Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Long Weekend, Short Pieces.....

Lots and Lots of Little Pieces....

The Long and the Short of it Dear Readers, is that even when I have a Three day weekend, I end up not getting much accomplished on my many mini projects! Perhaps this is due to having too many projects under way, and no clear plan of action written out. And perhaps it is just that I Expect too much of the three days. Nevertheless, I did make a Lot of Little improvements to several of my current Big projects, and several big improvements to some of my smallest projects! To begin with, I shortened the legs of the teeny Tiny settee for the Roombox in the Folly. I know, you can hardly tell with the fractional amount I cut from each leg, but it had bothered me that the legs were just too tall in the first place. Here you can see above, the newly lowered version! And while I was making such monumental adjustments to tiny things, I decided to make the tiny hassock that goes with the settee.

Yes, that is it, stuck to the bit of cardboard 
so I wouldn't loose it while the paint was drying!

And here Halcyon has come to show you 
that it could indeed pass for a hassock!

And here you can see them both in the Roombox 
on The Folly Parlor shelf....
The original hassock in The Folly Parlor is a RL ring box
which my sister and I appropriated from our Mother 
when we were young!
And while I was waiting for that Tiny bit of blue paint to dry
(after I had carefully rounded the edges of the block of wood)
I was also working on the Porch for Hardwick Hall.

I apologize for the dark night photo....
but here you can sort of see the completed framework of the front porch
 propped in place... or rather temporarily squeezed in place!
This porch framework has to be "inserted" 
between the porch floor base and the porch ceiling, 
 which is an extension of the second floor itself..... 
And there is not really room to test any of the fit 
of the "tabs" before you try to "insert" it!
I am really trying to get the exterior of this kit to a point 
where all the trim pieces have been attached 
and I can move on to the base itself.

Here you can see I have followed the instructions to 
"lay the house on its back" 
in preparation to inserting the porch between the floors....

And here you can see I have "inserted" 
the porch framework and glued it in place!
It was not easy to make it fit! 
I even trimmed the length of a couple of the tabs
 at the bottom of the posts... 
and even then two of them snapped off
 while trying to squeeze it into the slots!
But it is now attached and Nothing will make me take it off again!
And while the house was turned on its back, 
I also added the front steps framework... 
pieces which interlock with part of the foundation framework.

Of course, once these steps have been added, 
it no longer is easy to turn the house on its "front" 
to work on the underside where the wiring comes through!
I also had prepared all the pieces of trim that circle the house at the Foundation level, 
but when I tested them for fit.... 
several of the pieces came up Short by a good quarter of an inch!
Hmmm.... what to do, Dear Readers.....
start from scratch or make a patch????
How about switch to another project while you can't decide!

Which is where I introduce you to another one of the Teeny Tiny Sisters....
Her name is "Theodora"... she is the black haired one 
which you can barely see there in the front of the group.....
She is Quiet.... and bookish.... 
but you must not mistake that for "plain" at all!
I started on her gown... and she had requested 
a black velveteen spangled with blue and gold glitter...
And sleeves.... we had to start with the sleeves....

I do apologize for the blurry photos,
 it is very hard to get good focus on these tiny ladies!
Theodora is on the right, and Halcyon is on the left in the above picture.
And for Halcyon's sleeves you might notice 
that I added a double layer of gold mesh to the edges of the sleeves.
You start by gluing the strip of cloth to the back of the arm.
 Let it dry completely before trying to wrap it around the arm!
Once it is dry, you wrap it around and glue it to the back, 
trimming the extra length. 

Here I have started to glue Theodora's gown on....
I did end up trimming the length of the pile of the velveteen 
on her sleeves... they were just too puffy!
You have to glue the gown on one bit at a time, 
starting from the center front...
and wrapping first one side to the back and then the other, 
trimming the excess length as you go.

Here you can see Halcyon's gown started.... 
I have cut her a "v" neckline and slots for the arms...
and I am gluing the neckline in front first...
Then you carefully glue the shoulder tabs over the shoulders...
working around the hair (a sewing pin is what I used to dab the glue) 
and another one to prod the fabric into place...

Here you can see Theodora's gown is nearly finished... 
and a good shot of Halcyon's from the back...

Theodora's gown from the back.... 
all it needs is a little bit of trimming at the hemline!

Here is Halcyon's gown with the main part finished.
 And here is Theodora with her finished gown!
She does have a very Serious nature!
And here is Halcyon .... 
(remember to poke the pictures to see them bigger!)

