Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I Went Shopping....

At The Sturbridge Fair....

Well, Dear Readers, I will admit that I have often hoped I might find some other Little Furry Ponies who could be companions to Thunder, the Black Pony who runs wild on the Distant Briar Moors not far from Rose Thorne Cottage. And this year, as I was making my preliminary pass through the booths at The Sturbridge Miniatures Fair, My eyes alighted on this Beautiful little White Mare! Her name is "Whisper" and she was not alone! She was traveling with her best friend "Ginger Snap"....

And I was able to convince them to come home with me 
where they could also run free on the Distant Briar Moors!

Aren't they just Gorgeous?
But of course, I was busy shopping and quickly moved 
on to the pursuit of the next Treasures!
I found quite a few books.....
Most of which are "printed through"....

Like this wonderful "Golden Book" version 
of' "Micky's Christmas Carol"

With all the illustrations of this classic tale!

And this beautiful Large "Encyclopedia of British Birds".....

Illustrated throughout with marvelous color plates of all the birds!
And I found quite an assortment of small china items... 
including this lovely set of plates with botanical illustrations on them...

And this Dinosaur or is it a Dragon Cookie Jar!

An iron pot full of steaming clams....!

And a wonderful old fashioned Bread Box... 
made of lovely heavy cast metal.

A pair of Art Deco wall sconces.....

And a Beautifully made Silverware Chest, 
complete with the silver!
(I don't think I have a Dining Room worthy of this..... yet...!)

Oh, and that metal item beside the chest is a perfectly made Sextant!

This will have to be part of the nautical collection belonging to Clarence.....
(When I get his Study built in The Cupboard House.....)

A few pieces of furniture "on sale" at one booth...

Which will eventually probably find themselves useful Somewhere.....
(still not sure where!)

Oh, and this desk also on sale...... 
and the tea set.... not on sale.....
but too pretty to leave behind!

And there were some Teeny Tiny items too...
(Because I have fallen down that Rabbit Hole....)

A 1:48 scale Dollhouse for a dollhouse kit....! 
(Which is the scale of the Tree House, 
and we are trying to build the Tree House Nursery..... 
Oh, Had you forgotten? !)

And in the box on the left is a 1:48 scale teapot 
with a purple crocheted Tea Cozy!!!!
(Do poke the pictures for the really expanded view!)

And as if we were not already Lost in Teeny Tiny Land.....
There is a kit.....

To make a Secret Christmas House in 1:144th scale!!!
Two kits, actually, but the house itself is on backorder....
this one is for all the rooms furniture and decor all included!
Oh My!
(I think Pollyanna was whispering in my ear.....!)
Well, Dear Readers, I don't know about you ....
but I can't wait to get started on that Christmas House Kit!!

And before I had even unpacked all my new Treasures.....
Thunder came galloping up......

He'd heard there were some pretty new fillies in the forest....

He explained that he could lead them to the Distant Briar Moors.....

And before I knew it, they were off....

And that, Dear Readers, is what I found 
when I went Shopping at the Sturbridge Fair!


  1. Hello Betsy,
    How lovely! The new ponies are great. I really do like their colors. they will be perfect in your magical mini-world. The books and dishes you purchased are awesome, but sadly I could not view the other pictures you posted...isn't technology supposed to make life easier??? I'll check in later and hopefully I will see all.
    Big hug

    1. Dear Giac, I hope you get to see the rest of the pictures! I hate to think your computer isn't working.... and it gave me a scare that something was wrong with my blog! Here's hoping that all is well!

  2. The ponies are so cute. I really like your purchases.

    1. The ponies won my heart! I couldn't leave them! Especially as I already had "Thunder" from a couple of years ago! Now they are a "herd" and Thunder isn't lonely! LOL!

  3. Oh you found so many beautiful and interesting treasures and those horses are so cute!!!

    1. Hi Katajamaki Lea! It really is like going on a Treasure hunt at the Fair! There is just Too much that is Wonderful... and never enough money.... so finding the unexpected things is so much fun!

  4. Oh my! I don't know where to start. With the ponies, I guess - aren't they wonderful! And perfect names. I think you have enough new stuff, now, to last you till the next "Fair." ??? Well....
    Lots of love,

    1. Hi Mom! I think I've dreamed of these little fur-covered ponies all of my life! And here they are! And of course, I have enough stuff....! But that doesn't mean I stop shopping....! There are always the smaller scale worlds to populate! And Decorate!

