Monday, July 10, 2017

Tea For Two....

Two Too Tiny.....

While Waiting for the matte acrylic varnish to arrive, Dear Readers, I decided to continue assembling the remaining furnishings for this room. In the above picture you can see the mirror already assembled because I forgot to take any progress pictures. It was fairly straight forward gluing layers together and painting with gold acrylic paint. The mirror itself is mylar and does reflect the viewer.... a tiny bit! And while I was at it I added another five or six coats of paint to the Wing-backed easy chairs....

I have lost count of the layers, I think I have done thirteen coats of paint!
I am planning to do the colored layers next... 
as soon as I make up my mind Exactly what color they should be! 
And in order to aid in the decision, 
I thought the rest of the furnishings should be as complete as possible
 so I can get a feel for the look of the room.

Here you can see the mirror and the parlor stove propped in place.
(I will not glue them in until all the pieces are done)
And then I realized that the Library furniture
 (the next room after the Sitting Room) 
would also need to be "varnished" 
and so I might as well have it ready too 
for when the varnish arrived!

This room has a work table, two chairs and a globe on a stand!

Here they are, assembled and not painted.

Here they are painted and waiting for the varnish!

Here I have added the carpets to both the Sitting Room and the Library.
The clarity of the printed detail in these kits is very good!
I had Hoped, Dear Readers, that the acrylic varnish would arrive on Saturday. 
When it didn't, I went shopping! I found some at Michael's.
And Sunday saw me finally able to continue with the Teeny Tiny Tea Table...

Varnish applied!
So much Fuss for such a Tiny amount of varnish!

But once it was dry, I could add the cushions to the tiny chair....

And the lace "cloth" to the Tea Table!
And would you believe it there is a teapot and two cups!
 Can you even see them?
They are paper and are meant to be flat silhouettes.... 
but I wanted them to have a little bit of three-dimensionality to them....
so I added just a drop of Aleen's Quick Dry Glue 
on each piece and let it dry. 
I built up three layers of "roundness" this way!
And then painted them white as the instructions said.
(I am sure you will notice that the cup handles are "broken"... 
they did not survive the laser cutting process... 
but as far as I am concerned, they are just the "every-day" china!)
And then, Dear Readers, I must have gotten very hungry 
because I forgot to take any pictures of the cake making...

Can you see it on the little tray on the table.....???
(You will have to poke the pictures to see closer!)

Here is a slightly closer view...
 it is really hard to get my camera to focus on the right spot!
(This is the first mini cake baking I have done!)
I am sure it is a vanilla buttercream frosted angelfood cake, 
with a raspberry and mint leaves on top!

Would you care for a cup of tea and a slice of cake....?
Oh, Heavens, I forgot there is only one chair!

But wait, I will borrow one from the Library.....

There you have it, Dear Readers,
 Won't you join me for Tea?
Cake and Tea, In cups that just might be 
Two Too Tiny!


  1. Oh my... my eyes are crossing just looking at the pictures.

    I love how it all looks, though the mirror seems oversized. Maybe its just me.

    1. Hi Sheila! Yes, the mirror does seem a little large... but the room is very tiny! I think it will balance the other furniture once it is all in the room together. :)

  2. I'm glad I can click on the photos and seem them bigger otherwise I would never see the teapot and cups :0P I'll join you in a cup...two grains of sugar and milk please :0D

    1. Hi Pepper! I'm so glad to share a cuppa with you! Two grains and milk it is! LOL! You should have seen me trying to pick up the cups with my tweezers... chasing them all over the map!

  3. Oh Betsy, the furniture looks absolutely wonderful. But for the teapot and the cups I was with my nose at the screen and......after alot of focussing I was able to see them hehehe ;D! Your "two tiny tea" is lovely, but for me no sugar and milk ;). And I would love to visit you and for drinking a cup of tea with you in this lovely tiny house ;O!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! I am so glad you came by for some tea! It is so much fun to have such a tiny tea set and to share it with blogfriends! :)

  4. ¡Que maravilla! , la idea de la tetera es fantástica y el resultado espectacular, cada pieza es una gozada verlos.Feliz día:-)

    1. Thank you Contrastes-Rosa! I am having fun making these kits!

  5. Oh my, how tiny all those pieces are. I am impressed!

    1. Thank you Alexandra! They really are very very tiny! But so much fun!

  6. Hello Betsy,
    I would love to join you for tea...I'll be on the next flight out ;)
    The attention to finish and detail is amazing. the furniture is lovely and I can't even imagine working on the tea set. The mirror is lovely on the wall and I like the way you furnished the rooms...the layout is lovely. I really love the chairs and the cloth on the table...again, had I made them you just know the cloth would be securely attached to my finger by now. well done Betsy. Keep up the amazing work.
    Big hug
    N.B. I do hope your arm is all better.

