Monday, February 25, 2019


Winter Woes....

From the Beginning, Dear Readers, I have been planning to include Snow on one of my Winter lilac shrubs. Because I live in the North, and Some amount of snow is inevitable at some time during the long six months of Winter at these latitudes. I am sure that if you know snow the way I do... a deep acquaintance for all of my life.... you will know that there is no such thing as just plain snow! There is light fluffy snow, heavy wet snow, icy pellet snow, perfect snowflake snow, sleety mixed snow, crusty corn snow, sugar snow, concrete ice snow and so on. Some snow sticks to everything, and some just blows away or melts the minute it touches anything. So when it comes to adding "snow" to one of my lilac shrubs, I realized I was going to have to decide what kind of snow I was making in order to get it to look right. If I was trying to make heavy wet snow, it would need to bend all those branches.... if it was going to be just a dusting of snow.... it would not lie smoothly along the branches.... and maybe would not stick to the stems either. Could I make it somewhere in between? And could I find the right kind of "snow"?  I tested a number of different "snow" products and was not entirely satisfied with any of them. But before I even got to the snow, I needed to add some of those "suckers" I had mentioned in a previous post. If you look closely at the above picture, you will see four (only four for now!) additional skinny stems at the base of the lilac. I added the buds too. And then it was time to get brave and make snow!

I am using DecoArt Snow Tex....
It is not very easy to apply!
It has to be dabbed on and doesn't stick right away
(sort of like real snow!)
But once it sticks and dries it is solidly attached.
I tried to build it up from the bottom.... 
working up the main stems....
Imagining where it would land....
I am not done yet, it is a slow process!

I needed to test it in The Folly Garden....
Parts of the shrub are under the roof overhang
 and would not get as much snow...
 only of it was blowing in as it fell.....
(I apologize for the poor lighting... night has fallen in RL)

But if it is snowing... 
we need to make it look like it is snowing!
(Another thing I didn't think of....
 what the "blanket" of snow would look like
 next to the snowy shrub....)

Especially if you were trying to look closely....!
(Perhaps I can find better "snow blankets" for the rest of the landscape...)

And certainly, I didn't even finish adding the snow to the branches..... 
(I had to go make dinner.... the Vacation Time was all run out!)
And if your Winter is anything like our Winter this year, Dear Readers, 
you will have seen plenty of snowstorms which end with sleet and rain... 
making a serious concrete-ice mess!
(Not very pretty to copy in miniature.)

So It's not perfect... but it is a start!

Oh, and I almost forgot to show you blossom number Forty-five!
(Or is it Forty-six?!!)

And here it is in the box with the rest of them!

Well, Dear Readers, Winter in The Folly Garden 
may not be going quite as I planned....
But that's often the Way of Snow.....
A Slippery cold frozen Beautiful Mess!
Winter Woes are here...


  1. Dear Betsy, your snow looks amazingly realistic on those branches, well done!
    As you probably will know, I am a huge fan of the winter season, but I can imagine that where you live there can be too much of this white cold 'stuff' (as Birgit is used to say ;) ), and in your region you also can have too much troubles regarding to the snow.
    However, I still love how your Folly Garden looks, as it is covered with lovely snow. I would love to come over for visiting you and making a snow man, or even making snow angels, in your mini garden. But I'm afraid I'm way too big for this, and it also will ruin your mini garden.... ;O!
    I love seeing number 46, yes, he belongs to the family of your lilac blossoms, as much as the one does, who has sent away to family/friends on your gorgeous Christmas card!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

    1. Thank you Ilona! I am liking how the "snow" is looking so far on the shrub! But the "blanket" in the garden is so different... too fluffy and neat? I had not thought about this difference.... Now I will have to decide this too...! And yes, we have too much snow over here! LOL!


  2. Wow! The snow on the shrubs and ground of your Folly's garden looks so realistic that I went and put a sweater on. Snow is so rare in my country, any time we have it, mostly in high places in the north and sometimes in Jerusalem, hundreds of cars with entire families go up to enjoy a few hours of fun, making snow balls and snowman. What a great idea to make lilac shrubs for a four seasons.

    1. Dear Drora, that is such high praise... to make you chilly from afar! LOL! I am glad you like seeing the snowy lilac... I have been wanting to do this one for a long time... snowy lilacs are such a regular thing over here! LOL!

