Monday, August 28, 2017

The Hound's Tale...

Be Careful What You Start.....

It was already several weeks ago Dear Readers, that in my enthusiasm for embellishing the Dining room of the Secret Christmas House, I suggested that maybe there should even be a Hound under the table waiting for bones....! I Should know better by now.... because of course I then have to Attempt to create such a creature.... and have to decide at some point to Finish what I have started, no matter how far off it is from my original idea....! Above you can see the Hound completed. And from this angle he looks quite acceptable as an initial foray into the realm of making tiny hounds!

And because I do not have any flocking to make him appear furry, 
I am going to have to accept him as he is. 
His uneven physique I will have to attribute to his advanced age....
And really, the only problem I have is that he is so Large!

See....? Here he is with Theodora.....
 it appears that he is her favorite. 
She has named him Odysseus.

Perhaps you can see them better here.....
Clearly he is a Wolfhound at the very least!
But is he too Large for the Secret Christmas House? 
Does he really belong with Theodora and her family...?

Clearly he is Not a candidate for a "hound under the table..."!!
So while I was pondering these Weighty questions, Dear Readers, 
I decided to continue with making the furnishings for the Parlor.
And I realized that I did Not need to attach the fireplace
 into the room before I could "embellish" it as I had previously thought!
I could add the logs and the "flames" while the fireplace was separate, 
as long as I glued it while flat against the plastic surface....

That way it would not attach to the plastic,
 but would still keep the flat profile at the back 
for gluing against the wall when completed.
Above you can see I have added logs
 and a piece of painted plastic packaging to resemble flames.

Then I added a couple of pieces of red glitter to resemble glowing coals.....
Yes. I know they are a trifle Large... 
but I didn't have any finer glitter in that color...

Here you can see the Parlor with the fireplace "fire" printed on the wallpaper....
and beside it you can see the hearth...

And here I am testing the placement of the burning logs
 against the picture on the wall....
and decide I will need another log on the fire!
Not to mention Andirons......
I know, they are a bit uneven and crude...... 
and I almost lost one of them in the carpet more than once....
And maybe they won't be very noticeable
 once all the rest of the decorations are in place... 
so I glued them in place!
And started in on the decorations that come with the kit....

Beginning with the greenery swag made from bunka....

And testing it in the room to see how it is shaping up......
Maybe those andirons are okay....!

And starting the stockings which will hang from the mantle......
The kit instructions suggest adding little snippets of thread and beads
 to make it look like they have presents in them.
You will probably have to poke the pictures to see those details...
Oh, and there are candlesticks for the mantle too....

Can you even see them there on the plastic...?
They are getting the "glue trick" on their bases 
to make them a little three dimensional....

And then I made a tiny "doll" with thread and a painted bead for her head.... 
can you see her there sticking out of the top stocking?

Can you see her better here? 
I decided to paint her dress blue 
so she would stand out better!

And while I was waiting for the candlesticks to dry, Dear Readers,
 I went looking for the other decorations that go on top of the mantle....
it is supposed to be a large bouquet of flowers, 
a bit like the one on the dining table, using the same techniques.
When I finally found the paper printed part
 I realized that it wasn't what I wanted to put on the mantle at all!
And as I wondered what I should put on the mantle instead, 
it occurred to me that there was no Nativity scene for this house!
Well, you can imagine what That means....
of course, I have to try to make one!

So I started to make a small "stable" to house the Nativity.....

But is it just a Tiny bit too Large....??
Hmmm.... I will have to give it some thought.... 
while I am trying to figure out 
how I am going to make all the figures....!
And speaking of things that are too large..... 
I should know better... 
but I thought I would Try to make another hound....
 just a little smaller this time...
and maybe if she was Lying down she would fit under the table.....
*Sigh* I should know better..... 
she is just as large as Odysseus... 
and obviously she is a Wolfhound too.
Meet "Penelope" the faithful wife of Odysseus....

Waiting by the hearth for her mate to return.....

Clearly I have just added another entire Family to my Tiny Worlds.... 
because no matter how ungainly or imperfect they are.... 
I cannot "discard" them once they are begun!
So you can see Dear Readers, 
that I should know better by now 
to be Very careful what I begin!
(And don't even think about suggesting puppies....!)


