Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Gypsy Wagon Sleeping Compartments...

Of What Do You Dream....?

It was That weekend, Dear Readers, which signals the beginning of Summer in so many ways, but in my house the most noteworthy way is the removal of my Houseplants to the porch for the Summer! This frees up the space in front of the windows for the Dollshouses which have spent the Winter perched on chairs and pushed into inconvenient corners. I got the plants all moved on Saturday, and even tackled a bit of window cleaning (I can't say how long it's been since I got that chore done!) and even moved the Conservatory onto the shelves in front of the sunny window. Then I moved the Gypsy Wagon from it's hibernation spot and set it on the shelf in front of the window.... and suddenly I needed to just take care of a few of those little steps that had been floating around in my mind for a while. You might remember that I had realized that none of the Wagon's walls could be completed on the outside, or attached to the base, before the interior was completed! And it was way last Summer that I had painted the walls of the sleeping compartment of the Tinker's Wagon.... with the horses in the meadow.... but the rest of the interior remained the very dark brown color I had stained all the walls. It needed color! And certainly before I could complete the sleeping area, I needed to complete the lower area, the space under the bed nook, the space where the Gypsy children sleep when they are little. And so I took the wagon apart and added paint to those interior walls. Fiery Cinnamon orange walls for the main compartment and brilliant yellow walls for the children's sleeping nook. Don't worry, once the other furnishings are all added, the color will be quite muted and hardly visible!

And then the yellow sleeping area
 needed sky blue for the ceiling
 and misty green added for the meadow....

Of course, it was a very rainy and gloomy day on Sunday....
 it was so dark inside.... 
you could barely see inside that nook 
even with the spotlight shining in...
but it made me dream of golden meadows and blue sky above....

And with the fourth wall in place you can see nothing inside....
But I am imagining the child.... 
and when asked what she sees in her meadow...

She says "chickens"! 
And "bunnies"!
So I have hastily painted a few chickens and bunnies
 on the walls of this lower compartment...
(reasoning that if her Father is the painter
 he will not spend too much time
 painting in there lying on his belly....!)

The wall on the right has a bunny....

The back wall has a bunny and a hen....

And the wall to the left has a hen with three chicks under her wings.
And of course, the meadow is filled with poppies too...

And then, because I thought something more was needed...
I added a couple of tiny clouds and a rainbow...
Because every child should have 
rainbows to chase in their Dreams!

Then I had to prop the walls together
 to see how the compartment would look from below, 
with the ceiling in place...

Can you imagine lying in the meadow
 and looking up to the summer sky....?

And seeing a rainbow sparkling in the dew....?

And with a mattress and pillow too.....

And with the "ceiling" in place..... how dark it becomes.....

What if there is a lantern......?
Is it still too dark....?

Will the rainbow be visible at all.....?

Alas, Dear Readers, I think we all know
 that this is one of those things that
 will not be visible at all when the Wagon is done..... 
not unless you can climb into that nook and Dream....!

Meanwhile, the fourth wall, 
the one with the doors to the sleeping nook,
 is still being painted....
(forgive the blue painter's tape...)

And when the doors to the sleeping nook are open....
there will be a tantalizing glimpse of the world beyond....
Inviting you to climb in for a spell....
and perhaps get lost in your Dreams!
(still not finished painting....)

And just in case you wondered, Dear Readers, 
whether I have fallen off the Wagon
 and forgotten to make another lilac blossom.....

I completed the tenth blossom!

Here they are all together in their box!
And I even started on number eleven....

So I am still on track with making one a week!
Because even while painting Rainbows in the
 Gypsy Wagon sleeping compartment, Dear Readers,
I have been Dreaming about those Lilacs....!
Of What do you Dream?


  1. So beautiful! The paintings are just stunning, wonderful work!!! This project is awesome :-). Bravo on the new lilac blossom and for being on track and keeping it that way! I admire your patience. It will be so worth all the hours of work because the blossoms are lovely :-).

    1. Thank you Millicent and Friends! I do love to paint! And the blossoms are going to take a long time... I am just going to keep at it!

