Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Speaking Of The Library.....

The Tiniest Books Ever!

I Left you last week, Dear Readers, having borrowed a chair from the Library in order to serve you tea and cake in the still incomplete Sitting Room. I am glad so many of you came by for a visit! And when I returned to the making of the furniture from these tiny kits, the Library was uppermost on my mind. (The Sitting Room is temporarily on hold while I figure out the upholstery and curtains.) The Library Table needed to have a Lamp added to it, and I was instructed to "find an ivory bead" in the bag of teeny tiny pieces from which these accessories were to be assembled. Alas, there was no Ivory bead! I checked and re-checked and could not find it! So I had to improvise. I pulled out some random beads I have had in a wooden box ever since I was a teenager. I truly don't know where I got them from! There was a slightly lop-sided one that I thought could be made to look like a lamp shade if only viewed from one angle, so I added it to the pin and then the two little copper beads for the stand, and glued it into the hole I drilled in the table top! Yes, they ask you to Drill into the furniture!! Above you can see the table with the new lamp! And while I was at it, I added the green bead to the globe stand. Eventually I will paint a little bit of ocean onto it! But the really fun part was just beginning.... this kit has Books! Yes, it really does! They are just printed paper, and are meant to be folded and glued shut or left open as one pleases. They are ever so tiny!

The instructions do not say to add anything for the "pages" 
but I didn't follow the instructions...
I wanted my books to have some three-dimensionality to them
so I added a tiny piece of cardboard to each book for the "pages"!
The first one is on the table above... can you see the pages?
(Go ahead, poke the pictures to see them larger!)

Here you can see one of the "open" books to the right.... 
but it is still just flat....
It needs pages too....

But before I get to that, I must see how it looks inside the Library...
Sorry about the dark photo.... 
(that little light must not be turned on properly!)
And there are more books to add....

Another flat open face-down book... which needs pages added, 
and another one on the chair....

And now the opened books also have their pages added! 
That table is getting crowded... 
I will have to stack the books somehow, 
or spread them onto other chairs around the house!
And then I had one of Those ideas, Dear Readers, 
the kind that torments you until you give it a try....

I thought the Library Table needed an ink well and a quill pen!
 Can you see I have added a Teeny tiny feather and ink pot?
I made the tiny quill pen 
from a tiny goosedown feather 
that was shed from my coat last winter!
Yes, I saved them! 
It needed some careful trimming... 
and I found the tiniest "pewter" bead in my old bead box....
But can you see it????

Here, I have set it against a dark backdrop.... 
can you see it now? 
Right there in the middle?
Well, never mind if you can't.... 
I will know it is there!

And then I added the "oceans" to the globe....

You will have to understand that it is a very old globe... 
and perhaps their knowledge of the size of the continents was not very exact!

And then we have to see how it all looks inside the Library....

Which is extremely difficult to photograph with enough light and clear focus!

I think I need to add some writing paper to that table.....!
And just How Tiny are those books, you ask?

Well, look! 
Here's the open face-down one...
Can you see it there on my finger?
I am saving it for a chair in the Sitting Room!
 I am sure you will agree, Dear Readers, 
that these must be the Tiniest Books Ever!
Speaking of the Library...... 
My favorite room in the House!


  1. Ha! The library is looking very complete and completely adorable, made all the more special by adding beads you knew you'd use someday! And just think, those books are enormous if you're an atom!

    1. Hi Jodi! Thanks for commenting! The more I get into this scale, the more that "regular" dollhouse scale looks like Giant stuff! I think the Teeny Tiny people will be glad to see the books have "pages"! LOL!

  2. Oh my! O.O That's me all wide-eyed in disbelief! What an amazing globe, too.

    1. Thanks Brae! I am glad to see you are wide eyed! These kits are a whole lot of amazing tininess!!!

  3. Your minuscule books are beyond comprehension. How you can work this small is mind-boggling and Amazing to me! I love the globe and the lights and the open book as well as the closed ones and I can easily understand why the library is your favorite room in the house Betsy. If I was the occupant of this Lilliputian abode it would be mine too! :D


    1. Hi Elizabeth! The more I look at the Library pictures all "blown-up" on my screen, the more I wish I had a room just like it in RL! LOL! I think I bought this kit because it had a Library like this! As you can imagine, this is not the last Library I will be making.... I just love books!

  4. Hello Betsy,
    Looking at the tiny book I though "would go mad", then I saw the ink well and it was too much for my brain to process. they are amazing and the library is looking fantastic! Go Betsy go!!!
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac! Sorry to give you brain spasms.... but the ink well was just too irresistible! I had to try it! I love this tiny scale! The tiny books give me so much pleasure to see them in the house... it makes it feel real for me!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Claude! I am having fun with these kits!

  6. Hi, Betsy - I agree with Elizabeth about the boggled mind and the amazement. I don't know how you can keep your fingers from getting in the way of everything you try to do! At least, I know that's what my fingers would do. Your dexterity is incredible! I love that tiny globe with its oceans and continents, and I'm sure that they're all in just the right place. The bead lamp; the microscopic quill pen and ink well; and of course all the teensy books are wonderful creations - they all make the library a perfect favorite place!

    1. Hi Marjorie! I would be lost without my very very pointy tweezers! They help hold tiny pieces and prod even tinier ones into place. It gets easier the more you work in this scale... I guess I develop "techniques" without even realizing I am doing it! Like applying glue with the tip of a sewing pin...! I do love the teeny tiny books and really... they make my previous Tiny books (in the Tree-house Library) look positively Gigantic! LOL!

  7. Wow how tiny! It's good you show the book on your finger otherwise I would not have noticed the size. Everything is in perfect proportions including the inkwell and feather. It's fun just looking at your work.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Hi Drora! I am glad you now can tell the size! These are very very tiny books! I am enjoying making these kits and I'm very happy that you are enjoying seeing them too! :)

  8. I'm thinking of the men in your blog whose fingers are bigger...
    You are having a wonderful, challenging time! Worth it. The teeny tiny house is lovely.
    As are you,

  9. I was so curious to see your progress that I was looking at all your pictures right after reading your first sentences... and I can honestly tell you that I spotted the inkwell and feather on that table. And I can also tell you that I was thinking by myself "Now even Betsy is outdoing herself"... Your work on this kit is incredible, the tiny books are fantastic and I am in awe with that globe. But now I need to get my medicine... having to drill into these tiny pieces was more than my poor mind could bear...


    1. Hi Birgit! Yes, when I read those instructions, I was really not sure how it would work out at all! I had to read them again to convince myself! Fortunately I have one of those really small hand drills (my Dad gave it to me many years ago) so I was able to drill carefully! *Whew*! The wood is mostly the very fine plywood used for fine model making, so the grain is not inclined to split apart. These kits are very well done!:) But I am sorry to cause you to need your medicine...!

  10. How tiny! The library is wonderful.

  11. Wow! You're amazing! I am beginning to wonder if you are making this house so the flitting Snail-Racing Fairy can have a holiday party of his own!