  1. Hi Betsy! My oh my, what have you started...??? Making dogs in this tiny scale is nearly impossible to do and yet you've succeeded to make one, no, even two!!! Why don't you say they are Danish dogs? Normally these huge sort of dogs are not allowed to go indoors (and it's better they don't in this teeny tiny house, they would ruin the whole house ;O). But just because the residents of the house are in the mood for Christmas, they can allow them to go to the fire for a short warming up after a walk on a cold winters day.
    Hmmm, making a nest of puppies..? Why not......:O!! No, I'm kidding, but when your name is Betsy, I think you can create everything in miniature ;)!
    I'm in awe of your creativity for making such tiny things as puppets for the stockings, yes, I can them clearly and what to think of logs for the fire and flames? It's so clever of you to manage to make these things, it makes the tiny dollshouse even more realistic!!
    The Nativity on the mantle may be just a little bit too large of your liking, but I think it's not disturbing. Because when it comes to nativities: you have them in all sizes.
    I wish you luck with making more gems for this lovely Christmas House, dear friend, I bet it will be beautiful at the end.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! I know Great Dane dogs are bigger than ponies! But I think these dogs are wolfhounds.... they told me so! LOL! I am having fun with this scale... and who knows what I will need to make next... right now I still have a list of pieces to finish... It could take a while! And puppies are not one of them! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Claude! I am glad you like it!

  3. Hello Betsy,
    Terrific usual ;) I think the hounds are lovely. They might not be the under the table type you wanted, but I think, while they are of a larger size dog breed, they work well in the house. The fireplace is just magical and I love the logs and the flame. You mention the andirons being crude, but I think they a have a wonderful hand made Christmas charm to them. The manger is lovely, and while it does look a bit big on the mantel I'll bet it would look perfect on a small table if there is room. Every post you keep making magic. I can't wait to see the house finished...I can already imagine being by the fire with hot chocolate on Christmas eve...just lovely!
    Big hug

    1. Thank you Giac, for your wonderful support! The Nativity might have to be adjusted a little bit... I don't think there is room for a separate table once the Tree is up! LOL! I still have to figure out how to make the figures for the Nativity.... not to mention the curtains for the windows....! Lots to do! I am having fun... this scale is magical to me! :)

  4. admirable ponerte a los personajes en tan pequeña escala,, los elementos nuevos geniales.Feliz día,besos:-)

    1. Thank you Rosa! The tiny scale is so much fun! I am glad you like it!

  5. The dogs resemble Great-Danes which are larger than ponies and you've done a fantastic job creating them. All the microscopic work you invested in this tiny scale is stunning. I love following this project.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Hi Drora! I am having a lot of fun with this tiny scale! It is really challenging... but so rewarding too when I manage to succeed!

  6. These tiny objects are amazing !!! I absolutely have to copy these ideas to decorate the doll house that's in the children's room ... of my doll house! The dog couple is adorable, and makes the home very welcoming! Congratulations on your job, I will follow all the progress of the tiny Christmas house!

    1. Hi Elene! I have always loved the idea of a dollhouse for the dollhouse... the first one I tried to make when I was a teen-ager and had no kits to use. The kits make the basic parts really easy... I just have to make the extra stuff! I hope you have fun with your tiny projects!

  7. Wow, they do look a lot like Irish Wolfhounds. Deerhounds are almost as big, just thinner in body. Maybe someone's lapdog could hang out under the table? Odysseus looks like he could just eat from a plate.

    Love he and Penelope though. And your fireplace looks wonderful for her to rest by.

    1. Hi Sheila! I have always wanted to have wolfhounds... but my house is too small... LOL! This scale it is possible! :) And I can't resist adding to the fireplaces... I just need them to look as real as possible! I am having fun with this scale!

  8. Well of course you needed dogs. And they are lovely - they remind me a little of the ceramic horse you made (lying down) when you were about 6...
    Fireplace with andirons looks fine and yes, the first attempt at a stable is too large.
    Happy building,
    Love, Mom

    1. Hi Mom! I had the same thought about the ceramic horse while I was making her! :) And yes, I needed dogs! The stable will probably get adjusted... we shall see! As you know, I have a large one in RL!!! (Do you think I will need to make angels for this one too???)

