Monday, September 12, 2016

It's The Tiny Things.....

How Long Does It Take....?

I Hope you can Remember, Dear Readers, where it was in the story that we last saw Daphne, because some of you may have hoped that the next morning would come sooner! Alas, Time does not always follow the rules in my mini worlds.... and so it was a very long time before the morning light crept in through the tiny window in the Nanny's bedroom. Could it be the first night she had slept in this tiny garret room? She did not think she had slept at all after Renee had joined her in her bed. How could she sleep with the warm little body of her daughter curled beside her, breathing gently once the hiccups had gone away. She had so many questions. Nothing was what she had expected.
 She watched the first rays of Dawn chase the shadows from the corners and wondered about her child's world.
And yet, she must have fallen asleep at some point 
because the next thing she knew, 
Renee was standing quietly beside the bed gazing at her.

"Good morning, Little Sunshine..." she said.

"When are we going to write a letter to Gabrielle?" asked Renee.
"Well, first let's get dressed and see about breakfast..." replied Daphne.

As soon as Daphne was dressed, she followed Renee to the Nursery.
 "Let's find you some clean clothes" she said.
She began to search through the wardrobe, but it was empty.

Renee set Hibou carefully on her table.
He promised to stay put while Renee got dressed.

Renee went to her dresser where her shirts were kept.

Daphne could see that Renee knew where her clothes were kept.
But there didn't seem to be many at all. 
She made a mental note that she would need to go shopping.

"I can dress myself" said Renee.

"You're not supposed to watch!" she declared.
"I'll close my eyes," said Daphne.

"Now where do these go...?" asked Daphne,
 holding the dirty clothes from the day before.

"I forget...." said Renee. "Gabrielle knew where to put them."
"Can we write to Gabrielle now?" she asked.
But before Daphne could even think to answer, 
Cook arrived with a breakfast tray.

Daphne was glad to see it arriving. 
She still had no idea what to expect!
Cook set the tray on the table.
"All you have to do is text me" he said.
"I brought it up this morning. I knew she would be awake."
"Whenever you are ready to eat 
or need something... just text 'cookie'."
"Thank you" said Daphne. 
"Renee, say thank you to Cook" she prompted. 
"Thank you" said Renee cheerfully.
"Hibou can't say 'thank you'" she added. 
"He doesn't know how to talk yet."

Daphne pulled up the tall stool and took some 
bread and jam to go with her coffee.
Renee had cereal and milk.
"Hibou likes my milk" she said. 
"It will make him grow big and strong so he can fly.
 He is just a baby.." she added.

"He only flew once, but he landed in the Fountain!" she said.
"And That Man pulled him out!"
"Can we write to Gabrielle now? she asked.
"As soon as we are done with eating" Daphne replied.
Once the breakfast things were cleared away,
 she went to fetch her paper and pencils.

She spread them out on the table. 
Daphne was surprised to discover that
Renee had never seen paint and crayons.
"What do you want to say to Gabrielle?" 
asked Daphne, pulling out her pencils.

"I will start the letter with 'Dear Gabrielle'' said Daphne...
 "Then what do you want to tell her?"
"Hibou is safe" said Renee. 
"He got lost, but Mademoiselle O'Malley found him."
She watched as Daphne wrote the letters.
"I am learning letters." she said. 
"I am going to teach them to Hibou." she added.

"See you soon" she said. Daphne carefully wrote every word.
"Would you like to draw a picture for Gabrielle?" asked Daphne.

"I will Draw Hibou!" declared Renee excitedly.
Daphne spread the pencils out and gave her some paper.

"He's playing with the birds in the Park!" she said 
after a minute of careful pencil work.
Soon she needed another piece of paper....

"Hibou likes the birds in the Park.." she added.

"Can we go to the Park now?" she asked.

But before Daphne could answer, the door opened 
and the Young Lawyer, Raymond, stepped in.

"Ray Ray...!" cried Renee. "We are writing a letter to Gabrielle 
because Hibou got lost and Mademoiselle O'Malley found him!"

"And I am drawing a picture of Hibou at the Park!" she added excitedly.

"So I see, Sunshine." he said fondly. 
Then he turned to Daphne and said 
"I've come to give you a break."

"A break..." said Daphne...."Why would I need a break? 
"You are supposed to have regular breaks" 
explained Raymond. "I fill in."
"Don't you have other things you need to do... 
like shopping?" he added.

"I don't need to go shopping" declared Daphne, 
even though she had been thinking of things they needed.
"Besides, I have a phone, I can order what I need."
She was just starting to get comfortable with Renee. 
The last thing she wanted was to have a break!

"But you could give us Gabrielle's address..." she stated.
"Then we could mail this letter right away on our way to the Park."

"I'll take it and mail it for you" said Raymond. 

"No, thank you. I'd much rather have the address" said Daphne. 
"I'm sure there will be other letters, 
and we wouldn't want to have to bother you every time."

"Besides, I think Renee might enjoy mailing it herself..." said Daphne.
"Would you like that?" she asked Renee.

"I want to go to the Park And mail the letter..." declared Renee.

"And I want to go with Hibou And Ray Ray... 
And Mademoiselle O'Malley!"

