Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Best Laid Plans.....

Winging It Still.....

Where had the Little Dreamers gone, I hear you ask, Dear Readers, on that lovely Autumn afternoon? Well, they rode like the wind from one end of the Distant Briar Moors to the other, just for the joy of feeling the wind in their hair. Or so they thought! But little did they know that the ponies had been sent to fetch them, because All was Not as it seemed this All Hallows Eve! Brother Beorn the Fairy Beary had been gathering Moon Flower and Poppy seeds on the Moors when he saw them racing past. He wondered where they were going in such a hurry, and thought he would follow along just to keep an eye on them!

He had a feeling they might just need some help 
when they got where they were going!
But they were not the only ones out for a ride this All Hallows Eve.

In another Time altogether, but not very Far away, 
Tommy and his sister Beatrice were riding on Tommy's pony Prince.
Tommy was still thinking about searching for Treasure at the Castle ruins.... 
even though he knew he shouldn't play there at all. 
He had to let Beatrice tag along or she would tell on him.

Every now and then when they were riding towards the Castle,
 they spotted the Castle horses as they headed home at the end of the day. 
If they hurried after them, they sometimes arrived at the Castle 
and found themselves in another Time from Long Long ago!
And so it was this afternoon as they crossed unknowingly through a Rift in Time...

 as they arrived at the Castle just after dusk.
They heard voices coming from the Kitchen....
and went to investigate.

The kitchen was full of children!
And Henry (who Tommy had met before) 
was telling them stories of his travels!
It seemed as though that Mischievous Fairy had told the children 
there was a story-teller in the Castle Kitchen,
 knowing full well what would happen! 
All the children had found their way 
through the gaps in Time and ended up 
in a Time that was Not their own!

And when Gabrielle, whose job it was to keep track of her charge Juliet,
 noticed that the children were nowhere in sight, she went searching for them.
She searched from the top to the bottom.

And everywhere she looked was empty!
She didn't want to alarm anyone, but she was starting to worry!
Where could they be?

She was about to look outside when she passed
 the Fortune Teller sitting near the door.
"Have you seen any of the children go outside..." she asked?
The Fortune Teller just shook her head.
And then right in front of Gabrielle's eyes, 
the most amazing thing happened!
The crystal ball suddenly swelled to more than twice it's size! 
And then the Fortune Teller spoke in a strange and distant voice...
"The children are here ... but Not!" she said.
"Do Not stir the waters.... do not sound the alarms....
Let none enter, let none leave....
Guard the doors and All will be well!"
And then she was silent.
Gabrielle didn't know what to say!

And what of Perry who sailed with the Ancient Book to the Far Forgotten Isle?
Not many hours had passed Dear Readers, when he came in sight of land.

A Tall and ghostly house stood on the small Isle....

He sailed his little boat gently up to the shore....

And pulled it up onto the beach as far as he could.
Then he picked up the Book, which felt heavier every time he lifted it.

The Wizard had said he must carry it 
to the top floor of the house....

He hadn't mentioned the dogs... 
but Perry was fond of dogs... 
so he was not afraid!
They let him pass.
He pushed the doors open....

Inside it was dimly lit... 
and a procession of Maidens carrying the Moon...
 marched up the stairs!

If they could carry the Moon... 
then he could carry this heavy Book, he thought!

He made it to the top of the first flight of stairs...

And then to the top of the second... 
and there he could see the huge old carved cabinet....

Where the Wizard had told him to leave the Book.

It looked exactly like the cabinet in the Castle, 
thought Perry as he set the book down.

He felt strangely bereft as he turned to retrace his steps.... 
as if he were leaving a friend behind. 
But the Wizard had told him clearly to Not Look Back!
And where were the ponies taking the Little Dreamers?
Well, if you ride far enough and Fast enough 
across the Distant Briar Moors, 
you will eventually reach the Castle!

It was just after Dusk when the Little Dreamers 
were set down outside the Caves.

And Brother Beorn was right behind them!

The Little Dreamers had been to the Caves many times before, 
so they were not at all surprised to see the Wizard waiting for them.
"Ah... you have come!" he said. "You are just in Time...." he added
and at that very moment Old Meg appeared beside him!

"We need your help..." she said.
"You must carry an Enchantment to the Castle Kitchen and 
Cast it upon the children.... 
They must forget where they have been 
and what they have seen 
and what they have heard heard ... " she added.

"This can only be done by those who are innocent, 
so their Dreams cannot bring Evil...
Those who have borne enchantment before.....
and are not Afraid to bear it again!"

"I will mix a Mesmerizing Powder..." she said...
"Ah, I see Brother Beorn has brought me my herbs!"
"Fresh picked Moon Flowers and Poppy Seeds " said Brother Beorn, 
happy to know that his hunches were not for nothing!
And before the Little Dreamers could blink twice, 
they were standing in the Kitchen of the Old Castle.... 

