Monday, July 24, 2017

Just a Little Ho Hum.....

Adding the Trimmings.....

After all the Excitement of the Teeny-Tiny books last week, Dear Readers, I have to confess that the furnishings for the next room in the Secret Christmas House seemed a bit unexciting to me. Maybe I was just getting so used to the wonders of the tiny furniture in all it's perfect details, that making another tiny chair or bedside table just wasn't very challenging! Okay, the beautiful Sleigh bed did present some challenges, but really went together very easily! The furnishings for this room are the Sleigh Bed, the tall Victorian Dresser, two bedside tables and the wing chair. Certainly a lovely matching bedroom set!

Here you can see them all assembled prior to staining them.

Here the wooden pieces are painted the brown color 
recommended in the kit instructions.
 The chair will need to be painted as the other wing chairs
 with Many Many coats of paint until it looks "plush"!

Here they are varnished 
and the bed mattress and covers have been added......
and the mirror in the dresser too!

Here the bedside "lamps" made from 
beads supplied in the kit have been added, 
and the pillows on the bed.

Oh, and a lovely red pillow on the bed too!
But is that All?
Well, let's see how they look inside the room....

Hmmm.... it just looks a bit plain to me!
The only "decoration" that is still to be added
 is supposed to be a couple of wrapped "gifts"
one on the dresser and a couple behind the chair. 
Oh, and the chair will have a pillow 
and a "throw" draped over the arm.
Even with those details, 
I think it a teeny bit of a Yawn.
Well, I tell you, Dear Readers, I couldn't leave it so bare!
To begin with, I thought the dresser should have 
a small tray with some perfumes and lotions on it.....

Oh dear, my lighting is not very good... 
You can probably barely see them!

Here, maybe this is a little better.....
I made the "mirrored tray" by cutting an oval out of the corner
 scrap left over from the mirror provided in the kit.
Then I added the tiniest beads I could find in my old collection....

Here... can you see it now?
(Go ahead and poke the pictures to enlarge them!)
I think this is much more fun than just a wrapped gift...
And I just can't imagine a Lady's dresser without these bottles!
And while I was adding tiny beads....
I thought the bedside table should have an old alarm clock....

Can you even see it there!
Does it even look like an alarm clock?
Well, I am pretending it does!

Perhaps we should test them inside the room....
I think they add a wonderful layer of "realism"!
And since I have been thinking so much about teeny-tiny books...

Well, I had to make one for the other bedside table!
Because, surely the Lady of the house might like to read in bed.
But truly, Dear Readers, I could not leave the bed alone either....
because I could not imagine that all the rush of preparing for Christmas 
wouldn't leave the bed covered in wrapping paper and partly wrapped gifts.....

I had to make some scissors out of wire....
Can you see them there?
I know... they are really Huge!
(perhaps they are the kitchen shears!)

And I had to add some thread for ribbon draped on the floor.....
And then we need to see how it looks in the room....

Can you see it at all?
Oh and the unfinished chair too....

Just imagine a lacy throw over the chair
(when it is painted)
and a few wrapped gifts hidden in the corner behind the chair....
And who knows.... maybe even a footstool and some slippers....
Or a shopping bag with gifts inside....!
As you can see, Dear Readers, 
this room was just a little too Ho-hum, 
So I have been adding all the little trimmings!


  1. Hello Daydreamer!
    Completely beautiful! The furnishings are wonderful and the little touches are a great addition to the room. I loved!!♥

    1. Thank you Amary! This is a great little kit!

  2. You always amaze me with your posts, your tiny miniatures are so beautiful.

    1. Thank you Genevieve! I am glad you enjoy my projects! I also enjoy yours! :)

  3. Soooo cute! I love seeing your progress. I love these little houses but they are outside my budget, so seeing yours means I can live vicariously! You are right - it needs a few extra details, and yours are cute!

    1. Thank you Shannon! I have waited a long time to finally buy one of these teeny-tiny house kits! I think I "caved" because I get to indulge my Christmas fantasies too...! I am a long way from doing a 1/12 Christmas House... so this one is filling a long-time dream! I am so glad it gives you vicarious satisfaction! :)

  4. Hello Betsy,
    My hands hurt just looking at those small pieces. the bedroom is fabulous. You did a terrific job on the furniture and I really love the bedding. The lamps are a really nice touch and the accessories do dress up the room. The perfume tray is great as are the scissors. So much beautiful work to admire and be inspired by.
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac! I know what you mean about hurting just by looking.... I have to keep reminding myself not to put the tiny pieces down near my messy work areas.....! Tiny pieces disappear too easily.... the little pieces stick to your hands and blow away if you sigh too hard! But I am fascinated by this scale and am having a lot of fun seeing how much I can add to the kits! I am glad you are enjoying it too!

