Monday, May 21, 2018

And A Little Bit More....

How Long......

I tell Myself All the time, Dear Readers, that I will finish this Lilac Shrub project Someday.... and I will! I Promise you! But the longer I work at it the Crazier I think this Idea is! I know, creativity and insanity are sometimes not very far apart! But I tell myself that I will persevere! I will just make the next blossom and then the next and then the next..... and eventually I will have enough to decorate the shrub. And then I will worry about the Leaves.... which are needed for two of the shrubs.... when I get there! Meanwhile, I fret about all my Other Projects.... which surely need some of my attention... and certainly I could maybe devote just a little bit of time to them each week... so as to accomplish something on anything that is not just another lilac blossom..... *Sigh* ...... And then I remind myself that there are Three other shrubs also needing my attention.... and I decide to devote my Wandering attention to them for now! Above you can see that I have placed the second "branched" shrub in place beside the porch so I can test the fit of all the branches. They have very little room to fit under the eaves of the porch and really must bend just so in order to be able to fit in and out of the garden spot!

And here you can see I have begun to add the branches to the third shrub!
And just so I can keep from getting them confused
they are numbered on the under-side of each pod!
And as I progress with this third shrub, 
I have decided that I simply Must get
 all four of the shrub "skeletons" finished
 before I lose track of the steps needed to finish each one!
That means I need to finish branching and
 painting and "texturing" each shrub....!
Yes, I have a Loooong way to go!

But look....! 

This week I have managed to complete Two more lilac blossoms!
The pieces for number eight are being assembled to the right.... 
and hot on their heels are the florets
 for number nine in the box at the left...!

Here are eight completed......

And number nine too....!

And here are all nine in the box!
(Only How many more to go....?)
I will not count because
 I do not know exactly how many I will need...!
But I am making progress!
 And I have only been making them for seven weeks!
(I think I can do this!)

And because You are so good and Patient 
with this project, Dear Readers,
 I have traveled back through my archives
and found another project that you have not been shown....
and I will share it with you now even though it is not yet done....
It has to do with the Second Gypsy Wagon,
 the one that belongs to The Fortune Teller.
And I must confess, that when
 I began to build the Gypsy Wagons
 a couple of Summers ago, 
I was embarrassed to show you both wagons...
 because it seemed like it was too much.... 
but I knew there had to be two wagons
 because the Gypsies would travel in a group...
so I only showed you the first wagon....
 but for every step on that wagon
 I was doing the same with the other wagon too! 
(I know, it sounds familiar, doesn't it?)
And the only differences were in small things,
 like the style of the carved trims around the doors...
 or the color of the wagons.

But then I decided that one of the wagons
 would have an extra window in the back wall
 of the sleeping compartment... high up.....
I could just see it with a deep window sill...
 with flowering plants on the sill...
So I cut the opening for the window!
And then, many months later, 
when I was thinking about how I was going to Build this window....
 because all the kit came with was 
the lovely frames for the windows... 
(I added all the glass panes...)

It occurred to me that in order to have 
a deep window sill to hold flower pots.... 
it needed to hang off the back of the wagon....
 and if it was hanging off the back of the wagon...
 then maybe there should be a "chest" or "box" as well... 
something to store things... 
that would explain the extra depth of the window sill.

So I started to build a framework 
that would attach to the back of the wagon.... 
with shelves maybe... 
or compartments......
 Or nesting boxes for chickens!....
 for surely the Gypsy Grandmother 
would want to have her chickens!
And it could attach like this...

And have nesting boxes like this.....
and doors, of course......

 with lots and lots of hinges!!!
Because all the compartments needed
 to be able to access separately....
 one chicken at a time.... 
and the bottom area for bigger creatures...
 maybe a goat or two?

And all those doors need extra interior trim
 to cover those sharp screws......
(And I have not yet decided how they latch!)

And since we have just added a Barn
 to the back of the wagon....
 perhaps there is still room for shelves in the corners... 
to hold a plant or two.... 
herbs, for example....
 and perhaps a cage or two...
(might as well maximize the real-estate while we are at it!)

Which could hold chickens or rabbits too!
(Just Think of the possibilities!)

One on either side..... 
with a hinging door.....
(Hinge still not added)
And the garden shelf above....
(still not added...)

So you can see, Dear Readers,
 what happens when you deviate
 even a little bit from the plan.....
But did I get my deep window sill?
Well, it's a start!
(It still needs all the trim....)