  9. Your dogs are adorable. Fireplace and decorations are so tiny and perfect.

    1. Thank you Fabi! I am having fun with making these tiny things!

  10. I certainly admire you determination to try the impossible at least once Betsy, and then again Twice and be successful in both attempts. I must say however, that I am rather fonder of Penelope because I like the way she is relaxing in front of the at Delightful fireplace and warming herself at that very cosy fire. :D


    1. Hi Elizabeth! I am so glad you like my faithful hounds! I almost gave up on them... (hence the second try....! LOL!) But as you can see.... I am not capable of throwing away a "sentient" being!!! :) I will probably have to adjust the Nativity a bit.... and then there are still the curtains to finish....! So lots more to come!

  11. He's an Irish Wolfhound. I love him!

    1. Hi Megan! Yes, he is! And I am particularly happy that he actually looks a bit like one... since I was striving for that look! LOL!

  12. Wow, that tiny doll is amazing! And I love the doggies, I really think they are at home here, even if they are large.

    1. Hi Shannon! I am enjoying this tiny scale... and getting carried away with it! The tiny dolls I started to make more than a year ago... you can follow their progress by clicking the link in my side-bar that says "Teeny Tiny Dolls". :)

  13. WOW! They are both tiny and amazing! I am so impressed with your sculpting skills and your eyesight! Dryer lint or pocket fuzz might just make the perfect flocking in this scale - you'll have to give it a try on a lump of clay!

    1. Hi Jodi! Thank you for the suggestion of dryer lint... I really might have to give that a try! My only concern is that at this scale... even adding the layer of glue would "bulk" them up too much. All they are is glue dried onto floral wire.... the head is just extra layers or glue....! So I might have to figure out how to add the lint layer sooner... before all the glue layers have dried... I might give it a try! :) (Next dog clearly will be an English sheep dog! LOL!)

  14. No doubt... the owners of this Christmas House or Irish Wolfshound lovers. And although I fell at love at first sight with Odysseus (Wow!) and Penelope (Woohooo!!! That's soooooo you!) I'm not going to suggest a basket full of puppies... no, not me... but I think a cat or two would be great in the kitchen... *here's-the-devilish-grin-again* All your incredible details make this house kit a unique piece of miniature art, adding this dollie was another case of True-Betsy-genius. And although the nativity is of course a little bit huge (sounds strange somehow... little bit huge... but in this case...) it's totally okay according to me. Nativities come in all sizes and varieties... and according to the interior the inhabitants are not poor people. And let's not forget - people who have a couple of Irish Wolfhounds like their nativities huge too... ;O) Thanks for making my day as always with your posts.


    1. Dear Birgit, I am so glad you like the Irish Wolfhounds and are in agreement that we don't need puppies! LOL! But the cat problem.... this too is on my list somehow, somewhen.... but this house has No Kitchen!! (Yes, I know this is a shocking oversight for such a fantastic house!) But On My List already is a basket of wool and some knitting... where there could be a cat.... helping with the knitting...!!! This is why the project just keeps taking longer! LOL! I am so glad you are here "helping" with the expansion of the lists! :):):) And as for the over large Nativity.... I am working on adjusting it... but it isn't cooperating... it keeps "expanding" to include more figures! Now why would that happen??? :) I am having fun with this scale!!!

  15. Hi, Betsy - You continue to progress from amazing achievement to a more amazing achievement! The hounds are huge but wonderful. I completely understand that you can't discard them, even if they weren't wonderful. That's a lesson I learned from my "Cow Creature" who is still peacefully chewing her cud in the shadowy depths of the French Farmhouse barn! The fireplace is turning into a work of art. I love the glittery flames, the greenery, and the warm glow of the andirons. So cozy. I can't believe the size of those stockings - and to think that you've made that tiny doll to fit inside! I can't wait to see the finished mantel - and I can't wait to see which spaces Odysseus and Penelope claim as their own.

    1. Hi Marjorie! I am so glad you like the Hounds! And I do remember your "cow creature" and I am really glad she is still chewing her cud in the barn! LOL! These little beings do have a way of taking over....! I am enjoying all these tiny additions more than I thought I would! Lots more to come! So stay tuned! :)

  16. Oh wow! This is tiny work!!! Adorable indeed ♥
    And those x-mas stockings! Oh my, you're right, they are almost impossible to see. Beautiful work!

    1. Hi Piikko!!! So nice to see you here! I am glad you like the tiny decorations! I am really having fun with this scale! I am glad you commented!

  17. I can't wait to see which spaces Odysseus and Penelope claim as their own.


  18. a great nativity for tiny décorations! !

  19. I really like your new decorative designs! it's beautiful so much and good idea on site.