  5. So, when are you going to have a dolls house within the dolls house within the dolls house? Yikes! I can't imagine working with such tiny stuff, and you're right, the bedroom was a bit ho hum and you have made it delightfully "lived in."
    Carry on.
    Lots of love, Mom

    1. Hi Mom! You know me too well...! It is coming soon.... you will have to wait and see! :)

  6. Wow... I had to wait until I got on my work computer so I could see all the tiny details. The laptop screen just couldn't do them justice!

    The room was pretty before but all your added details really bring it to life. Love it!

    I agree with Giac though, I'm getting sympathetic eye strain just looking at the pictures.

    1. Thank you Sheila! I have to admit that sometimes I just aim as close as I can and hope for the best! LOL! It is a very tiny scale... but sometimes you can nudge things into place with the tweezers....! It is fun to see if the tiny ideas are possible!

  7. The bedroom is fabulous, so tiny and yet so many details :)

    1. Thank you Alexandra! I am enjoying this tiny project!

  8. Yeow! Those are some tiny details. This is so impressive.

  9. Well Done once again Betsy! However, try as I might, I must confess to not being able to see the perfume bottle very well, but once the dresser was in the bedroom, they caught the light so I was better able to make them out.
    Having said that, I not only admire these added layers of minuscule realism but admire Your Eyes and your Steady Hands for being able to see them as you are making them! ;D


    1. Hi Elizabeth! I am so sorry you couldn't see my poorly lit pictures.... I get carried away when I am working and don't take the time to make sure my pictures are any good at all....! :( I will try to do better! I was thinking of YOU as I added the tray with the perfumes.... because of your wonderful tutorial about making them (a while ago!) and almost decided to link to your tutorial... but thought that would not be playing fair... yours are so well done and mine is three itty-bitty almost invisible beads! LOL! :) But I must credit you for at least part of the inspiration! :)

  10. En esa escala es una maravilla tu trabajo. Está precioso.
    Un abrazo

  11. Awesome and those tiny bits add a personal touch to this lovely bedroom. A fantastic piece of work!

    1. Thank you Drora! It is that personal feeling I needed to add to this room... it just felt too empty for me! I am glad you like it!

  12. Hi Betsy, Your scale is getting smaller and smaller. Surely? you use a magnifying glass?
    You are right though. The additions add realism to your tiny scene. Great ideas.
    Glad you are having fun.
    Regards Janine

    1. Hi Janine! So far I don't use a magnifier.... but when I see the pictures blown up.... I sometimes think I should! Lol! I am having fun! And this tiny kit makes it easy! :)

  13. I'm a bit sad now... because I had to learn that even in the teeny tiny worlds the teeny tiny people are thrown out of bed early by teeny tiny alarm clocks... *LOL* Wonderful work with this kit that never stops to amaze me because it's so well done and the instructions so clear - but leaving still so much possibilities for this extra dose of Betsy genius... Your additions are fantastic, the perfume tray was for sure a must have but even more the book, a bedroom without a book would not be complete. And adding a wrapping scene including these incredible pair of scissors is simply brilliant!


    1. Dear Birgit, you make me smile with your perceptive comments! I actually have worried about putting mini clocks in some of my mini houses that would then not tell the "right" time! LOL! I am having a lot of fun with these kits, and even more fun with the teeny tiny additions..... making me lose my way wandering in this ever growing teeny-tiny world I am making....! Fortunately the tiny rooms are very small... so you can only fit so much in them! :)

  14. Hi, Betsy - You've amazed me once again with your ability to create such tiny pieces! I love the Victorian dresser and the sleigh bed with its pretty bedding and the red pillow. All the bitsy bits that you added do make the room come alive - it's just waiting for the lucky occupants. (I'm ready to move in!)

    1. Hi Marjorie! I know we create these little worlds because we can't have them in our RL world! It is a lot of fun to add all the tiny touches... and to try to figure out how to make them! These kits are really very well made and all the bits I add really only emphasize how perfect the little furniture is! I am amazed with every new little piece!

  15. I do admire your patience with this scale. The furniture has turned out beautifully and as my sister is dipping her toe into this scale, I've sent her your link for inspiration!

  16. adding a wrapping scene including these incredible pair of scissors is simply brilliant!