Monday, July 31, 2017

A Feast of Tiny Things....

I Had to Try...

I was so Carried Away with Tiny things last week Dear Readers, that when I signed off at the end of my Post, I actually wrote on the spur-of-the-moment that there might be a few more items made for the bedroom.... perhaps a footstool and tiny slippers or a shopping bag with gifts inside...! Well, it was late and I was getting tired, so I didn't think too much about it. Until I thought about it... and Then I wondered if I Could Possibly make those items? Hmmm? Well, I had to give it a try! I started with the shopping bag.... you can see the beginnings in the picture above where I have glued loops of sewing thread for handles to a scrap of patterned tissue paper....

Then I folded the sides of the bag, making creases 
at approximately even spacing... it was hard to tell!

Here I have folded the bottom flaps together... 
after cutting slits at each corner.... not easy!
Somehow I got glue in the bottom to hold the flaps closed!
Can you see it there?
(I know, you will need to poke the pictures... 
And pull out a magnifying glass!)

Then I added some red tissue with a bead inside... a "gift"......
 but also for added weight...
And we have to see it with the bed... is it the right size?

Here, can you see it now?

And can we see it in the bedroom....?
I think it works!
And you can see I have also started a little footstool...
But I have not finished it yet. 
I need to finish all the "upholstery" on the wing chairs too.
And what about the slippers I so rashly suggested...???
Well, I had to try....

I started by gluing some textured silk to a piece of card stock, 
and then I glued a tiny piece of lace trim to the surface, 
with "bumps" where the lace is not glued. 
I let it dry thoroughly. 
(You can be forgiven for thinking it is a piece of lady's underwear!)
Then I cut it into tiny strips and trimmed them to the shape of footwear....

Can you see them there?
But the real question is... 
do they look the right size in the bedroom.....?

Can you see them in the back by the Victorian Dresser?
Yes, you will need to poke the pictures again!
And maybe the lady of the house has big feet.... 
but I think they work!
And that is just the Beginning, Dear Readers, 
because I was on a Roll!
The next room in The Secret Christmas House is the Dining Room.
The first pieces went together with no trouble....
There is a tall closed cabinet and a buffet table
 as well as the large dining table and six chairs.

All those spindly legs did require quite a bit of careful glue application!

I had already assembled several of this kind of chair.... 
so I knew that I would want to have a "perch" for them 
when gluing the front legs in place!

Like so!

Here is the set ready for painting.....

But I was impatient to see them in the house.....

I almost decided I liked the lighter wood look, Dear Readers, 
but I decided to stay closer to the era and style of the kit,
 so I went ahead and painted them the dark brown color recommended...

And then began the varnish and "decorations"......

Each of the tables has a "lace" cloth just as the sitting room tea table had...
just a paper cut out with the "ground" color the same as the painted wood....
 which was the biggest reason for not going with a lighter wood look!
And the chairs got their "upholstered" seats with no trouble.
Then we got to the fun bits! 
I had forgotten how many "little" bits there were for this room!
Starting with the bouquet for the dining table.....

Can you see it there???
(I know you will get tired of having me ask that question!)
The bouquet is "embellished" with tiny scraps of greenery (just dried paint) 
and blossoms made from just the knot cut off a piece of thread!
It is glued into a large brass bead....

And placed in the center of the table!
And then I started on the next tiny pieces... 
the candelabras and the chandelier..... 

These are laser-cut pieces of heavy gold paper... 
very delicate and requiring that you notch them together 
at just the right angle and let them dry.
Then you paint the candles white.
I almost ruined it by trying to paint the candles first.... 
and in the way I was holding the piece with my tweezers... 
I almost crushed the tiny slot where they notch together....! Yikes!
But I was able to rescue it and let the glue dry before finishing the painting. 
In fact, I then decided to use my "glue trick"
 to create three-dimensional bases for the candelabra... 
if you look closely you will see the glue on the base partially dried.
And I got so caught up in making the next pieces, 
I forgot to take any pictures!