  2. I'm sure that the Gipsy Children will be thankful that you've painted a bunny and chickens and chicks in their dark corner under their parents bed, Betsy, they will LOVE it ;). You even thought of the rainbow and I agree with you that every child should have rainbows to chase in their Dreams! And as usual, if you've used your paint brushes for your miniature works, it looks so lovely now in there. The little lantern makes it so cosy in there although it's a bit dark, but hey......at night it's their bed ;O! I love it that you took out your paint brushes and show us some more of your wonderful miniature paint work.
    Yes, reading your post I thought: where are the blossoms and there it is: the tenth blossom and just as beautiful as the other ones, great work, Betsy!!
    Do you really want to know of what I am dreaming...? Since we now suffer our very first heatwave, I wish that here it was much cooler weather, so I could go outdoors and walk, ride my bike and daydream in free nature ;)!
    Enjoy your spring dear Betsy!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Dear Ilona, I know it has been a while, but now I am answering you! I always love to know what others are Dreaming of... and I hope you get some cooler weather... but not the end of Summer too soon! :) You know I love to paint, so any time I have the excuse... I will take it! I agree, the Gypsy children will be asleep so the dark space doesn't matter... but maybe they will have a lantern too! I am glad you approve of my lilac blossoms... because I am sure you know what it takes to make them! :)

  3. Les enfants ont de la chance de s'endormir entourés de prairie, de poules et de lapins, l'arc-en-ciel bercera leurs rêves. Quand à moi, je rêve de tout mais c'est très confus ;-)

    1. Hi Jean-Claude! I hope some of your Dreams become clear... and turn to inspirations! For me that is where they start...! Thank you for commenting! :)

  4. Hello Betsy,
    That is incredible! That gorgeous meadow you painted makes the wagon feel like a portal to a dream land. I love the bunnies and the chickens and your talent with a paintbrush always impresses me. What a wonderful place for a child to sit back and dream! I am glad some progress was made on the blossoms as well...I am so excited to see the shrub once it is done.
    We are going on holiday next week, so I am dreaming of being on the boat at a table with a coffee and my graph paper, making plans for the Manor...
    Big hug

    1. Dear Giac, I hope you are having a wonderful vacation with Dreaming and drawing and planning the Manor improvements!! I know that I would have loved a sleeping cubby like this when I was young... we sort of had it with our built in bunk beds at our summer house! As you know, I always have to paint the walls and ceilings! And when I can make them become a "portal to a dream land" then I know I have succeeded!! Thank you so much for your lovely comments!!! :)

  5. Wow! I really get a kick out of your compulsion to decorate these tiny hidden spots with such precision. That meadow scene is idyllic for sure. I wish I could paint like that! As for me, I am dreaming about my RL garden right now, especially fresh peas and strawberries to come! Thanks for sharing, and here's to a wonder full week.

    1. Hi Martha! It sounds lovely, your dream of fresh peas and strawberries!!! I will have to paint those somewhere..... ! I am glad you like my compulsion.... I just love to paint and the spaces beg for it! Thank you for commenting! :)

  6. Of what do I dream. What a question! Gentle rain. Family gatherings. Peace on Earth.
    Your gypsy wagon is adorable. Keep up with those lilacs!
    Lots of love

    1. Dear Mom, you have lovely Dreams! I think I learned from you...!:)

  7. I love that sleeping nook and even if you won't see it, it's still gorgeous and wonderful to know its there!

    1. Hi Sheila! That is exactly what I tell myself....! And it helps that I have the blog record and the photos to look back on. And it is still a long time before I get enough done to actually attach all the walls! LOL! Plenty of time to enjoy the painting! :)

  8. Great job on the murals. It looks like it would be a fun place to hang out. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

    1. Thanks Troy! I always loved little spaces like this when I was little... so I am just pretending I am little again! LOL! Thank you for commenting!

  9. Wonderful project. The paintings are amazing.

    1. Thank you Fabiola! I love to paint, so any time I have the opportunity I take it! Thank you for commenting!

  10. Your painting skills and vision for a space are truly incredible! Oh Betsy it is wonderful! I want to camp out in that wagon with my little lantern light dancing upon that scene!
    I bet the plants are happy to move into their summer space and the houses are happy to spread out. This time of year has so much promising hope and things that make us look forward! Can't wait to see what you do next!

