Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Setting The Table.....

I Promised you Plates....

It was quite some Time ago, Dear Readers, that a dear blogfriend sent me a selection of beautiful ornamental ribbons and trims as one of the wonderful "giveaways" on her blog, and here you can see some of them packed into an old wooden trunk where they are still awaiting special projects. While she has not been blogging for a while now, her Treasures are still giving me joy! And last week when I rashly suggested I could make some teeny tiny plates for the Teeny tiny dining room, it was because I had remembered these trims! How could they Possibly make me plates, I hear you ask? Well, if you look closely you will see that several of those trims are made of little sequins!

Just how little the sequins are was the only question in my mind....

And if I carefully painted one..... 
would it be the right size to serve as a plate?
See the painted one on the right?
(Do remember to poke the pictures to see them larger!)

Can you see I have painted one to resemble china?
I was happy to see it looks about the right size!
So I quickly made five more....

Well, perhaps not quickly..... 
because the method requires several coats of paint.....
which must dry between coats.
Above you can see the white blobs of paint on the plastic, 
and each one covers a single sequin.
The surface tension of the wet paint covers the hole in the sequin 
and when the layers have dried thoroughly, 
you carefully pull the "plate" off the plastic.

Here I have added the decorative details before pulling them from the plastic. 
(It is much easier to paint them when they are stuck to the plastic!)

Here they are removed from the plastic and with their edges carefully cleaned up....

And Ta-da!!! The plates on the table!
But maybe we want to see how they look with chairs too....

Oh, and did I mention a basket of rolls....?

Can you see it there in the front? 
I know it is a little blurry... 
it is so hard to convince the camera to focus on the tiny things!

How about on the table.... can you see it there?
(This is made from a blob of glue that was dried onto a toothpick, 
painted to resemble a basket with a linen cloth 
and then tiny orange no-hole beads glued on top! 
Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the progress!)
And then I realized, Dear Readers, 
that if we were going to have plates and a basket of rolls.... 
we would need to set the table properly with glasses and utensils too!
(Who had thought that far ahead???)
So I pawed through my beads to see if I could find any 
small enough to pass for glasses....

I found some tiny milky white ones.....
which needed to be tested on the table....

Can you even see them there? 
I am less than impressed.
These are not what I wanted at all!
And then I remembered something Dear Readers, 
that I clearly had been saving for just this sort of occasion.....
In one of my little boxes somewhere.....

Do you see what I see?

Here.... look closer.... 
Do you see wine glasses?
(This is a piece of plastic used to attach price tags 
to clothing in the department stores!)

Carefully cut apart.... 
with a dab of "The glue trick" to make the foot....
I was giddy with excitement!

And can we see them on the table?
Ooohh, I think they are Perfect!
And can we see the table in the dining room....?

Wowee, I do love those wine glasses! 
But now we are faced with the challenge of silverware.....
Tiny knives are not so hard......

Snipped from an aluminum foil baking pan.....
Here you can see it in better light......! 
But the Forks.... arggghh... 
the forks are not so easy....

The first couple were much too big.... 
here you can see me testing them.....
So I persevered in trying to make them smaller....

The operative word being "tried" .... 
with marginal success.
The forks still look too large.....!
(waayy too large!)
But perhaps we should see if it is even noticeable when in the dining room?

Especially when all the other furniture is in place,
 and the chairs block part of the view....
Are they small enough...?
(Yes, I know... you are saying "what forks"?)
Well, Dear Readers, 
I think you will need a magnifying glass 
to even see them with all the other pieces to look at....!
Especially those wine glasses... I Love those wine glasses!
I might have promised you plates and a basket of rolls....
But I ended up having to set the whole table!
(And we won't mention the hound unless I succeed.....)


  1. You are a Magician of the First Order Betsy! How you have contrived to make some-things out of no-things deserves several Curtain Calls! :D I would agree with you that the wine glasses are absolutely BRILLIANT but then so are the plates and the basket of rolls! Looking at the entire table as it is set, is worthy of a Standing Ovation for you and for what you've so patiently and painstakingly achieved; BRAVO BETSY!!! ♡
    But OH my poor eyes!


