Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Glass House Glass....

Invisible Progress.....

Have I mentioned, Dear Readers, How much I Love it when the sun comes to play in my mini worlds? Sometimes it seems as though I can barely catch the brief moments when it illuminates my little worlds so brilliantly! Saturday was just such a morning and here you can see The Folly fully lit in the morning sun! But it was moving fast! I had to be quick with the camera!

Here you can see the Glass House fully lit by the sun... 
Before any glass was added to the windows!
I was able to get some glass panes cut on Saturday 
and immediately started fitting them to the window openings.
It is not as easy as it sounds! 
If the glass pane is just a fraction too large,
 you have to carve away the wood frame to make it fit.
But it really went very well.

I was easily able to cut and install the front windows.
Can you see the glass panes? No? 

How about now?
At least you can see the reflections in the windows! 

Here you can see the Glass House framework is removed from The Folly base 
so I can attach the glass to one of the window openings.
The window frame on the exterior is made a little smaller than 
the opening in the wall so it holds the glass pane in place on one side.
Once the glass pane is inserted in the opening, 
I add interior trim inside the window opening, 
which holds the pane securely in the wall.
In the above picture you can see the interior trim 
has been added to the rectangular window, 
while the triangular one still has not been fitted with glass.

Here we are on a sunny Sunday morning, 
and you can see I have drilled the screw holes for the roof sections
 so they can be firmly attached once the glass panes are added.

And here you can see the interior from above... 
with the rear glass pane being tested for fit.
Yes, there is already an old workbench in place, 
and an antique stove for heating the Glass House in winter!

Here you can see the roof panels removed for
 painting the trim edges prior to adding the glass.
Because the glass is "see through" you need to paint 
the inside of all the openings because they will be 
visible through the edge of the glass!
You can see the opening side of the roof is smaller than the front side.... 
this is so it can swing open past the roof eaves of The Folly!

Here you can see the roof panels in place..... 
with the glass installed!
Can you see the glass? No?

And here you can sort of see the end triangular window also in place!
Or you can see the window frames.... if not the glass!

There is only the tiny back wall window 
still in need of getting the window pane installed...

Here you can just see the opening through the doorway....
I will have fun cutting that window glass!
And then all the muntins need to be cut and fitted to each window.
So it is still a while before the Glass House will be finished.

But the sun came to play again, Dear Readers!
Just before sunset it reached into my work room from the west.....

Shining on The Folly Tree House in such a way.... 
I almost never see this!

Shining into the Salon through the tiny window in the stairwell....

Where there is a flower vase on the window sill.....

And shining through the dressing room window.... 
glimpsed from the Chinoiserie bedroom....

Shining through the lost marble window....
I know, it is hard to see these tiny rays of light....

And even shining into the bath chamber
 through the window in the toilet stall....!

And lighting the Dressing Room with the door opened....
Catch it before it is gone!

And glancing through The Folly bay window......
showing off the details we usually can barely see!

Well, Dear Readers, there really is not much to show 
for my three day weekend of work!
That's the problem with glass....
Invisible Progress!


  1. Hello Betsy,
    Once again you have created magic. The glass house is beautifully crafted! I really love the final color choice and seeing the whole house in the sunlight is fantastic...as well as the other miniature you took pictures of. I could see myself spending an afternoon in the glass house just sitting and contemplating... Fantastic work Betsy. It was the perfect addition to a perfect house!
    Big hug

    1. Thank you Giac! I sometimes find that the closer I am to finishing something.... the less I like what it looks like... and the more I think I should have done things differently... it never seems to match my expectations! But your words of encouragement help me to see that it is not that I should have done something differently... just that I still have a lot to do before it looks like I imagine it will! LOL! So thank you for your steadfast encouragement!

  2. Hey Betsy
    You are so right about the sun. What a difference it makes to the pictures. Your stained glass windows look wonderful. Talking of Windows, I'm so impressed with your glass efforts! You are so clever, well done.

    1. Thank you Simon! I kept thinking I was crazy to be using real glass.... but I do think it will make it look better when it is done!

  3. The glass looks great - easy to see because of the reflections.
    That tree house really needs to become a tree...

    1. Thanks Mom! The glass also looks a bit grimy! LOL! I am contemplating not washing it so it just looks naturally aged...! And the Tree House Will look like a tree eventually!

