Monday, March 6, 2017

The Other Kind of Painting....

It's Just Got To Be Done....

You Might recall, Dear Readers, that I was also working on the shingles for the roof of The Cloud Palace during my recent vacation. One of those tedious tasks that needs to be given plenty of time. The shingles were not the best quality and needed to be sanded and trimmed and cut to fit to the angles of the roof. And because I had gotten fancy with the roof where the Palace joins the Tower, there were extra fiddly places where the shingles had to be fitted carefully. I really wanted to get this roof finished so I could move on to the other tasks (like finishing the rocks for the sides of the Towers) which are so easily put off when there are so many more exciting things to pursue!

So I worked at it a little every day and finally all the shingles were attached!
And then it was time for primer and Paint!

There is little that is more boring than Primer!
Except that in this case, 
it changed my original ideas about the roof color!
You will probably laugh when I tell you that I had been planning
 to paint the shingles the soft gray color 
and then try silver "accents" on the edges....!
But this is The Cloud Palace, I hear you say.... 
shouldn't the roof be all white like a beautiful cloud?
(I am really Not an All-white kind of decorator!)
But seeing the roof with the white primer
 made me change my mind.
I painted the shingles pure white.

But I didn't like it.
It was too bland. Too flat. Too boring!

Even in the bright morning light 
you could barely see the texture of the shingles!
So I decided to try the silver paint  "accents" 
that I had intended to add to the gray shingles.

I added a silver edge to just the bottom few shingles to test how it looked.
At night it just looked like gray edges.

But in the morning light they glowed!
I thought it might just make all the difference!
So I painted the edges of all the shingles with the silver paint...

Of course, in ordinary light it all looks just like gray edges....

But viewed from the right angle.... it shines!

And even when it isn't glowing.... 
it accentuates the shapes of the shingles 
and adds "interest" to the roof!
So while I had the silver paint out, Dear Readers,
I also decided to touch up all the other edges 
that were still incomplete....

Like along the front edge of the floor where 
the "tab" from the kit intruded on the floor pattern.

And also on the inside where more tabs disrupted the tile pattern....
Tiny little details that really make a lot of difference!

I am loving the way the shingle pattern stands out now.... 
a subtle counterpoint to the geometric floor tiles.... 
same colors, different pattern!

And while I was finishing up all the details.... 
finding tiny places that needed paint.... 
one of those Magic Moments happened....

The setting sun reflected off my neighbor's windows, 
and shone into my house from the East......!
And lighted up the Cloud Palace so Beautifully......

I could not have planned for this if I tried!

Shining all the way in to the painted planters.....

I am always amazed at what the sunlight shows!

And as the sun was setting... it didn't last.....

Gone so fast....

An unexpected gift....!

And even though the Painting was boring, 
Dear Readers, the results are not!
That other kind of painting....
It just Has to be Done!


  1. Hello Betsey,
    Wow! the roof looks amazing. I loved the white shingles in contrast with that gorgeous shade of blue, but the silver detail brought it for beautiful to gorgeous. The last pictures with the daylight really show just how beautiful this project is...both inside and out. Your painting skills always impress me and I wish I had a fraction of your talent with a paintbrush. The floor is also such a nice detail. You might change your mind about things as you go along, but your finished product is so cohesive and everything pulls together and makes sense.
    Bravo Betsy!
    Big hug

    1. Thank you Giac! This Cloud Palace has "designed" itself... with such a thoroughly specific theme! I rarely make anything so well coordinated! LOL! But I agree, it is looking just as it should, and I am really glad I changed my mind about the roof... even though I had doubts along the way, it has turned out just as I hoped it would!

  2. It was the perfect decision to go for a white roof for the Cloud Palace... and the silver linings really add that little touch of extra "Hey... that's awesome". I'm not surprised that even the sun dropped by to have a glimpse at the fairy bearies' home... but I'm very grateful for this special visitor illuminating this wonderful project with the best of all possible lights. It was wonderful to see the rooms with the paintings in this lovely sunlight and I swear I heard the butterflies giggle... - I had a look at your posts that I have missed in the meantime, wow, you have been busy as a bee. The Christmas House's exterior looks great now, yes, the bunka made all the difference. I'm using flocks from the model railroad supply for my tiny houses which works very fine for me, I would never have thought of using such a thing as bunka... but it looks very good. Adding the base was a brilliant idea, although I'm not sure about your stone paintings... but okay, maybe someone was doing a great job at shoveling snow. To me this extra space shouts "Build a snowman"... well, I'm looking forward to see your progress. Your tiny garden turned out lovely (the kois!) and of course I'm totally flashed by your newest additional paintings for the castle's ceiling. Wonderful, wonderful work!


    1. Dear Birgit, I am SO So glad you came by for a visit on such a Perfect occasion! I was worried that you might not see it in its best possible lighting! (But the miracle of blogs and even photos... we can capture it and see it again later!) The roof is turning out just as I imagined it should... even though my first interpretation of what Blue was wishing for was a little off! LOL! I am embracing the beauty of white in this project, but only if it is augmented with silver and lavender and blue! And yes, the butterflies have been giggling a lot... and they have even put their own requests for this project into Blue's attention... you will see!!! :) As usual, there is so much still to be done....! Bit by bit I will get it done! And once again, I am so glad you came for a visit! :)

  3. It's lovely to see your Cloud Palace grow so beautifully and I think you make clever choices, for example adding the silver to the shingles. The way the sunlight get reflected enhances the fairy-tale-like atmosphere. Well done Betsy!

    1. Thank you Tessa! The Fairy tale atmosphere is very important to this project... so I am glad you think the silver details help! I am never sure that what I imagine it will look like will actually turn out that way, so I am happy when it does!

  4. Oh the silver paint is so pretty on the roof! Especially when the light catches it. Perfect for a cloud Palace!

    1. Thank you Kristine! I was not sure it would work, but once it was done, I agree, it really adds the right touch!

  5. Hi, Betsy - Your Cloud Palace grows more and more beautiful. I think your decision to paint the shingles white was a good one - but adding that edging of silver was a stroke of genius! After all, "Every cloud must have a silver lining." And your silver edges have been painted on so evenly. That's impressive! It's a gorgeous roof, but seeing the whole thing by the light of the setting sun is a special treat - thank you!

  6. Thank you Marjorie! I was really not envisioning a white roof... but once I thought about it I realized it was so Obvious... almost embarrassing not to have planned it from the start! LOL! The silver linings are very important to me... it is a bit of a Theme in my life philosophy... so I am glad you see them as so appropriate! And they do accent the pattern of the shingles so beautifully! I always love seeing the sunlight in the mini rooms... there is nothing like it for bestowing beauty on the ordinary!

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