Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What Do You Know....?

Daphne's In The Dark.....

I Must tell you, Dear Readers, that Daphne and Renee played for so long in the Park that it was nearly supper time when they finally returned home. They had barely settled in when Cook brought the supper tray. There was chicken soup and fresh sliced bread and milk.

Daphne couldn't help but wonder what Renee thought of her... the new Nanny... 
certainly she had No idea that Daphne was actually her Mother!
She seemed to have allowed her to come into her life with ease.
But Daphne could not tell if this was her normal behavior... 
she had no idea how often there was a "new Nanny" to adjust to!

"Hibou likes milk!" said Renee.
"So I see" replied Daphne. 
So much for the child's profound thoughts, thought Daphne. 
Her world is not as changed by this as mine!
It is I who have No idea what Her world is like....
But I want to know all about it!

When supper was finished Daphne went to the Nanny's Room to put her things away.
Renee followed her in.
She wasn't used to having a little shadow follow her everywhere!
It seemed as though while they were at the Park, someone had 
brought all her things from her hotel.
Someone must have packed her bags!
There was her old suitcase and her jacket.
She supposed she had better unpack... 
see if everything was here!

"Is that your bag" asked Renee?
"It's so big!" she declared.

"What's in it..." she asked?

"All my stuff is in it..." replied Daphne, feeling a little bit self-conscious.
"Can I see..." asked Renee?

"What's that book.." said Renee, pointing at the suitcase.

Daphne was a little dismayed that her books and papers 
were shoved into the case every which way.

"This book.." asked Daphne?
"This is my drawing paper" she replied.
"What's drawing paper..." asked Renee?
"It is paper made for drawing pictures on..." replied Daphne.
"I'll show you tomorrow," she added.

"What's that book..." asked Renee?

Daphne pulled another book from the suitcase.

"This one," she asked?
Renee nodded.
"It's a Story Book," she said.

"I'll read it to you at bedtime if you like..." she said.
"I'll put my pajamas on now..." said Renee running from the room.

Daphne followed her to the Nursery with a pile of books in her arms.
"Would you like help changing..." asked Daphne?

"I can do it myself..." declared Renee!

"You hop in bed.." said Daphne. 

"I'll sit here and read" she said.
"This is a Story about a Little Red Hen..." she said... 
and she started to read.

Renee listened very quietly, and her eyes began to close.
When Daphne finished the story Renee was barely awake.

"Let me tuck you in now..." she said softly.

Daphne wished she could give her a good-night kiss... 
but she wanted to behave as a Nanny would....
Did the Nanny give Kisses....? 
She just didn't know!
"Good night Little One" was all she said 
as she pulled up the covers and tiptoed from the room. 

She returned to the Nanny's Room.... Her Room! 
Would she ever get used to thinking of herself as The Nanny?

She looked around the room... HER room!
There was nowhere to sit except the bed.
There was hardly anywhere to put things...
And it seemed that whoever had packed her suitcase 
had forgotten to pack her nightgown! 
It was probably still hanging on the back of the bathroom door...
She would just have to sleep in her dress for tonight!
She needed to sit and think!
So much had happened today that she was unprepared for!

There was so much that she didn't understand!
But you must understand, Dear Readers, 
that Daphne was much more worn out than she realized.
She must have turned the light out and dozed off.... 
because she awoke in the dark, and didn't know where she was!
She had been having that Dream.... where she saw a fountain and a child....
What was that noise... was someone crying...?
It sounded like a child crying... 
and Then she Remembered! 
The child! Renee was crying!
Her little girl was crying....!

She ran down the hall to Renee's Nursery. 
Renee was sitting up in bed weeping!
"I c-c-can't f-f-find Hibbouu...." she sobbed!

Daphne could see him under the edge of the bed.
"Here he is..." she said as she placed him on the covers.

"I... w-w-want G-g-gabriellleee..."wailed Renee even louder.

"Who is Gabrielle...." asked Daphne softly?

