Friday, October 28, 2016

The Uninvited Guest....

Winging It.... Part Two.....

Everybody, Dear Readers, was getting ready for the annual Halloween Party at The Castle! They were digging through their trunks and closets to find costumes to wear. Pollyanna and Arthur were once again going as a Witch and a Wizard. Joanna had decided to go as Maid Marion, because Victor was going as Robin Hood.

Charles was once again going as a Lord.... 
and they were waiting for Helen to finish getting ready. 
She was planning to be a Lady. 
Her gown was giving her fits, because it didn't quite fit right... 
but it was too late now to change her mind.

"You look beautiful, my Dear" said Charles. 
"That gown reminds me of many years ago 
when we first met" he added gallantly.
"Well, we better go or we will be late!" said Helen.
Sally May and Chip and Annabelle were almost the first ones to arrive.
Chip never dresses up... he says "I am just a Regular Guy"!
Joanna is enchanted by Annabelle's Fairy costume.

Will is once again going as a Crusader Knight.

Before long, all the familiar families are arriving....

The Castle is filling with children and grown-ups....
Most we have met before.... and some we have not!

Since Daphne is not here, Ken has found 
someone new to play the Gypsy Fortune Teller....

And there are quite a few folks 
who seem to have come from another Time altogether!
And one fellow who was not invited at all!

And who would most certainly be overlooked by nearly everyone else!
I refer to the Tiny Mischievous Fairy 
(Perched there on the mantle in the silver chalice...)
Whose idea of Fun was to make Humans do silly things....!

And tonight he had a whole Castle full of them! 
And they were already dressed and ready to play!

And our Favorite Band..... 
The Deadly Nightshades were already filling the Castle 
with Haunting Halloween melodies!
But Far below the Castle, Dear Readers, 
Deep in the Wizards Cave 
in another Time altogether,
 the Wizard had remembered what it was 
that needed to be done this night!

The Ancient Book of Forbidden Knowledge was not where it should be!
It carried Powerful Magic and Terrible Knowledge in it's pages....
 indeed even in the Binding itself, Enchantment was enmeshed.
The Wizard would not touch it himself....
It was not from his Time...
But Perry had touched it..... 
and was perhaps still bound to it 
in a way that could not be seen!

The Book must be removed from the Castle... 
before it could do more Harm..... 
and Time was running out!

"You must fetch the Book from the Castle Chamber 
where you placed it last...." said the Wizard to Perry.
"And you must carry it down to the shore below these caves....."

As if in a Trance, Perry crossed the empty Great Hall....

And found his way to the Chamber where 
the Book still sat on an ancient carved cabinet.

He picked it up. And as he did, Something changed.
He could see more clearly now.
And It was heavier than he remembered.
When he passed through the Great Hall again, 
it seemed an entirely different place...
it was filled with people.... 

Although none seemed to notice him as he went by......

And even the dogs in the kitchens did not see him pass...

He kept going, out past the stables and down past the caves,
 until he reached the shore at the bottom of the cliffs.

And there on the sand was a little boat, 
just as the Wizard had said there would be.

Perry pushed the boat into the water and climbed in....

The Wizard had said he must sail to the Forgotten Isle......

He must head due East....

And Not Look Back!

And so Perry sailed off into the night....

All alone!

And the Wizard watched him go!

But lest you think that is all, Dear Readers, 
I must tell you that Mischief was stirring this night!
One by One, the Fairy sought out the children...
And whispered in their ears....

Giving them Ideas they never would have thought of by themselves!
And before long the Great Hall was filled with grown-ups....

Dancing and Making Merry....
Without a Care in the World!
But What had become of the Children?

Well, Dear Readers, I hope you will understand
 if I leave you here again....
With our Uninvited Guest making Mischief...
And Time Flying By......
We're just Winging it again...!

 (Yes, there will be more....!)


  1. what a beautiful story
    caracters are splendid

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Fabi! I am so glad you could come to the party!

  3. well now I want to know whats going to happen to Perry and what did the guest whisper to the children..I'll have to wait for the next installment :)


    1. Hi Marisa! I just can't ever fit it all into one piece! Thanks for commenting!

  4. and so..... the tension mounts! :D


    1. It wouldn't be a Halloween story if there was no tension! :)

  5. You never have a dull moment at your parties and what a place to have it. I would love to spend Halloween in a castle =0)

    1. Hi Pepper! I am so glad I have such a great "party hall" at my fingertips! And the "location" begs for mystery tales! Thank you for commenting!

  6. Somehow I feel as if I was a guest at this spectacular Halloween party too... it's a meeting with old friends! And best of all - the Deadly Nightshades rock the house... eh... the castle once more. My favorite for "costume of the year" is Chip again... with his very *coughcough* creative regular guy costume. *LOL* But this time Victor made me smile too... his Robin Hood hat reminded me of one of my favorite Disney movies... he looks like Skippy the bunny with Robin's hat on... ;O) Well, I need to make you a very huge (and a really HUGE one) compliment about your scenes... they look awesome (as always of course, but this time even you have outdone yourself... with all the costumes, the spectacular magical fire (ah, I'm glad I could have a tiny bit of input on that *grin*) and the beautiful, beautiful scenes with Perry sailing away, pure poetry... I could go on forever but I need to get back to my point...) and I can guess how much time and effort it takes to create them. And speaking of this... this story goes on and is like a great old wine - it gets better every year! There is so much familiar and meeting with good old friends... but at the same time the story not only continues... no, it develops... it has unforeseen twists... and suspense rises when you least expect it caused by a teenytiny fairy having nothing in mind but mischief... and no word about the little dreamers... My fingernails really suffer in these days before Halloween - if only I knew what the fairy plans with the children. But okay... that's also part of this great story event... it wouldn't be the same without the cliffhangers... *LOL* Thank you for making MY day! ;O)


    1. Dear Birgit, your comments always make My day! Yes, the hours add up quickly... but the "play" is so worth it in the end! And if you could only see me rummaging desperately through all my scrap boxes and fabric bureaus for the one fabric piece I really need....! Or see me trying to get the light right.... yes, it becomes an obsession after a while! Especially with the race against Time!!! So it always makes me so happy to hear that the scenes are truly appreciated! :) And as for the costumes... it is always a scramble to get "everybody" dressed... (and to remember where I put all the costume pieces!) and the Disney animated "Robin Hood" is one of my all time favorites too! :)
      Thank you for all your wonderful comments!

  7. Wow. What a great story!
    Great to have all your characters collected in one place. I have to confess I don't remember half of them - but they look grand. Hope they find the children before it's too late...
    What a great story this is becoming!
    Glad you told me to look. I think this will publish,
    Lots of love,

    1. Hi Mom! I am glad you are enjoying the story! :)

  8. Amazing scenes I am so glad to read more of this wonderful story. I hope the children are all ok.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria! Thank you for your comments! I am glad you are enjoying the story! :)

  9. Suspenseful story - and what colorful characters. I especially like the Deadly Nightshades; a great name for a band!

    1. Hi Marjorie! The story has to be suspenseful because it is Halloween! And because I can't fit it all into one post! :) And once I get going.... there is just too much to tell....! :)

  10. Ever looked into publishing a book? You would have me glued to the pages!!

  11. Ever looked into publishing a book? You would have me glued to the pages!!

  12. Your Halloween stories are the very best of all! I am beginning to come to the point where I really should slow down on my trolling through your blog, because I am going to miss it like a good book when I get caught up! Can't wait for more!!