ceiling in the Tree House Bedroom too! It was that which made me realize I had to add the gold to these curtains!

Here, I have searched out an old picture 
to remind you of the Tree House Bedroom ceiling.....

I stitched the gold with some gold metallic sewing thread
 that I bought many years ago. 
It was relatively easy to sew with 
and has the right amount of glitter!

Here you can see the gold leaves are done on the first curtain.

But the "Big Steps" I was referring to were all
 about the construction of Hardwick Hall.
The construction of this kit is quite intricate 
and there are some steps that you think the pieces 
cannot possibly fit like they say they should!
The Mansard roof cornice is one of those pieces!

It is a section of the roof that fits around the dormer 
and overlaps the tops of the walls, 
and forms the base of the mansard roof itself.
The instructions say you will have to "twist" the piece
 to fit over the tab at the top of the front wall 
while at the same time sliding it into 
the cutout grooves in the roof framework.
As with many of the trim pieces on this kit, it is built up of layers,
 and it is tricky to decide when to paint which part! 
Because the underside of this trim piece is the one that will be visible, 
I painted it with all the layers of silver paint, 
while leaving the top side just coated with the primer, 
because it would be covered by the trim layer.

If you look closely in this picture 
at the top of the wall at the corner there is a tab....
 when the cornice is pushed all the way into place
 this tab fits into a slot, locking it in place!
It wouldn't "slide" into place, Dear Readers, I had to use a hammer!
And that was even after I had widened most of the slots 
that it needed to slide into!
But eventually it did fit!

And the other side too!
And then it was time to glue on the trim layer....

This layer I only painted the top side 
as that was the one which would be visible.... 
and here you can see it being glued 
with my trusty "clamps" holding it in place!
And while I was adding roof trim pieces....

I added the roof trim to the Kitchen bay window....

And the Parlor bay window.
It is amazing what a difference the trim makes!
It starts to look so "Finished"! 
And it feels like such a Big step 
to be finally working on the Roof of this Kit!

And as for the Tiny Stitches.... 
here you can see that I "finished"
 the gold stitching on both the Tiny Curtains!
(Poke the picture to make it larger!)
And even though I thought I was done 
with the embroidery on these curtains... 
I remembered that I want to make 
a layer of "ground" at the bottoms....
So there will have to be more stitching! 

So you can see Dear Readers, 
it was either Tiny Stitches or Big Steps 
But it was All about the Gold and the Glue!


  1. Hello Daydreamer!

    The house will be beautiful. Very beautiful details.

  2. Hello Betsy,
    I am in total adoration of your embroidery. It is just amazing and so, so beautiful. The gold adds the perfect touch. It is well worth all the time spent. Looking at you making so many wonderful pillows makes me want to try my hand at petit point...but I have a house to finish first! Oh well, 2 or 3 more years and then it will be pillow time.
    Hardwick Hall is coming along beautifully. You take such care to finish the exterior of the kit so well...not an easy task with those thin ply kits. Your posts are always a feast for the senses and I can't wait to see more.
    Big hug

  3. Wonderful embroidery! Very rich and refined.

  4. I am not going to say any more word about your stiching for you know I admire it.:) But the house is prettier and prettier! Can't wait to see more!
    Have a happy Women's Day!

  5. I have to agree with Giac: your embroidery is wonderful, Betsy, the curtains are so delicate work. The addition of gold yarn is definitely a "must" for these beautiful tiny curtains for the bed.
    The house looks absolutely wonderful so far. I can imagine that you have to be careful with gluing together the parts of the mansard roof. Thanks for sharing on what way you glue the parts of the roof together and for warning us on what points one has to be careful before gluing. I have never had a dollhouse kit, because I've built my own canal house, but it is good to know these things.
    Warm hug, Ilona

  6. Hi Betsy! Your needlework is Enviable in both the cushion and Especially in the added gold detailing of the tiny bed curtains. It is amazing how those extra bits of detail can take your already Fabulous needlework to an even Higher level of Beauty! Well done Betsy and don't stop stitching! :D


  7. Beautiful needle work Betsy! I love the treehouse, it is so elegant. That roof reminds me of the roof on the Willowcrest, it gave me fits.


  8. I love your needle work it is gorgeous. The gold thread on the curtains really stands out and adds a beautiful finish. You are doing great with the house I am looking forward to seeing more.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Adding the gold touches to your curtains was the perfect decision - you've made a good thing even better. The gold details set lovely highlights and give it an appearance of brocade... perfect for the bedroom. And it's fantastic to see Hardwick Hall growing... you've made a very big step now that was more a very wide jump. But I have to admit your report caused some goosebumps around here - maybe you remember that there's an Orchid kit waiting for me... *gulp* So far I've only built DHE kits which are very easy to build for someone like me... but this thin wood with all the parts and an English description will be a challenge for a dummy like me...


  10. Hello Betsy - I stand in awe of your beautiful, beautiful embroidery work. The tiny pillows are going to be amazing, and the addition of the gold thread to the bed curtains is the perfect finishing touch. I do have to admit that seeing the complexity of the Hardwick Hall kit makes me break into a sweat. My admiration for your skill and perseverance knows no bounds! I'm looking forward to future posts.

  11. Im glad you told us to "poke" the picture - it must then come out just about life-size. I CAN'T imagine how you do that - please don't go blind! But I do think petit point needlework is a natural for you - it's beautiful. And Hardwick Hall is coming along nicely.
    lots of love,