"Sh-she-ee is my N-n-nanny....! sobbed Renee.
"B-but Sh-sh-eeee had to go Awaaayy...."

Daphne had to fight back her own tears 
at the sound of poor Renee's broken-hearted sobbing.
"I'll tell you what we will do, Little One" said Daphne as calmly as she could.
"Tomorrow first thing we will write a letter to Gabrielle. 
You can tell her all about everything. 
And we will draw her a picture too,
 just so she knows everything is okay here!
How does that sound? Would you like that?"
Renee just nodded between hiccups.
Then suddenly she stood up....

"C-c-can I c-c-come s-s-sleep with Y-you" she asked?

Daphne's arms were around her before she could even think...
"Of course you can my Little One...." she whispered.

And she carried Renee back to the Nanny's.... Her room!
She couldn't believe how good it felt to hold her little girl in her arms!

Daphne tucked her into the bed and lay down beside her.
It was a cozy feeling to have her child right here 
beside her again after so many years.
She had no idea whether she was doing the "right" thing...  
there was so much she didn't know!

But the one thing she did know was 
that she was overjoyed to be with her Daughter again!

Yes, Dear Readers, Daphne is truly in the Dark.
Well, what do you know...... Even you and I 
know more about Renee's life than she  does!


  1. I can't believe I was moved to tears. Such a touching story.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you Drora! It is moving to write it! I am really glad you are enjoying it!

  2. Hello Betsy,
    All I can say is hoe beautiful! You really are a master story teller. There is nothing more touching then a mother with her beloved child.
    Big hug

    1. Thank you Giac! It is really good to be finally bringing them together! There is still so much to tell....!

  3. Drora and Giac have already said it... this was absolutely touching - and beautiful. I always have the feeling of watching an outstanding drama movie... *LOL* Your story telling skills as well as your fantastic photos never fail to catch me. And I really liked how Daphne's story is developing... you've planted the seed of hope for Daphne to grow a special bond to Renee. The first step was taken - and in the end there will be no more darkness for Daphne *nods-heavily* ;O)


    1. Thank you, Birgit! Knowing that you are enjoying it so much makes me keep telling it! I have to take so long to build all the parts.... as you know it is not so easy to get all those photos! :)

  4. You really should write a book and sell it. :) What a story! I have no words and all before me said it all! Can't wait for more!

    1. Thank you Ewa! If I had the time... it has taken me so long just to get to this point of the story! LOL! I will keep telling the story and hopefully you will still be here at the finish! :)

  5. i was totally swept away by this story, I cant wait for the next chapter

    1. Thank you Marisa! I am slow.... it still has quite a ways to go! I am so glad you enjoyed it!

  6. What a beautiful tale, I hope Daphne and Renee live happily ever after but I have a feeling there are going to be some bumps in the road on the way.


    1. Thank you Victoria! Yes.... there will always be rocks along the road... but I hope it will be worth reading to the end.... when I eventually get there! LOL!

  7. Just lovely, Betsy. Daphne's room look so cozy. I'm glad she was able to experience that warm, motherly feeling again!

    1. Thank you Farrah Lily! It is really nice to be finally bringing them together! (It has only taken me four years! LOL!) There is lots more still to tell!

  8. Hello, Betsy. The beautiful story continues! It's very moving to watch the relationship between Daphne and Renee develop and grow. I'm eager to read more!

    1. Thank you Marjorie! I am enjoying telling this part of the story! I have lots more to tell.... so stay tuned!

  9. A very well imagined story - by the way, where did Renee get the name Hibou? What does it mean? Just curious...
    I'm also really curious about how this tale is going to unfold!

    1. Thank you Mom! (Hibou means "owl" in French!)Still so much to tell! You will have to be patient! :)

  10. Wonderful story it is very moving. I am looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful story.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thank you Maria! There will be lots more to come! I am slow... but the story demands to be told! I hope you can be patient! I am glad you are enjoying it!

  11. Just lovely, Betsy. Daphne's room look so cozy. I'm glad she was able to experience that warm, motherly feeling again!
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