  3. Hello Betsy,
    The tree is looking fantastic! I really like the way you added the snow and the product you decided to use looks very realistic. The entire winter landscape is looking beautiful. I much prefer that winter scene then the one we are having in Montreal.
    Keep up the fantastic work.
    Big hug

    1. Dear Giac, it is wonderful that we can make such beautiful little scenes in miniature... when the RL ones are not so charming! LOL We have had a lot of the not so charming kind of snow this year! I am glad you think the snow looks realistic... I think I still need to add more to the branches. :)

  4. That snow looks amazing. And you've got plenty of RL comparison if you need references!

  5. Hi Betsy!
    Your snow effects both on the lilac shrub and on the Folly's ground and roof look wonderful! It makes me long for the next chapter in your world of make believe because the weather effects you achieve in the park are always so delightful!
    Congrats on blossom forty-six! I imagine they are going faster now that you've had time to practice your method and perfect it! The box full of them makes me long for spring!!!

    1. Hi Jodi! Yes, the practice does make it easier! I actually think I am going to miss my weekly blossom sessions... but I am also looking forward to being able to move on... But please don't remind me I have untold stories that need updating....! There's not enough time! LOL!

  6. I LOVE snow-scapes in around a dollhouse and so I love the look of the snow clinging to the branches of the old lilac shrub- it looks so PERFECT that it's has caused me to turn my heat up!

    1. Dear Elizabeth... so do I!!! It is the Main reason I am doing the four season shrubs.... I just couldn't imagine never again showing The Folly in a Winter landscape! This way I will be able to have any season at my fingertips.... if I ever get all the rest of the seasonal details completed..... the list keeps getting longer! LOL! But I think it will be worth it in the end! :):)

  7. Hi, Betsy - I enjoyed your recitation of all the different kinds of snow; I've mostly lived with snow only since I moved to Nebraska, but by now, I've encountered all the various kinds with seasonal regularity, so I know that your lilac shrub branches are looking just the way they should look at this point. The snow-covered branches look exactly like the snow-covered branches outside my window! You're doing beautiful work layering on the snow; I can feel the cold! I also like the snow that's built up on the roof - so realistic. And since the winter landscape at my house looks just like the Folly's landscape, with no change in sight, I can seriously appreciate that wonderful box full of spring lilac blossoms. (Be still, my heart!)

    1. Thank you Marjorie!!! I am so glad to hear they look like your lilac shrubs right now! We have been having mostly the concrete ice storms this year... but I have a clear sense of how they should look! I just need to get them to look like that! LOL! And yes, I am eagerly looking forward to the blossom season... lots to do still before that one is ready to show! :):)

  8. Your snow looks so real. It looks beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thank you Maria! It is getting there! I still have more to add, but I am liking how it is developing! :):)

  9. Love the snow Betsy, it looks great! Applying snow is tedious work, especially when you don’t see it in real life very much! Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Shannon! I keep hoping we will have a "perfect" snowfall so I can copy it closely... but this year is anything but perfect! LOL! It is very slow work applying the snow... mostly because it does not stick right away..... I will keep at it! :)

  10. Let it snow, let it snow. What a great result! Just love it.

  11. The tree looks fantastic! And the snow is perfect for a magic atmosphere.

  12. Winter Woes may have come to Betsy land… but believe it or not - I have really enjoyed your Winter Woes. Okay, this can be easily explained - your Winter Woes are not mine… and even for you no dates with the snow shovel are involved. At least that's what I thought in the beginning… but then I discovered that there's a shovel next to the entrance. But okay, with this deep blanket of snow Will should better start to shovel right away (he's a strong young guy who has no problems carrying heavy dolls houses upstairs, he will have less difficulties than me *grin*) But why am I not surprised that you had to figure out what kind of snow should be placed on your winter lilac shrub? *LOL* You've done a wonderful job so far, it looks great and very realistic. And of course you made me smile over my whole face with your winter diorama… testing your shrub in the real white setting. And best of all - not forgetting to put a snow cap on the BBQ! ;O) Oh, and welcome to the newest member of the lilac family. So, dear Betsy, go on and let it snow, I love to see your winter wonderland!


    1. Dear Birgit, you must rest assured that no shoveling is needed with this lovely snow fall! It is the perfect kind that never needs to go away even for an instant... until the spring that is! LOL! And I am glad that you can enjoy the "snow" from a distance... with no fear of exertion of any sort.... that is what we love about our blogland creations!! :):) As for the snow on the shrub... there is still a lot that is needed... you will see! I am working on it... :):)

  13. At last, mother is here!
    Why not make the snow "perfect." After all, this is a perfect little scene, no? Like The Night Before Christmas - can't quite quote it this early in the morning....
    Lovely, anyway.
    I hear you all are going to get another big storm. Stay warm,
    (Oh yes - the snow on your lilac bush looks lovely. But you could make it puffier?)
    Much love,

  14. Hi Mom! Yes, it is supposed to be the perfect gentle snowfall... but so far the "snow" is not wanting to be fluffy.... I am working on it! :):)