Wednesday, February 20, 2019

One More Little Thing....

Can You See It....?

I am in the Middle of a week of Vacation, Dear Readers, and in spite of my best intentions, so far I have had next to no time for minis! The list of things I hoped to accomplish is long.... and the Time allotted is speeding by with very little to show. But I have managed to add one little detail to The Folly lilac shrub. Can you find it in the picture above? I know it is not fair that I have not told you What it is.....

Perhaps you can spot it from this angle....?

Or now.... Can you spot it now...?

Well, I suppose the Birds would be glad that it was so hard to spot!

Because, I am sure you will agree that there had to be
 a bird's nest hidden in the branches....
built in the Springtime when the leaves hid it from view...
and still there in the Winter when the leaves have fallen.

Here you can see how I constructed it, Dear Readers,
 starting with some tiny twigs and bits of rough twine.

I separated the strands of the twine and cut it into short lengths
 and glued them in a circular shape, leaving rough ends sticking out, 
hoping this would look like stems and grasses in mini.

I tried to keep it about the size of a Robin's nest....
 our American Robin is a larger bird than the European Robin,
 so the nest would be roughly six to eight inches across.
The American Robin uses quite a bit of mud in the building too....

Of course, I needed to test it in the shrub.... 
to see if it was going to fit right....
(it needed adjusting...!)

And eventually I "aged" it with a wash of brown acrylic paint.

Here it is up close!
I think it will pass as an old Robin's nest!

And then I made three more.... one for each of the Seasons......!
(They are not yet completed....)

But now that you know what you are looking for.... 
Can you spot it now?

And Meanwhile, I have not forgotten the blossoms!

Here is blossom number Forty-four!

And in the box with the rest of those Beauties!

As for the rest of my Vacation, Dear Readers,
I hope to make much progress on my list of Little Things...
And that there will be plenty to see when I am through...
Even if some of it might be hard to spot!


  1. Preciosos nidos,estoy segura que pronto llegarán sus ocupantes para disfrutar de ellos!!Y tu disfruta de tus vacaciones!

  2. Yes, you're right, Betsy, it 's best for the birds that the nest is very well hidden in the shrub. Mr. and Mrs. Robin wouldn't mind at all having some privacy whilst they'll raise their young ones in springtime in this well made nest ;). Very clever of you to think for a nest in every season and their looks :). Blossom number 44 is very welcome, hoppa, in this box, which contains your beautiful mini treasures, made with so much patience :)!!!
    Enjoy your vacation, dear Betsy!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Hello Betsy,
    The nest is such a nice touch. It adds so much life to the scene and it is magnificently done. I really love it and am glad you took the time to add such an amazing detail.
    Big hug

  4. The bird's nest is perfect among the branches.

  5. What a perfect spot for a nest! I'll be on the lookout for the remnants of blue shells.

  6. I don't know what lilacs smell like to little birds, but I imagine it is wonderful to be nestled in among them! Wonderful addition and detail to the unfolding lilac shrub story! Enjoy the rest of your vacation week no matter what it is you decide to tackle Betsy!

  7. Hi, Betsy - A robin's nest is exactly what is needed in the lilac shrub - and who knew that but you? Such a perfect touch! The nest looks like a fun project (all four of them!) and seems right at home in the lilac branches. And speaking of lilacs, those forty-four lilac blossoms in the box look just like forty-four freshly picked blossoms - spring has come very early to the Folly! I hope you make much progress on your Little Things list during the rest of your vacation.

  8. I too think the nest is a wonderful addition. All four nests are beautifully done. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.
    Hugs, Drora

  9. Una idea estupenda lo del nido, las flores avanzan.Besos:-)

  10. It's no big surprise to me that you're not forgetting to add a nest… eh… silly old me... four nests to your shrubs. I can only agree, this is the most wonderful addition, a very lovely detail. The fact that it's hard to spot only adds to the realism - but we'll know it's there!!! ;O) Wonderful work, it was great to see how you've done it and of course you've aged it perfectly. But now I wonder if you're going to spend the rest of your vacation with the creation of the robin family for the spring shrub… *teehee* But however you're going to spend your days off - I'm wishing to you a great and happy time... with hopefully many progress for your miniatures. And of course I can not forget this: Welcome to No. 44!!!


  11. Hi Betsy, A small nest is a perfect addition for the lilac. I will be interested to see the differences in the seasonal nests.
    Hope you had a good week.

  12. Oh I love the bird's nest. Lucky robin. (Maybe now you have to make the bird?)

  13. A bird's nest is an absolute necessity for your lilac shrub but PLEASE make sure that when you add the foliage, that you'll still be able to see it peeking between the leaves. I love birds and am SO GLAD that you've remembered to include them at the Folly.


  14. incluso con nido ! esperando que florezcan esas lilas ...