And there was Henry telling Tales of Enchantment
 and of Giants and Wizards and Unicorns... 
and the children were standing spellbound!

The Little Dreamers  together raised their arms 
and tossed the Mesmerizing Powder over the heads of the children.....

Just as Henry was saying...
"Do you know what that Wizard did to me....?"

And suddenly the Air was filled with a glittering mist...

And right before their eyes.... everything changed!

Henry began to Vanish!
And where he had stood......
Now there stood the Wizard!
And he was  not smiling!

The children gasped!
But they had already forgotten Henry...

"Story Time is over now" said the Wizard not unkindly. 
"You must return to the Hall and be sure to tell your parents 
what a Great Story hour it was!" he added.
And so they did!

There was a sudden rush of interest at the Fortune Teller's table....
Although Gabrielle was still not sure What she had heard... 
or Thought she had heard!

And the Little boys were happily trying to remember if 
the Best story was about a Giant.... or a Wizard...!
And Did Everybody find their way home again?
Well, that I cannot tell you, Dear Readers,
For the Night is still young...
and the party is still in full swing!
And if there are a few unfinished pieces to this Tale.... 
well, I will have to claim Enchantment caught me in it's spell!
And in spite of the Best laid plans...
How things will end... Only Time will tell!
'Cause we're Winging it still!
Happy Halloween!


  1. Les photos de la maison, extérieur comme intérieur, la nuit sont magnifiques et quelle merveilleuse histoire.
    Bonne fête Halloween Betsy.

    1. Thank you Jean-Claude! I am glad you enjoyed it! It is tricky making it look like night but still able to see...!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Claude! I am glad you like it! Thank you for commenting!

  3. I've learnt something today... magicians have their own personal touch! Powerful wizards appear with glittering mist (beautiful, magical, poetical... ahhhh), furry witches and wizards with sparkling stars... *LOL* Thank you so, so much for this wonderful and yes, magical in any way Halloween adventure. I'm so glad all was well in the end... at least until next Halloween... because I agree, we're winging it still and there are still some loose ends which need to be told in a way only a very good storyteller can do. And luckily you're the best storyteller around and there will be another Halloween next year... and now I'm just happy after this fantastic adventure - and relieved that the mischief of a tiny fairy can be overcome by a helpful fairy beary! ;O)


    1. Thank you Birgit, for understanding these attempts of mine to make the story fit into the Time allowed to tell it! As the story gets "older"... it gets harder to "tie up " the loose ends! I only hope you don't mind waiting so long to hear more... and hey, next year is right around the corner! LOL! The glittering mist was a last minute "let's try this" effect that Worked better than I imagined! :) (Such is the nature of these Truths... they are somewhat accidental! LOL!) Thank you so much for your wonderful and supportive comments.... and for bringing into my life these Very Magical Bearys!!!! :)

  4. You are indeed a wonderful storyteller - and this one just gets more and more interesting. I always look forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you Marjorie! I am glad you enjoy it! I hope you don't mind that it takes me so Loooong to wrap things up! LOL! At this rate there will be years and years more story to come! :)

  5. What a cool story! I think I will read it to my granddaughter when she comes over!

    1. Oh and not just the story. I love the scenes too!

    2. Hi The Grandmommy! Your comment is the highest praise I could ask for! Thank you so much for sharing the story with your granddaughter! I am so glad you are enjoying it! :)

  6. WOW, Betsy, I knew you are an excellent storyteller, but you've outdone yourself!! Fabulous pictures of great miniature scenes.
    Happy Halloween to you......sorry, I know that I'm late, but you know why ;)!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! Thank you for your wonderful comment! I am glad you like the story and that you could find the Time to follow it on your busy busy weekend! :)

  7. It is AMAZING that you are able to interweave so many criss-crossing story lines and then join the ends together to one place again! I don't know how you do it, but
    What an Adventure story you've spun! :D


    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for your wonderful comment! I sometimes think the Story is telling itself... I just ask myself the question..."what would happen here"... and let the ideas lead the way! (Which might explain why it keeps getting more and more complicated! LOL!) I am glad you enjoyed it... and I hope you don't mind waiting for the next year's episodes....! :)

  8. Well. I confess I'm left wondering, tho I'm glad all the children were reunited with their parents after a good story. (And was it really a story?) And everyone is still having a bang-up good time!

    1. Well, that is the Question... how real are Dreams? And whose Dreams are they? I think this year things got a bit scattered... but that just leaves us next year to figure them out! :)

  9. Thank you Fabiola! I am so glad you like them! Thank you for commenting! :)

  10. Op dear, I have to wait until next year... *sad face*
    I am hooked!!

  11. Op dear, I have to wait until next year... *sad face*
    I am hooked!!