Can you see how lovely she looks?
Oh, but wait, she says her gown is Not done yet?
It is lacking the overskirts in gold mesh?
(If you insist!)
 I am adding the gold mesh, 
and using the scissors to hold it in place while the glue dries!

She says one layer is not enough!
So we add another one......

A much fuller layer...

She says that is much better!
"Now I feel as Radiant as a Summer Sunrise!" she declares!

And here they are gathered together....
it's hard to believe there are still two more sisters to dress!
And did I make a start on the Attic 
of the Lovely Old Dollhouse, I hear you ask?

Yes, I did! I managed to cut out two new walls... 
and the door openings....
but I have not yet decided how or where they will be attached!
I seem to remember having this same problem
 many many years ago when  I first tried 
to re-design the attic of the Lovely Old Dollhouse!
So you can see, Dear Readers,
my Long weekend was filled up quickly 
with lots of Tiny Pieces
And no Shortage of Projects!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Claude! I have always wanted to try to make them for this scale! I am having a lot of fun with them!

  2. Hello Betsy,
    What wonderful work you have accomplished. It looks like quite a bit to me! I am amzed and enchanted every time I see your mini-mini furniture and dolls. It is so well done and your attention to detail, like the sofa legs, are what sets your miniatures apart! Everything is perfect. The gowns are all coming along beautifully and once again I must say I would have gone bananas...well, more bananas... working in that small a scale. Hardwick Hall is coming along beautifully. I always loved that kit and it is so nice to see it properly finished. I know the quality of the wood is not top notch, but you have managed to erase all signs of it! I love it all and can't wait to see more.
    Big hug

    1. Dear Giac, I must say the Tiny dolls have taken me by surprise just how demanding they are! But I am having a lot of fun with this scale, and I am hoping that I will continue to have as much fun when I decorate the house! It is a little daunting! As for the Hardwick Hall kit's deficiencies... the wood is certainly one of them! But I agree with you that the House has a lot of appeal... and that is what made me want to build it in spite of the strange layout of the rooms... or perhaps also because I wondered how those stairs could possibly work hidden in the corner like they are! In its own way I think it adds a layer of realism to have them just barely visible through the doors... but you know how that works! You are doing the same thing with Dewell Manor! But I am facing some serious challenges with the exterior of this kit! More about that in another post! Thank you for your comments, I treasure them! :)

  3. Hi Betsy! I see that you had a bit the same of my 'problem': lots to do (or done) and it looks like there is not much to show for your blog ;)! But I can really see that you have made a lot of progress at the dresses of your Tiny ladies!! They all look gorgeous in their dresses and I absolutely admire your patience for making these dresses till in the finest details :)!!
    And what to say of your progress at Hardwick Hall, the porch floor and framework have cost you a lot of time, but I like the result, dear friend, it's great to see this house is growing in your capable hands!!
    Warm hugs, ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! I think it must be a common "problem" with making miniatures.... sometimes we work for hours and even Days on a project... only to look at the Teeny Tiny results and think "Is that ALL I got done?" LOL! The tinier the details, the better the work!!! I am glad you like the tiny gowns... because I know you are a very fine "seamstress" yourself! I hope I will be able to make Hardwick Hall turn out the way my mind sees it... still a long way to go! Thank you for commenting! :)

  4. Hi Betsy,
    Firstly, the kit is coming along so well. It seems a very difficult build and would be so discouraging for first time miniaturists. It is such an appealing house.
    Your mini petit ladies are amazingly detailed. I can well imagine you working into the night hours ... Hard to stop sometimes.
    All the best. Regards Janine

    1. Hi Janine! Yes, I think a beginner would have to give up in despair over this kit! They say to follow the instructions carefully... but sometimes that just won't work! Eventually I think it will look the way I want it to... but it is not quick or simple! I am glad you like the Tiny Ladies.... I have NO idea where they are leading me! LOL! But that is part of the Adventure! Thank you for commenting!

  5. Que cosas tan monas y la fachada preciosa.
    Un abrazo

    1. Thank you, Maite! It is a lot of fun to make the Tiny gowns for these Tiny Ladies! I am glad you like the facade of Hardwick Hall... it is a slow project. But eventually it will look like what I Dream of! Thank you for your comments!