This kit comes with two "glass" decanters for "spirits" for the buffet!
They require separating from the sheet, 
cleaning the burn residue with alcohol 
and then painting to resemble sherry or brandy
 or port or your favorite beverage!
Can you see them there on the buffet with the candelabra?
(Please poke the pictures!)
And then there is another little tray painted gold....
with another Teeny-Tiny (really huge!) cake.....

And I wanted to let a certain Little Furry Friend know that 
This cake is a vanilla cake layered with marzipan and strawberry ganache, 
frosted with dark chocolate fudge frosting
 and crowned with a halo of fresh strawberries!
Can you see it there???

But please bear with me Dear Readers, 
because I am still embellishing these little pieces....!
The candelabra, once their bases were well rounded (the glue trick)
  were painted gold and the candles themselves were painted white.
And then I added a touch of glue to the tips of the candles 
and dipped them in glitter... 
so in the right light they shine!
Can you see the glitter in the candelabra above?
It is very difficult to photograph, 
but produces a charming spark of life in the reality!

Can we see how it looks inside the room?

And with the other pieces of furniture......?
Yes, I know... I still haven't added the carpet... 
or the chandelier.... or the curtains!
 Don't even ask about the Curtains!

But the chandelier was coming along nicely with it's glittery candles...!
(I will not glue it in until everything else is firmly in place!)
And I thought that was everything for the dining room 
until I woke up this morning thinking there should be tiny plates.... 
maybe a roast on a platter...? 
A pup under the table waiting for the bones?

Ah, Dear Readers, I hope you have enjoyed
 this Feast of Tiny things.
Come to think of it, 
I may even have to try a basket of Tiny Rolls!


  1. Hello Betsy,
    For such small minis, they certainly pack a big punch. Everything is just amazing. The bag and slippers are wonderful, but I know , had it been me, it would have ended up with me ungluing paper and fabric off my fingers. I still can't believe how well you work in such a small scale. I was just blown away by the dining room. I just love it and the candelabra and flowers are such a great touch. It feels so cozy and welcoming. Keep up the super, small work.
    Big hug

    1. Thank you Giac! I have learned with this scale that if a tiny piece "disappears" all of a sudden, then I should examine the cuffs of my sleeves and the back of my fingers because they probably are "stuck" there by accident! This scale is mesmerizing... I need to make some bigger things soon... but I keep getting more tiny ideas! I am glad you are enjoying seeing the results! :)

  2. Your tiny house looks amazing and the details are perfect.

    1. Thank you Fabi! I am enjoying this scale more than I thought I would! :)

  3. Gotta be quick - Pat is coming with his breakfast.
    That bedroom is a triumph - and I expect the same with the dining room.
    Love, Mom

    1. Thanks Mom! The dining room is running away with me....! :)

  4. I am so in awe. :D Those slippers!!!!!

    1. Thanks Brae! :) I almost didn't try the slippers... but then I thought it would drive me mad not knowing if I could..... so I guess it's always a good idea to try!

  5. Wow! Amazing. I'm just flabbergasted at how pretty and real it all looks.

    1. Thanks Sheila! These kits are really well made! The details are superb! I only hope all my clumsy additions don't spoil the realism... but I am enjoying seeing what I can get away with!

  6. BUT OF COURSE you are going to add "a basket of tiny rolls, tiny plates and a pup under the table", because you wouldn't be Betsy the Queen of the Land "Who-ville" if you didn't. ;D
    Each and every new detail makes this Secret Christmas House the most Amazingly Beautiful and Interesting ultra tiny world albeit everything is the size of a dust-speck. It is like that Dr. Seuss book "Horton Hears A Who" where an entire Miniverse resided on the tip of a flower- discovered by Horton- the elephant in us. :D


    1. Okay Elizabeth.... now you are ensuring that I either must stop my run-away words... or follow through with the insanity of my ideas! LOL! Yikes, this scale has me scrambling with the possibles... And I always Loved "Horton Hears a Who"!!! The possibility of teeny tiny worlds right under our noses has always intrigued me! Yes.... there will be more teeny excitement to see....!!! :)

  7. I just love this little house with all the tiny awesome details.
    It's going to be a showpiece.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you Drora! I am having a lot of fun! These kits are so well made, I just hope my additions don't ruin the perfect scale effect! Thank you for commenting!