And with a temporary roof.....

And perhaps the suggestion of bedding.... 
oh, we have such a looooong way to go!

But I assure you, Dear Readers,
There will Always be A little bit more....
More to do and More that is done!
And I hope it will continue so for a Long Long time!


  1. Thumbs up for you Betsy, for being patiently making more lilacs blossoms!! Yes, you have a long way to go, but I think that sometimes it's good to get a little bit sidetracked, because you need distraction of the boring work of repeating acts in continously making blossoms and shrubs.
    And I must say I LOVE your genious plans for the back gable of the gipsy wagon: room for lots of animals, who can provide in the needs of the gipsy family :D! That's what I love to see on your blog: Betsy, who has got sidetracked and what genius ideas she than always get, love it!!
    I always finish making some flowers/plants and than I allow myself to go elsewhere for doing I love, that's the way I love to work most and I've experienced that it's better for my inspiration too ;O!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! I forgot to reply to comments here.... but I agree completely that it is a good idea to "follow the inspiration" wherever it leads! It sometimes surprises us with great ideas.... and mostly it is good to have fun no matter what we are doing! :):)

  2. Hello Betsy,
    I am still in admiration of your perseverance in making the shrubs. they really are going to be magnificent. Keep up the amazing work.
    The gypsy wagon is fantastic. I can imagine someone being pulled into the wagon to have their fortune read. The deep window sill, the bedding, the cage...all are fantastic ideas, but that incredible barn is so creative and one of my favorite projects of yours. I am always so excited to see a new post on your blog because I know I will never be disappointed and will always be amazed.
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac! I am so late to reply here... you might never read it, but I am so glad you like the Gypsy wagon addition! It is one of those ideas that was tricky to build... but I couldn't give up on it once I had the idea! And there is still a lot to add to it... all the details! So stay tuned! :)

  3. I so would not have your patience for the lilacs. They'll be gorgeous but oh the time they're taking! I love your gypsy wagons. You're right, you need enough to make a caravan of them.

    1. Hi Sheila! Yes, the lilacs are a slow project! I just have to accept that and keep adding to the pile bit by bit! The Gypsy Wagons needed a "caravan" even if it only has two wagons! But it does make a lot of work every step of the way! LOL!

  4. Obviously you'll never run out of projects!
    Daunting, a little. But the lilac blossoms are gorgeous -as as is everything. Maybe the lilac bushes will all be ready for next spring?
    Love, Mom

    1. I am hoping for next Spring! And no, never running out of projects... or ideas! :):):)

  5. I think projects turn out better when we can leave them for a while, and come back with a fresh attitude and energy. I am intrigued with the gypsy wagons - looks like a fun project! Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Troy! The Gypsy wagons are fun... and complicated! LOL! And yes, I end up jumping from project to project... I work better that way! :)

  6. This post was SO BETSY! :D
    Your lilac blossoms are probably getting anxious to be growing on the main shrub soon but you've still got all of those leaves to make yet,
    so I don't blame you for taking a Wagon Break!
    I like the additional livestock carry space at the back of the wagon and think that your cleverness knows no bounds!
    "When will we get there?
    (I don't know),
    What will we do there?
    (I ain't certain),
    All that I know, is (you) are on your way! " :D

    1. Dear Elizabeth.... life is sometimes a bit like the path of the Gypsy Wagon... hither and Yon.... but aiming for the best field in the next County! LOl! I do have fun on the way.... and I am glad you do too! :):)

  7. I LOVE where the deep window sill has lead your creativity! It is brilliant and interesting and just so much fun! And, though I am sure at times it feels like you have too much going on, I am so envious that you can let each of these "projects in the waiting" lead you to spontaneous creative sessions. It must be so fulfilling!
    As for the blossoms, with each one you complete you are shaving a little time off the next just by knowing exactly what to do. So in reality, you are moving ahead more than one at a time! Hold fast, Betsy! You will see this project complete, and the accomplishment and pride you've achieved will make the passing of time seem insignificant!