  4. The glass house looks so beautiful.

  5. Wow, the sun hits that house perfectly. The colors all pop and compliment each other so well. Love the glass house. Gorgeous work!

    1. Thank you Sheila! I do love to see the houses in the sunlight... or rather the sunlight in the houses! LOL! I am glad you like the Glass House!

  6. Glass is a pain (pane) to work with. haaaaaaaaaaaaa! Well done! :D

  7. There is really nothing to compare to sunlight shining on or in a doll's house because it is ALWAYS Perfectly to scale! :D
    Your glass panes are all custom-made and it is a Very GOOD Thing that they are invisible, seeing that it's glass however the results are tangible and Beautifully Executed too, I might add!
    Well done on your 3 day weekend, Betsy!!! :D


    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I think the miracle of sunlight in the dollhouses is that it makes things look so much more "Real" even when they are not to perfect scale! The play of light in a room, just like in RL rooms, is so wonderful and magical.... it always makes me feel as though I am In the room!
      I am glad you like my glass efforts... and it really does take a lot of time... but I think it will be worth it in the end! (Still a long way to go.... all those muntins!)

  8. The glass looks wonderful in the glass house. I love the way the sun show's your houses to perfection.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thank you Maria! Yes, the sun is a wonderful playfellow! I am glad you like the Glass House glass! I have had my moments of questioning this choice! LOL!

  9. I'm not surprised the sun came over to have a peek at what you're doing... shining bright with joy at your wonderful project. But I can't agree with you - you've achieved a lot during your free days... and although it might not be visible itself or only the reflections can be noticed... but we know it's there! (*teehee*)


    1. Yes, I guess this is one of those examples of "We know it is there"! LOL! I am sure People will assume it is Not real glass! LOL! But I do think the effort will be worth it.... especially once I begin to forget how annoying it is to fit to the openings.... or rather how one has to fit the openings to it! I have carved away wood at every corner, many sides and edges... all because the 1/32nd or 1/64th of an inch extra sliver of glass from my measurements! Because it is hard to be precise with the cutting of the glass.... so the wood must be adjusted instead!
      And you know how happy I am when the sun comes to play... and even more when it is twice in one day! (which in my house only happens near the time of the equinoxes....!) And we won't even Think about what That means! LOL!!! :):)

  10. Ah, no, Betsy! Invisible progress no...The glass house is beautifully crafted!! The tree days work is perfect! Congratulations. Hugs

    1. Thank you Maria! Sometimes it feels like there is no progress... that it is very slow.... but it is there! I am glad you like it!

  11. Wow, you've done so much since I last visited blogger. I have a lot of catching up to do. It's lovely to see pitures of the house with daylight streaming through the windows. It looks magical =0)

    1. Hi Pepper! It always feels like so little got done... but it adds up over time! It's great to see you stopping in again! :)

  12. Well isn't it a good thing to not see the glass? My mom always comments on the fact that she can see my 1:1 ones too much :-) I need to clean the more! :-D
    The sunlight is so lovely, it is such a soft golden caress...

    1. Hi Veronique! Yes.... in theory these panes are "clear" but in truth they are a bit grimy! LOL! I am contemplating leaving them that way.... then I will not need to "age" them as much!
      And I do love what the sunlight adds to the minis! :)

  13. You would never have had such a lovely effect using acrylic windows - the glass shows the sunlight off perfectly. Such a great attention to detail - it makes all the difference.

    1. Thank you Irene! I had my moments of doubt! LOL! But I think I will be glad I made the effort! Sometimes the "Real" material is the only way to go!

  14. Hi, Betsy - You certainly spent a busy weekend getting much accomplished, even if it is invisible. The sunshine does highlight your efforts beautifully. (I'm also in awe of the way the sun can cast miniature shadows! It's only reasonable, of course, but always delights me.) You've done such fine work on installing the windows in the Glass House. That's a hard job, and you've mastered it. The colors are just right and fit perfectly with The Folly. It was such a pleasure to see the photos of The Folly Tree House in the sunlight; I'm glad that you could capture that rare sight!

    1. Hi Marjorie! I do love to catch the sunlight in my dollhouses! I am glad I made the effort to do the real glass! I might have thought it would be easier to do plastic windows, but I am sure there would have been problems I wouldn't expect, so it was probably not any more difficult to do the real glass! But I do still have to do the muntins..... and all those other little details like the hardware.... It could take a while! LOL!