  8. You are so good at these tiny details! How you made those micro folds in the bag are astounding! Your trick with the glue really does make them come alive dimensionally. With all of the little pieces you are adding, this is a feast for the eyes! I can't imagine seeing anything cuter!

    1. Thank you Jodi! These kits are really well made, and they offer a trick or two in the instructions (like using dried paint for leaves on the plant) which just get one thinking creatively! I am really enjoying making them! And I might even get the entire house finished..... before Christmas! LOL!

  9. Wow, I cannot believe that you have to place each leg onto those chairs! And slot the pieces of the chandelier together. And snip off knots of thread for roses. You have the patience of at least 10 saints.

    1. Thanks Shannon! I am glad they actually tell you how to make the "knot" roses.... I am not sure I would have thought of it myself! The kits are wonderfully detailed... so it encourages just adding a little bit more here and there! LOL!

  10. Elizabeth was faster in commenting - so she already wrote what I was thinking at the end of this post... I too have no doubts about you weaving your magic and coming up with meal platters, roll baskets and a puppy under the table. Btw I would suggest some additional fruit bowls... *tweet* How can I be that sure about it? Because after your last post I already had no doubt about you making all your visions possible - and you did it: The gift bag, the stool and the slippers, each of them awesome. The dining room will become another fantastic room, the furniture looks very pretty and your decoration pieces are stunning. Only you would think of adding glitter to the top of teeny tiny candles. And the "glue trick" will get straight into the miniaturist's repertoire... ;O) But here's another suggestion: What about a miniminiminiversion of that certain little furry friend heading right away to your awesome strawberry cake? Ay, there's the rub to say it with Hamlet, your strawberry cake would not survive... okay, then a pup it shall be. But I shall greet you from that certain little furry friend, he was so proud of finding himself in your post having inspired you to a cake creation that sounds very tasty. ;O)

    Birgit (and from Fluby too!)

    1. Dear Birgit (and Fluby too), I am so glad my tiny efforts of the culinary sort have brought you pleasure... even if it is the "imaginary" sort! The idea of a Teeny Tiny Flutter-beary hovering over the cake is not a bad one.... LOL! It might have to have the qualities of a "Who-villian" (referencing Elizabeth's comments about Who-ville!) which means practically invisible... which means you never Know whether or not he Is there! LOL! Ah, this scale is a Feast for the imagination if nothing else! I am so glad you are here to enjoy it with me! :):):)

  11. Hello, Betsy - My amazement just keeps growing as your tiny projects keep shrinking! That incredibly tiny shopping bag is a perfect fit by the bed. Your clever method of making the slippers is impressive (how did you THINK of doing that?) and the bitsy footstool-to-be is already wonderful. I love the elegance of the dining room furniture, but the intricate accessories for the tables - the "fun bits" - add so much realism and interest and awe. I can't wait to see the other mini-magic touches that you plan for this room. A roast! A pup! Bones? This dining room truly does provide a Feast of Tiny Things!

    1. Hi Marjorie! I have to confess, My amazement keeps growing too! LOL! The imagination is a harsh task-master sometimes... whispering that Perhaps just another teeny scrap of this or a tiny dot of that would work.... and then I have to TRY it! LOL! Not always successful... but fun in the imagining and fun when it succeeds! More is coming so stay tuned!

  12. Replies
    1. Thank you Ingi! I just Love the tiny things! Thank you for commenting!

  13. This dining room truly does provide a Feast of Tiny Things!