    1. Hi Jodi! I learned a long time ago that I often have no idea where my project is taking me when I start.... but the end results are often amazing and so worth the ride on the way!!! So I just do the part I am certain of... and the next idea comes along when it comes along! And the thing is ... I love all the projects... I just often have a more urgent one to do first..... ! LOL! The lilacs will take a while.... but that gives me plenty of time to figure out the parts I don't know how to do yet.... like the leaves ! LOL! :):)

  8. HOORAYYYYY!!! Hinges!!! Betsy is back in the hinges - great!!! Well... ahem… how am I supposed to say this… hmmm… would you be surprised if I'd tell you that it was a big pleasure for me to look at your gypsy wagon? It was great to see a bit more of it and learn about the details… But you've also made some terrific, awesome, major changes that are simply wonderful. It's always fantastic how you're changing kits into something totally unique showing this special Betsy genius… and offering hinges! I admire how your wish for a deep window sill (I think a fortuneteller can't have enough windows to look up to the stars) brought you to adding cages etc. Is there any chance that the gypsies own a dragon? Oh, too dangerous for the goats and chicken you say? *sigh* But I'm sure there will be a black cat - some day… because this is always the best for me about your projects: Your love for every detail keeps you busy and takes time... which increases my fun to watch your progress. And speaking of progress, your lilacs are growing steadily and the look wonderful.


    1. Dear Birgit, I am so glad you don't mind that it takes so much Time for me to make things! LOL! (This will take a long time!) :) I am afraid that Dragons will not be in those wooden cages.... but who knows what "friends" the Gypsies will have with them??? Only Time will tell! LOl! :):)

  9. Three lilacs! Your patience with this has been astonishing.

    It's nice to see a new project too and the livestock areas at the back are such a great idea.

    1. Hi Irene! I do have a lot of "another projects" to show! LOL! The livestock carrier is a fun but challenging addition because none of the parts came with the kit... and I have to make them match sort of...! It will take a while....:)

  10. Hi, Betsy - Even though this amazing lilac-bush project will take a very long time to complete, the results will be well worth the long wait. I hope you can get into a relaxed mode and simply "go with the flow" of creativity without feeling rushed or pushed. Enjoy the process, knowing that it WILL be completed (beautifully) in the fullness of time. Meanwhile, I'm so happy that you've revisited the gypsy wagons! As you know, I LOVE those wagons. (Although I was surprised to see Wagon #2 - but that only doubles the love.) The wagon with a farm on its back is a wonderful concept, and if that wagon were real-sized, I'd make it my home in a flash! I'm besotted with it, and I don't use that word often or lightly! Your creative paths are diverse and unexpected, which makes each of your posts a delight to read and each of your projects a unique experience to follow. I'm always excited to see what's next.

    1. Hi Marjorie! Yes, I am letting the lilacs take their time and will not rush them! It would not be possible to hurry them up much anyway! LOl! I am glad you like the Gypsy Wagons... I think they speak to the "Dreamer" in all of us.... the wish to escape into a little house and just go away.... (Except that those of us with too many projects don't really want to go very far away! Lol!) But Dreaming of it is lovely....! :)

  11. You have so much patience making your lilacs, I would buy them! I like the gypsy wagon. I was reading about Jenny Wooden, it's a lovely story, I'm glad she is out of the box now and keeping you company :-)

    1. Thank you Polly! I don't think anyone makes lilacs like this.... there are short-cuts to make them using "flora soft" products... but I wanted to be able to see the individual florets on mine.... ! So I am making them! (I know..... a little bit obsessive....!) I think it will be worth it in the end! :)

  12. Your lilacs are well, just wow!! Such patience!
    As for your gypsy wagon with barn and cage: brilliant! Such a great idea!! I just finished my wagon today and no I am not adding anything anymore.But your idea is so practical. Angelique is already complaining about the lack of storage ;-).

    1. Hi Veronique! Yes, Gypsy Wagons do not have much storage space... they have to be very precise with the amount of belongings they have.... ! I just couldn't resist adding the "barn" to the back.... :)
      I love what you have done with the wagon for Art and Angelique! I will go have another look! :):)

  13. Ces petits compartiments à l'arrière sont très ingénieux. Bravo pour le lilas car pour ma par je ne suis pas douée en fleurs mais les vôtres sont superbes!!!A bientôt!

    1. Thank you Isabelle! I am making the flowers the slow way and planning to finish them by next year! I had to add the "barn" to the wagon because the Gypsy has chickens....! :)

  14. I agree with your readers about lilacs must have took you quite some time to complete but some time although they may be time consuming it's so much fun and it all worth it at the very end lol great post

    1. Thank you for your comment! They are taking a long time.... but I am sure they will be worth it in the end... a long time from now! :)