And there, My Dear Readers, is where I must leave you for now, 
once again at the edge of the cliff!
And who knows how long it will take for this short "break"?
I will be traveling to visit my Mother and my Father out West 
and so will have little time for minis for the next few weeks.
But Rest assured, however Long it takes, 
It is All those Tiny things that count!


  1. Oh, Betsy! I have to admit to having the same problem when it comes to finding a clean shirt in the wardrobe! ;-)
    Post the letter... I want to know what happens next!

  2. Hi Simon! You made me laugh thinking about the wardrobe problem! (My clothes never make it back into the wardrobe... always in one basket or another!)
    As for the story, I can't believe how long it takes me to add one little piece to the story... I keep having to make props... sometimes a whole room or even a Park! LOL! I'll get the next "episode" posted as soon as I can!

  3. Betsy, the problem with the clean shirt is very normal! I want to know more about the letter...Hugs

    1. Hi Maria! It always takes "forever" to get to the next piece of the story! You will hear more soon! I am glad you are enjoying it!

  4. Hello Betsy,
    I'm so happy to read the next chapter of the story. I can't wait to see how things develop.
    Big hug

    1. Oups...almost forgot, have a safe trip and a great time out west.
      another big hug

    2. Thank you Giac, for you good wishes! I had a wonderful Journey, although it always seems too short in hind-sight! I hope to get more of the story told soon!

  5. beautiful story joliment mise en scène

    1. Thank you Claude! I am glad you are enjoying it!

  6. So, is Laurence the Lawyer a good guy? Or is he trying to get hold of the letter so they can't mail it?
    Plot thickens!
    xox, see you soon!

    1. Hi Mom, He's the good guy having a moment of weakness, contemplating being bad....! :)
      It was wonderful to see you! :) XOX

  7. Hi Betsy! I ALWAYS enjoy your continuing saga of the adventures of Daphne and her secret daughter, however I am so glad to hear that YOU will be going to visit Your mom and dad out West. I have enjoyed reading your mother's occasional comments when you've posted and her expressed interest in what you've written.
    So enjoy your time with them, and that they are both in good health.
    I along with the others will be waiting to pick back up on this story exactly where you've left off.

    Time moves slowly in Daphne's world ;P


    1. Hi Elizabeth! I am so lucky to have my parents still with us, if far away on the other side of this huge country! And I am blessed to have my Mother following my mini adventures and adding her wonderful perspective to the creative journey! She's a gem!
      And the story Will be continued..... and continued! :)

  8. So glad to read more of Daphne and her great story. The scenes are great. Have a wonderful visit with your Mom and Dad.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thank you Maria! I did have a wonderful, but much too short visit! It is challenging to travel all that distance.... thousands of miles and two time zones! But it is so worth it to be with them.
      And the story will go on and I hope you have patience! It always takes me longer than I think it will to get a scene ready!

  9. Hi Betsy - It was such a pleasure to read more about Daphne and Renee, especially as their relationship seems to be developing nicely. I'm looking forward to reading more. I can understand how each episode takes so much time to produce! Your room settings are wonderful; they really make the characters and the story come to life.
    Have a safe trip out west and a good visit with your parents.

    1. Thank you Marjorie! I had a wonderful visit! And the story does take a long time.... I keep having to make the little props that I need to tell the story! And somehow I never get around to showing what I have made.... But the stories are the point and they will continue! More to come soon! I am glad you are enjoying it!

  10. Hi Betsy,
    Such lovely scenes you create. That must take such a long time!
    Enjoy your trip to your parents. We will all be here patiently waiting for more adventures.

    1. Hi Veronique! The scenes do take time... I often need to make a little prop or two just to get the scene right! But it is fun and the story needs to be told! I just wish I was faster.... but perhaps I have too many things going at once? LOL!
      And I did have a wonderful visit with all my family!

  11. I'm still shocked... a child not being familiar to paint and crayons! So good Daphne is now caring for Renee... and she's doing very, very well! As usual I can't wait for the next episode and I will happy whenever this will be and when you can find the time for it (as you know I can tell a tale or two about how time consuming these photo stories are... especially with protagonists who don't hold their position until the photo is taken *LOL*). I'm wishing you loads of fun while visiting your parents!


    1. I know, it is hard to believe the things this little one has not experienced! I think Daphne is coming to the rescue just in time! :) And yes.... the stories I could tell about trying to tell the stories! LOL! The lighting is often the biggest challenge... when I am not trying to make a new "setting" that is! These were going to be "temporary" rooms!!! I have "borrowed" furniture from other homes! And now it has been more than three years.... and I have 5 "temporary" rooms and a Park that has to hibernate in the winter! Oh dear.... and I keep thinking I need another room or two......!!! Where will it all end....? That is the question! :):) I am so glad you are enjoying the journey!!!

  12. Another lovely story and it must take you ages to set up all the little scenes. We appreciate your work very much. Hope you have a great visit with your parents.

    1. Hi Irene! I am so glad you are enjoying the story! It does take a lot of time and even more when I have to make a "setting"! But that is part of the fun of this Adventure. And I did have a wonderful visit with my family. Thank you for your comments, they are truly appreciated!