    1. Dear Giac, I am so glad you could stop by for some tea! I am having a lot of fun with this teeny scale!
      Yes, my arm is almost all better... it takes time, but I have faith! :):)

  7. I love the concept of "everyday china." One of these days you'll find some elegant Limoges cups to feature in your teeny tiny library. Or perhaps demi-tasse for after dinner?
    Is this little house intended to be a Christmas tree ornament? Or a toy in one of the dolls houses? It's amazing. I'm glad you have small fingers.

    1. Hi Mom! It is a doll's Dollhouse.... just not sure which one owns it! LOL! I am having fun... and as you know, tiny things enchant me! :)

  8. I can just see myself trying vainly to hold onto a cup-handel no bigger than an eyelash, and I feel like a Gulliver-ess just looking at all of these minuscule furnishings and accessories!
    Bravo Betsy, I do believe that not only your time and patience deserve to be applauded but also both of your eyes, your clever fingers and your steady hands! ♥


    1. Thank you Elizabeth! You would have laughed to see me trying to pick up the tea cups with my tweezers.... I almost lost them! But now they are safe on the tea table along with the cake... and once I get the room ready they will be secured in place! I'm so glad you stopped by! :)

  9. Wow I admire your details. Everything is magnificent so tiny and perfect. If I was to handle any of these tiny items it wouldn't just be the cup handles broke lol. Tea with just milk thank you :P
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria! I am so glad you could join me for tea! These kits are super tiny... but fun!

  10. Everything is perfect and so tiny. I'm speechless.

    1. Hi Fabi! I am having a lot of fun with these kits! They really are so well designed!

  11. Hi, Betsy - I love the too-tiny tea table with the two too-tiny tea cups. What an ingenious idea to use glue to add dimension to the tea set! The lace tablecloth and the pretty upholstered chair are beautiful additions, and the rugs for the rooms add so much color and detail. This is an enchanting project! I see that everyone is clamoring for tea and cake, so I hope you'll keep back a slice of that frosted angel food cake until I get there!

    1. Hi Marjorie! I agree with you completely, it is an enchanting project! There are so many parts so well designed and well thought out! It makes this scale really do-able! I am having fun adding a few touches to their designs.... getting carried away by Tininess! I'm glad you came by and I'm happy to hold some cake for you too! :)

  12. Now I am even more in awe with the quality of these kits... their love for detail is incredible. And if coming into the right skilled and talented hands something outstanding happens - I still suspect you to have weaved a 3D-spell around these incredibly tiny tea set and not only a drop of glue! But I shall now ask you in Fluby's name if you have any reason or argument for not making your first teeny tiny cake a strawberry cake... ;O) I told him the answer must be to avoid any flutterybeary invasion... oh my... he said this would cost me a bowl full of you know what... it's not always easy around here - except when I can sit in front of my monitor and enjoy your big progress on the teeny tiny bits!


    1. Dear Birgit and Fluby, my humble apologies for not adding a "strawberry" to the cake!!! I think it could only be because I was busy eating fresh Raspberries at the time... and was a bit overwhelmed by the perfection of the aroma and flavor.... not meaning to malign strawberries at all, you understand! :) And the magical three-dimensional powers of glue is something I have noticed from all the dried blobs of glue on things where you don't want them.... so I decided to try it where you Do want them! In fact, the tiniest Ladies I have not quite finished making.... the sisters Evelyn de Paradise and her family, all owe their very existence to glue!!! I am so glad you came by for some cake and tea.... !:):)

  13. Betsy! it is unbelievable, mind blowing. How can you work that small? I feel squintish simply looking at your pics... amazing job my dear, amazing !

    1. Hi Rosanna! I am so glad to see you came to visit! Yes, the teapot is positively teensy! And this kit is full of those itty-bitty items! It is being a lot of fun to put together! :)