  5. That's what I call shopping indeed! You found so many beautiful treasures! I can't wait to see where and how you are going to use them! And the horses are cutee!

    1. Hi Ewa! These Fairs are Dangerous for the pocketbook! LOL! There are just So many Incredible tiny things! Of course I couldn't leave those ponies behind.... they are really happy to be with "Thunder"! As for the other things.... it will take a while to find them all "homes"! I might even have to start on another kit! LOL! :)

  6. Oh my, Betsy, you really had a 'good' fair........so many treasures LOL :D! I LOVE all of your purchases and especially because they have many opportunities for new stories ;)!
    I love the ponies, they are beautiful, enjoy all of your newest additions!
    Warm hug, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! I was really amazed to see the ponies there... and fell in love straight away! Of course, they will become part of more stories.... will I ever get caught up? LOL! I hope you have patience!

  7. Whisper and Gingersnap are beautiful! Enjoy your new treasures, I look forward to seeing the tiny furniture, perfect for Polly's dollhouse. The Cupboard house I remember well, I would love to see more on it, I know that is the trouble with having so many projects going at once :) that is defaniantly a dragon cookie jar lol.

    1. Hi Victoria! I was so surprised to find the ponies! I feel very lucky! And the Tiny kits.... I have really fallen into the 1:144 world in a "big" way! LOL! I might have to do the Christmas House before Pollyanna's house... as "practice" for making these tiny rooms! And yes... the Cupboard House is still waiting... I have some "engineering" challenges to solve before I can make real progress there... and I keep getting "distracted"! LOL! I should do a re-cap at some point!

  8. Bonjour Betsy,
    les nouveaux compagnons de Thunder sont superbes et je suis impatient de voir cette nouvelle maison de Noël.
    A bientôt

    1. Thank you, Jean-Claude! I think I am a little afraid to open the tiny kits! LOL! We shall see what I can learn from these tiny projects!

  9. When I first saw your newest post showing up in my sidebar I was thinking: "OMG... Betsy found the perfect horse for Lady Lavender!" Okay, of course I was thinking this in German... but nevertheless... Whisper has a beautiful lavender touch on this photo for sure! What wonderful finds these two ponies are... and believe it or not but my second thought after meeting Whisper and Ginger Snap was "Where is Thunder? What is he waiting for???" *LOL* Well, I'm glad that handsome black guy showed up in the end... and I'm really looking forward to all the new stories that will have wonderful ponies appearing in the setlist - hopefully before next Halloween! *LOL* And all your other purchases are stunning too - for example you can't look at the dino jar and not start to smile. The Christmas furniture set was the perfect find (I suppose this is from Robin Betterley?), it's so exciting that you're dealing with this tiny scale now... One thing is for sure - with all of your projects and treasures waiting to get their place you can never get bored... ;O)


    1. Hmmmmm...., I guess there is a Lavender tint to the photos... but I could only "see" the white in mine... because I already knew that Whisper was all white! I just hope the Fairy Beary's are not going to compete with each other for the friendship of the new ponies! We will just have to see how things develop! I know that Whisper and Gingersnap are rather shy... and Ginger snap is much more "jumpy" than Whisper! And yes, the Christmas House is from Robin Betterley....! I had not come across them before now...(I think I was blind to the tiny scaled items!)I have to confess these Tiny kits are a little bit intimidating! I will have to sharpen up my mini tools and be very very careful! And yes, ... (ahem) with all my Options around here.... not a lot of being bored Ever comes my way! LOL!!!

  10. Hello Betsy - What a pretty group of ponies you have now; I love their prancing postures. And what fabulous finds at the miniatures fair. I especially like the bird encyclopedia and the silverware chest. But my very favorite has to be the botanical plates - beautiful! You must have had such a fun time. Thanks for sharing all the interesting photos.

  11. Hi Marjorie! I love that I now have a "herd" of Prancing ponies! And it was a lot of fun to search out the Treasures at the Fair. Those plates were in a grab bag! I was quite surprised to find so many items in the discount piles! I don't even know where I will be using a lot of these things... but I'm sure I will use them Someday!

  12. Your herd of ponies all seem to be right in step Betsy! They prance as well together as the Lipizzaner Stallions! You must have been Over the Moon when you found them, because they look like they were Made to Order for your stories. :D
    I LOVE all of the tiny items you found at the fair especially the collection of books, they're adorable! It must have felt like you'd stumbled onto buried treasures discovering so many Beautiful objects of desire! Bravo!!! :D