    1. Thank you , Elizabeth! I am having a lot of fun .... when my ideas work! But pleeease don't mention Curtains! LOL! They (or the lack of suitable ones) are holding up the entire project at this point! But I am determined and might still have a few ideas to try! :)

  2. Truly amazing Betsy. The glasses are brilliant, such a clever observation.
    Regards Janine

    1. Thanks Janine! I Love it when those ideas "come to the rescue"! LOL! I love those glasses!

  3. That of treasures and a magnificent table!

  4. Hello Betsy,
    I am just in complete awe. I never would have thought anyone could make plates, glasses and bread rolls that small. Everything is just amazing. I am afraid to think "what else can this unstoppable woman do". I cannot wait to see more.
    Big hug,

    1. Thank you Giac! I am having a lot of fun finding out just how small I can manage! LOL! And I am really enjoying using some of the "scraps" I have saved! Such satisfaction! :)

  5. You are a 1:144 virtuoso! I am simply amazed.

    1. Thank you Sheila! This scale is so much fun! I am really enjoying these kits because they are so well made... they just beg for the added details! LOL!

  6. I just love that feeling when you find something in your stash that can be re-worked into exactly what you need! The sequin plates are perfect! How did you have a steady hand for the detailing?
    And the wine glasses - I never would have thought of them, or to think the plastic might be useful for something. But wow! They look perfect, too! I guess when you're working in 144th scale, your mini eye gets 12 times smaller.
    The flowers and bread basket are the sweet cherry on top, and I don't think that room can be any cuter - Well done!

    1. Hi Jodi! I love that feeling too.... vindication in spite of all the doubters! LOL! The detailing is a breath-holding exercise.... and if the dot of paint lands near where you want... that means success! LOL! It really makes me appreciate the incredible power of computer technology to render exact miniatures... alas, the hand and eye don't come close! But I do love trying! :)

  7. Wow, that's amazing Betsy! I love the wine glasses too, what a great idea! You inspired me to pull out my Robin Betterley 1:144 kits this week and finish putting them together, so thank you! Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Oh goody! I love inspiring others to follow this wonderful teeny-tiny world! It really is enchanting! And these kits are really well done too! I hope you will share your progress too! :)

  8. I knew you would do it... and I'm already looking forward to see the pup (shows-a-devilish-broad-grin). Btw Fluby swears he saw a Who-villian teeny-tiny flutterybeary relative in front of the strawberry cake... *LOL* As always I'm in awe with your newest steps, the glasses deserve a loud "Bravo" - and an even louder "Bravo" for keeping those price tag strips for the day when they would be exactly what you needed. And only you would come up with cutlery including forks. But what I somehow admire the most is the plates... even with decor!!! You are incredible, you really are!

    Birgit (who can't stop to praise the glue trick... my, all the wonders a little drop of glue can bring)

    1. Dear Birgit, you can tell Fluby for me that there just Might be.... eventually maybe someday... a teeny teeny Whovillian Flutterbeary in this dining room! :) I will for sure have to pull out my magnifying glasses to be sure.... ! :) The very Idea is just too enticing to ignore! LOL! As for the Hound(s).... I have already discovered that I need to be careful when I make little creatures.... they start to make requests and have story plans all of their own...!!! And I tell you truly... I would be Lost without the Glue-trick!!! :):):)

  9. It's incredible to manage to set a table in such a small scale. Stunning work!

    1. Thank you Genevieve! I am having fun with these kits! :)

  10. Hound? What hound?
    Never mind. The table setting is amazing and perfect! You are such a genius.
    I ended up reading your blog while eating supper, since Pat's away at the cast party. Lovely.

    1. Hi Mom! I am glad you could dine while reading of the dining room! :) The hound is a still-in-progress idea.... :)

  11. Wow, brilliant work in such a tiny scale, great inspiration. Love the wine glasses.

    1. Thank you Polly! I am so happy with the way they turned out! They are almost too big.... lovely big glasses full of cheer! LOL!

  12. That is so clever. I would never, ever have looked at sequins and see a plate. Excellent!

    1. Hi Irene! Isn't it amazing how we sometimes just can "see" what something will become? I love those moments! And these plates and glasses are my favorites so far! :)

  13. Wow, those are some mini-miniatures! Great work- and great photos.

    1. Thanks Troy! This scale really is amazing to work in! Challenging, but really rewarding when it works! :)

  14. Hi, Betsy - I'm sorry to be so late reading your amazing post; I've been out of town - and the nearest Wi-Fi was eleven miles away. Oh, the isolation! But what a special treat to return and find that you've surpassed yourself again. Your tiny hand-painted sequin plates are beautiful; what a creative solution! The tiny basket of rolls is a complete success. The knives and forks are another ingenious idea, even though I can't even imagine trying to keep track of anything so tiny! But those wine glasses stole my heart - and the show! So perfect! And so very unlikely that anyone could ever see wine glasses in that string of plastic! Your creative vision continues to astound me. I'm in love with this tiny house and all the wonders that you've brought about!

  15. I would never, ever have looked at sequins and see a plate. Excellent!