  6. I can't beleive you did all that and worked in the garden too!
    I love the tiny ladies, they look so lovely standing together.
    I would just make new trim, if you patch it will drive you crazy. I am sorry you are having problems with the kit but it will be worth it in the long run, I swore I would never do another slot and tab house. I can't wait to see more attic photos :)

    1. Hi Victoria! Yes the Garden calls! I have learned to do the gardening late in the day After I have done the minis... otherwise I spend too long in the garden and end up exhausted! This way I get my mini work in while I am fresh and then I can go to sleep after the heavy work is done....
      The attic of the Lovely Old Dollhouse has been in my Dreams for So many years.... we will see what I can accomplish! And Hardwick Hall is definitely a challenge! I think you are right about just making new pieces the right length! Thank you for your comments! It is Lovely to have you back in Blogland!!! :)

  7. Wow those tiny gowns are stunning. So tiny and yet they look so elegant. Amazing work. I love your house it is beautiful. I am looking forward to watching your progress.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thank you Maria! The more I make the tiny gowns, the more I want to try fancy new styles! It is being a fun challenge!

  8. I'm so, so, so impressed with your work on the teeny wee dols and loving the frontage of Hardwick Hall, especially the details.

    1. Thank you Irene! Like many things... once you have been working at it for a while, it starts to seem easier.... and makes other minis seem HUGE! The details on this kit were a large part of the appeal... and it is fun to see it coming together at last!

  9. Hi Betsy - Hardwick Hall looks so hard, and yet you're making a beautiful job of it. You've shown great patience and perseverance with that front porch and its "insertion" process! I think it'll be a perfect spot to spend rainy mornings or hot afternoons. I love the shape of Hardwick Hall and its trim work. Keep up the good (and hard) work! As for that teensy hassock for the tiny settee - I have to keep blinking my eyes to get it in focus! Both pieces are charming - as are the gowns for Halcyon and Theodora. The gowns just get better and better, and each one is so elegant. I love the "group" photo! I always get a grin out of all the many projects you work on - and all the things that you accomplish - when you think you aren't doing much! You should witness how much less I accomplish in twice the time! I'm a very slow worker, no matter what I'm doing. But a friend once told me to never say "slow" - say "deliberate!"

    1. Hi Marjorie! I am glad you like the way Hardwick Hall is coming along.... it is certainly a test of one's patience! But the trim was part of the kit's appeal for me, so I want to make it as it is intended to be! Fortunately it is acceptable for a "Witch's" house to look a bit worn and shabby! As for the tiny gowns, they are turning out to be a fun adventure! Once I started to make them fancy, I keep wanting to try something new! And the more you work at this scale the easier it seems.... everything else starts to seem Enormous!

  10. Your group of tiny ladies is forming a soiree' Betsy! You will have to make some tiny gentlemen now too just so that the ladies will have someone to flirt with! ;P
    As for Hardwick Hall, I applaud you for being able to follow instruction. (wink) Your house is looking really lovely and as you know I have been keeping up with its progress with great interest. This kit is so interesting and yours is full of magic and mystery. Keep up your Wonderful Work on it Betsy as well as on the attic of the Lovely Old Dollhouse. I can see that your new attic door is leading towards another chapter in its story. :D

    1. Hi Elizabeth! The Ladies are already demanding "Assembly Rooms" and "Ballrooms" and "Dressmaker Shops"! LOL! I think Pollyanna has No Idea what trouble she is getting into!
      And I also LOVE watching what YOU are doing with this kit! It is just so fascinating how different the results are when we are both starting with the same kit! I can't wait to see what you have planned for the interior!

  11. I suspect clocks are ticking much faster at special XXL-weekends and holidays... *LOL* And I know for sure how time consuming all these tiny details are and how demanding tiny persons (or in my case bearsons) can be... so in my opinion you've filled your long weekend with plenty of progress. I'm only wondering now... do we have to call your wonderful ladies' fashion "Petite Couture"? ;O)


    1. Dear Birgit, I am sure you are correct about the racing minutes of Holiday Time! :) And no matter how I try to tell myself I have plenty of Time..... it disappears way too soon! LOL!
      I think The "Petite Couture" might have to be the Name for the "Dressmaker's Shop" that Pollyanna is certainly going to have to build! LOL! And the list of Teeny Tiny Roomboxes grows longer by the minute.... and by now you will have seen what I "found" at the Sturbridge Fair!!! :0

  12. Sorry to be so late with my comment - very little time for any internet reading these days. But I have to say, Hardwick Hall is gorgeous. Reminds me a little of the 3-decker I've imagined for our home in Somerville in the late 50s, tho Hardwick is of course spooky. No spooks for us!
    The little ones are amazing.
    Lots of love, Mom

    1. Hi Mom! No rush! Here I am even Later!!!!
      I am glad you like Hardwick Hall..... it certainly has elements of all the Victorian Houses I ever Dreamed of.....!
      Just wait til you see the kits I bought.....