    1. Hi Jodi! I am so glad you like this little space! I sort of think Gypsy Wagons are all about Dreams.... at least our culture interprets them that way! So I am taking advantage of that idea..... and who knows where this will end up? ! LOL!
      And yes, the beginning of Summer is my favorite time of year, all is new and fresh and hopeful... with long sunny days and fireflies at night... magical! :):)

  11. Oh Betsy, how wonderful! Any child would love a nook like that, straight out of a fairy tale. It doesn't matter if no one can see it once all the walls are put in place. We all know and so does the miniature child that dreams there.
    As for your lilac blossom, I bow to your talent and patience. They look so real, I can almost smell them.

    1. Thank you Veronique! I wish I could make the blossoms scented too... but I think any chemical scent would not last and might affect the paper too... so I will be contented with the mini Dream of seeing the bush in blossom! As for the sleeping nook... yes, I think there is something we all respond to about little spaces like this... Fairy Tale Dreams is what it makes me think of... and try to paint...! Thank you for commenting! :)

  12. You have certainly been BLESSED with a Gift of not only an Incredible Imagination but also of being able to REALIZE your Dreams!
    I think that you brightly painted sleeping cubby is ideal for a small child although I would probably recommend some additional ventilation ( just in case) for when the doors are closed.
    Well done Madame Daydreamer! :D

    1. Dear Elizabeth, I had to chuckle about your ventilation comment! Because I have those Same thoughts myself (as if someone will be sleeping and breathing in there! LOL!) And just to reassure you, there are cracks at least an inch wide (in mini scale) around all the doors to the cubby because the hinges don't close very tightly! :) So it is all taken care of already.... but rest assured, I will be enlarging those holes anyway!!! LOL :):):)

  13. The child’s sleeping nook is just lovely, especially the bunnies and chickens. I can imagine a little gypsyette lying in there at bedtime making up stories about her little furry and feathered friends. And with your most recent lilac, you are starting to accumulate a pile! Soon it will be a shrub and then it will be a whole bush. Xx

    1. Hi Shannon! Yes, I have that same imagining of a little child making up stories!! :) And the bush will Eventually blossom! LOL!

  14. Hi, Betsy - I love the child-sized sleeping nook, all tucked away in its own small space. What a perfect spot for childish dreams - or daydreams. You've created such a colorful, cheerful space; if I were a child in that gypsy wagon, I'd always be impatient for bedtime to arrive. I'm glad to see that your lilac making is still going well. Congratulations on completing the tenth blossom!

    1. Hi Marjorie! I think the parent in me imagines the well painted interior would be an enticement to the child at bedtime! LOL! And the Dreamer in me just can't resist the opportunity to decorate a little space to make it as enchanting as I can! I am so glad you like it! :) And as for the blossoms... I think I have a good production-line going now! :)

  15. How I envy this little gypsy child… what a wonderful place to see when opening the eyes at morning. And I have to agree - there had to be a rainbow! As always I'm in awe with your painting skills… this wagon will be decorated with the finest wall art in the end that can compete with any church or castle… ;O) And I'm in awe that you've even managed to finish the 10th flower… bravo. About my dream… at the moment this is quite simple: Rain! We're having a serious heatwave in Northern Germany (incredible but true - our temperatures are higher than in Spain or Greece). Despite the fact that I'm not the type for hot weather it's hard to see nature suffering, especially in the time of spring where everything should be fresh and green. Nevertheless we can't complain too loud… many regions in Germany had to suffer from heavy rain floods and tornados causing enormous damages. But I dream of the soft, gentle spring rain…


    1. Dear Birgit, I hope you get your Dream fulfilled... gentle rain is such a blessing! And I am glad you approve of the painting design... and can "see" the view from the waking child's point of view!!! Such a lovely way to start the day! :):):)

  16. Ohhh, so beautiful, sweet and mesmerising. I wish I could wake up in such a lovely adorable space

    1. Dear Rosanna, it is wonderful to see you here! I paint the spaces this way because this Dream speaks to all of us.... a gentle meadow in the sunshine with animal friends nearby.... I am so glad you like it!!! :)

  17. Please may I come and live in that gorgeous wagon and sleep under blue skies in a sunny meadow - safe, sound and tucked up cosily! This is a great project and I love your painting. Super.

    1. Hi Carol! I am so glad you like my painting! That is exactly the feeling I am trying to capture here... safe in the wide world of Nature... but safely contained inside the wagon too! Thank you for commenting.... and you can spend as much time in this wagon as your heart desires! :):)